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Thursday practice update, part II

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Rookie second-round pick Dan Bazuin underwent surgery on his left knee for the second time in four months. He fought through the injury to play in three preseason games, but was never close to full strength and was placed on season-ending injured reserve.

As was the case last week, LG Ruben Brown sat out the Wednesday practice and returned to take part in the entire workout Thursday.

DE Alex Brown (right ankle), DT Tommie Harris (hamstring), C Olin Kreutz (ankle), CB Ricky Manning Jr. (back) and P Brad Maynard (groin) all had limited participation in practice. Harris and Kreutz are expected to start and the rest should be available.

For Dallas, SLB Greg Ellis (Achilles) was held out of practice for the second consecutive day. CB Terence Newman (foot) participated in part of practice.

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Okay, I'm tired of people ripping on Rex Grossman. Talk about your criticism of a quarterback. Donna-van would be left in a pile of rubble if he took half as much as Rex does. He's got a offensive line to protect him. Does Rex? I beg to differ if you think so.Our offensive line is old and slow.I'm a huge Bears fan just as is most of Chicago and Northwest Indiana, but to say their protecting Rex? Come on now people get real! Quit beating up and pounding on Rex our offensive line lets everyone else's Defense do that enough don't you think? I've talked to some other fans of other teams and they can't understand why we as Bear fans rip our QB instead of stand by him. I don't get it either. He almost had his spleen removed in the first series of last weeks game!! A free shot!! Pow!!!, and let me guess half of you thought that was Rex's fault. Our offensive line couldn't stop a slow moving building from getting to Rex.It'd find a way through the line.Don't count on a block from our back to protect him either,that stopped when they shipped Jones off to New York.I know you got 16 million reasons for that too.Watch the games people, count the seconds in your head how much time the other QB's have to throw the ball against our superior defense.Then count how many seconds Rex gets,trust me its less than almost half. Open your eyes people. Before like most of the guys we let go Rex will be a star elsewhere and all you knuckleheads asking for his head will be asking why we let him go. Next off season we'll get some free agent stud for the offensive line and maybe draft a couple, who knows. Rex will be gone and with a newer younger line you'll all still say look it was Rex.If I was Rex I would go and not look back except to say it was no protection from guys past their primes and riddled with injuries.Rex being Rex though won't say a word just do his job without having to look for his head removed from his torso on the field somewhere.

Hey, Kevin, you are cetainly right about the lack of protection, but I think you're blaming the wrong parties. The offensive line could definitely do better, but the fullback and running back have to help out. I think it's in that area that we really miss Jones. Adrian is not blocking well this year and Benson never did show that he could block. Maybe he doesn't think blocking is in his job description.

Thanks Paul, but I did mention the fact we shipped one of the best blocking backs in the league off to New York. While keeping the 16 million dollar man.Its the offensive line and the blocking by the offense in whole thats not doing the job.Reread what I posted to start, it's in there.We can't afford to let Benson block he mite shatter into 16 million little pieces.Rex if cornered and not worried about angering whoever is playing with him will tell you, we needed to keep Jonesy to protect Rex. Still in all the line needs to hold up the defense to let Rex do what he'll be doing for someone else next year.

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