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Take a closer look at offensive woes

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With the expected demotion of Rex Grossman, the Bears are likely to field a starting offensive lineup at Detroit on Sunday with just two players from GM Jerry Angelo's six draft classes.

RB Cedric Benson and WR Bernard Berrian are the only starters to come on board via the draft.

C Olin Kreutz was drafted by the previous regime, and the rest of the bunch was signed in some form of free agency or brought onboard as a waiver claim -- FB Jason McKie.

Angelo's drafts have consistently done well on defense, even through the middle and late rounds, but help on the offensive side of the ball is missing. The Bears had arguably the finest draft class in the league last season with the production it got from S Danieal Manning, DE Mark Anderson and returner Devin Hester.

Contributions from the 2007 class will be slim until TE Greg Olsen gets more involved, although look for CB Trumaine McBride to potentially get some time with the nickel package if Ricky Manning Jr. is forced into a starting role for Nathan Vasher. McBride or Brandon McGowan figure to be the backup nickel.

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I think the Bears poor drafting of offensive players over the years is by design, not accident. The organization is legendary for being cheap. This is why the Bears will not draft potential offensive superstars except at running back, and their choices there (Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, Cedric Benson) haven't reflected a great eye for Pro Bowl-caliber talent. Either that or they didn't have the coaching ability to develop that talent. Coaching is another area the Bears haven't invested in proven talent because it costs money to get the elite. The Bears have drafted well defensively because first-round defenders don't command the kind of money a quarterback or wide receiver would.
I don't see the Bears ever drafting a Peyton Manning if they ever had the No. 1 overall pick. If they did, he would likely sit out his first year as a contract holdout. You know the Bears would instinctively lowball it and hold that line.

I don't see the Bears ever becoming dominant again as long as the McCaskey's or any part of the Halas family has anything to do with the team. The Bears got lucky in '85 but when it came to pay up with their most valued free agent - Wilbur Marshall - they sat on their hands and watched a dynasty dissolve.

The Bears hang their hats on over-achieving seasons like 2001 and 2006 when they benefit from a weak schedule ('01 and '06) and a weak conference ('06). These teams are found to be imposters at some point in the playoffs and they inevitably sink back towards mediocrity or worse the following season when faced with a tougher schedule.

I wish so very much that Kent wasn't right. But he is.

Kent is absolutely right Bear fans.
This years team has been claimed to be better than last years.Right? Does anyone in their right mind think the Bears would have done as well or better playing last year with this years schedule? Not on your life. Chicago Bears fans and sports writers ought to wake up and realize that the Bears are just not as good as they think they are. And haven't been for a long time! Take Brian Urlacher out of the equation and what do you have really. He can't do it all. Can anyone dimentional team. The problem goes all the way to the top. The 85 Bears and a crew of real talent built around Urlacher and a top notch QB could have been and would be like New England and Indy are now. Consistent winners. But as Kent described, as long as the McKaskey's own that team and want to hang on to their money..forget it.
The Bears need a new and modern management with a better philosophy than focusing strictly on defense as the way to win the game.
Earth/Chicago Bear fans everywhere to Virginia M. and Jerry Angelo open your checkbook..spend some of that precious a strong team on both sides of the ball with quality players without stars in their eyes and then let the chips fall where they may. Who knows, maybe then the Bears might see themselves going back to a Super Bowl and actually winning it..and guess'll make more money than ever before.

I don't see the Bears ever becoming dominant again as long as the McCaskey's or any part of the Halas family has anything to do with the team.
Posted by: Kent | September 25, 2007 07:30 AM

I agree whole-heartly with Kent on this statement. This is why I have given up bashing Rex. I used to be a Cub's Fan, but when realizing that organization would not spend money to field a competitive team, but yet drew over a million fans yearly meant it was about the bottom line ONLY!

Chicago Sports Fans what we have to understand is owners such as

1.)Mark Cuban - Internet entrepreneur - owner of Dallas Mavericks
2.)George Steinbrenner - Ship Builder - owner of New York Yankees
3.)Paul Allen - Software entrepreneur - owner of Seattle Seahawks
4.)Eddie Bartolo - Real Estate Developer - owner of 49ers
5.)Georgia Fonteire - MARRIED INTO WEALTH - owner of St. Louis Rams

I could keep adding to the list, but what this displays is the other owners had/have outside businesses before becoming owners. THIS IS A HOBBY FOR THEM! Think how much money you waste on your hobby as a kid or even presently as an adult.

Some of the above owners have won championships and others have not, but one thing they have in common. Each will spend the money for talented players and NOT HOLD ON to ones who are not producing.

The McCaskey's live off the Chicago Bears wealth, and ONCE SIGNING A PLAYER TO A GUARANTEED CONTRACT, we are STUCK with him no matter how poorly he performs. The family pinch pennies because they have no other source of income. This is why we are stuck with certain players. Other owners have the mentality of "Oh hell naw, get that bum out of here!" The McCaskey's pray the bum will play better and the FANS KEEP COMING OUT TO THE GAMES!

Read the link below and it makes sense:,CST-SPT-mully25.article

Virginia M. and Jerry Angelo open your checkbook..spend some of that precious a strong team on both sides of the ball with quality players without stars in their eyes and then let the chips fall where they may.
Posted by: Dave | September 25, 2007 10:47 AM

Dave, it ain't gonna happen!

another link

By the way the Chicago Bears are worth - last time I check - worth about $900 million dollars. The entire McCaskey family are stubborn as George Halas I presume, I do not know.

Guys, some good points about ownership. See Jim McMahon's book about the McCaskeys. You could also add Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots. However, spending per se is not the answer either (viz., Daniel Snyder). Spend, but spend wisely a la Robert Kraft.

Kent, you are hitting the nail right on the head. As a Bears fan for over 20 year, I've watched all the missteps this organization has produced on draft day and the cheapness in the FA market. It all starts at the top, with the McCaskeys. The Bears are one of the 10 richest NFL teams, in the 2nd largest media market (no team in LA), but are to cheap to invest in a consistant winner. The team of 2001 and 2006 overachieved, but instead of trying to build on the success, they owners keep the same team because they know the fans will continue to support the Bears and make money for the family. To bring up another point Kent makes, remember when Wilbur Marshall left, it was based on money. Then after the success of the '01 team, Roosevelt Colvin was gone, and of course it was due to money. Just think of the LBs core if he would have stayed. Also look at how inactive they've been in the FA market, never making a serious bid on any top notch players, if they do, it's generally the lowest bid on the table. I truly believe with this family in charge, if they ever land the #1 pick, it would be traded or maybe even given away for nothing, like the Thomas Jones trade.

Also to add, when was the last time we had an offensive skill player (other than a lineman) in the Pro Bowl, or named as an All Pro?? We all know defense win championships, but the offense has to put some points on the board and make some consistant drives. Give the defense a rest. We need to invest in some quality offensive players. Maybe a new owner (Mark Cuban perhaps) who is aggressively pursuing to win championships and keep a consistent winner on the field would be the best solution. Someone who wants to give the city of Chicago a long haul winner for all the years of continued fan support.

WOW!! Don't hurt yourselves jumping off the bandwagon!

Kent is right though. That is why the Bears traded down for both Cade McNown and Rex Grossman, instead of taking Culpepper and Leftwich. Or is it a Black thing??? Just kidding!!

Seriously, the Bears need to learn how to pick top talent. Selecting Benson costed us Thomas Jones,and because we had Benson, Steven Jackson and Marshawn Lynch.

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