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Tillman tracking T.O.

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We speculated earlier this week that the Bears would look to cover Terrell Owens with CB Charles Tillman, similar to the strategy that was first used last November in New York against the Giants Plaxico Burress.

That's what they did on Dallas' initial drive of the night. Tillman, who plays on the left side, followed Owens across the formation to the right side on third-and-19 from the Cowboys' 11-yard line. Owens caught a 17-yard pass and the Cowboys punted.

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Dallas just proved again why we're America's team. To score 34 points against this defense is a tremendous achievement. Dallas offically passed Chicago as the NFC's cream of the crop!

Little bear, little bear, where are you?

It's not that hard to put up those numbers against any defense that is on the field for 2/3rds of the game. The Bears' offense is pathetic. All they do is put the defense out there continuously to get injured. I'll be shocked if the Bears make the playoffs this season. They look like the teams from the '90s. No running game. No passing game. A large number of injuries. They're done.

The Bears won't win a Superbowl until they have an owner that is willing to spend some money on a championship caliber team instead of the cheap-ass McCaskey family that has done nothing but pinch money and try to create contenders off their scouting system (which they are good at until they let those players go because they don't want to pay what it'll take to keep them).

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