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The return of Marc Colombo

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Talk about sneaking into town quietly. Former Bears’ first-round pick Marc Colombo arrives with the Dallas Cowboys Saturday without having said a word about facing his former team. Dallas’ right tackle rejuvenated his career after signing there nearly two years ago, and the Bears always hoped he would do well elsewhere.

Colombo has not spoken as the Cowboys’ offensive line has vowed not to speak with media, a violation of the NFL’s policy. The Dallas linemen had a game last year where they fined one another if they were quoted in newspaper articles. So what’s on Colombo’s mind, it’s anyone’s best guess.

He signed a two-year contract in March for $7 million, with $4 million coming in bonus money. That’s not hitting the lottery, but the guy has come a long way since tearing up his left knee at the Edwards Jones Dome in St. Louis in 2002. Colombo rehabbed with the Bears for two years before being released after the opener in ’05.

Ex-Dallas coach Bill Parcells had a real liking for Colombo because of his gritty determination and work ethic, and he started 16 games at right tackle last season. Colombo’s knee improved dramatically in the strength program used in Dallas, and he got back on track. He’s huge at 6-7, 320 pounds, but struggles against stronger defenders and it should be a matchup the Bears can win with LDE Adewale Ogunleye Sunday night.

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I was happy for him last year - guy suffered such a freak injury, struggled, fought, and finally was able to find sucess...shame it's not for us of course...solid, young RT, but his time had come here, and it is good to see him suceed.

I really wanted this one to work out.

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