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St. Clair the experienced receiver

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Reserve offensive tackle John St. Clair hauled in the first touchdown reception of his career in the second quarter. He acted like he had been there before -- or knew what it like to catch a pass -- because he does. When St. Clair was with St. Louis in 2003, he had an 18-yard gain.

The last time the Bears had an eligible offensive lineman catch a touchdown pass was 1996 when Marcus Spears had one. Defensive tackle Jim Flanigan also caught a TD pass that season.

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Good to see the Bears relying on a trick play to score their only offensive TD of the season. This team winning 8 Games is a strech.Their Offense is woeful.

Bad Bears

No running game - No QB - No Offense

I am watching New England - Tear Charges apart - unlike the Bears who have no offense. Because for some reason Lovie Smith can't not admit that he has made a big mistake keeping Grossman. I sure hope that after this season they do not renew this guys contract. In my 40 years of watching football I have not seen a QB who is as bad as Grossman. They should have kept Thomas Jones as Bensen seems to be on the same playing level of Grossman. What a waste of a Great Defense. If they had a decent QB they would be Super Bowl contenders but now they will be lucky if they can even make the play offs. No Offense at all terrible

Lovie - Get rid of Rex bench him - make him water boy - what ever it take but REX sucks!

Hester is the real story of this game, followed by another great performance by the defense. Still not sure how well Devin will fit into the offense, but his runbacks on special teams are consistently remarkable. Pretty good running game -- passing game still needs work. Lots of missed blocking assignments and several miscommunications between Rex and receivers. Rex clearly does better when he has protection, but he hasn't had a solid non-preseaon game in about his last 5 or 6 starts. And what was up with the drop by Moose?

As much as I hate to say this Dallas 24 Bears 10. The lone touchdown scored by Devin Hester or our Defence. Maybe Lovie should set Rex down for a couple of games like Spurrier did to wake him up. Rex this is your contract year you need to step it up. Look at what Briggs is doing. If he keeps this up it'll be a big payday for him as long as he doesn't get hurt. I hope this isn't the start of the long Super Bowl loser hangover. I would really like to see the Bears go back to the Super Bowl and win it this year like Dallas and Miami did when they went back to back after loosing the first one. Come on Offence somebody needs to step up and take charge. Rex hopefully it can be you. You guys need to help to help give the Defence a rest once in awhile. If not it will be a very long season for all of us. It's still early GO BEARS! Make my perdiction wrong PLEASE!

Just how long do we fans have to put up with the incompetence of Rex Grossman and Ron Turner?

First, Rex is not the worst quarterback in 40 yrs. ( how short your memory must be to Krenzel, Quinn, Hutchinson, Burris - and that is only within the last 5 yrs.) On a much worse note, the issue is not just Grossman - albeit he is terrible. Outside of a few glaringly terrible misses of receivers, our receiving core is apparently not shrugging any defenders ( which is a mystery as teams lay blitzs constantly on us). 2nd, Cedric Bensen is perhaps one of the worst backfield blockers in the league - perhaps this is hyperbole, but he really is terrible. Which then basically means that there are only maybe 5 or 6 (probably 3 or 4)QBs in the league that can evade traffic when there is non existent blocking and still make a play. The truth is Grossman may be terrible, but we have an overall system problem with our offense. An aging line, coupled with an unproved and single dimensional RB, a poor leader, and perhaps a gutless coordinator will probably lead to a 9-7 season at best. I really thought it was a dawn of a new era in Bearsland. Oh well, we are used to this.

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