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Smith refuses to name QB starter for Sunday

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If a quarterback change looms in the near future for the Bears, Lovie Smith was not tipping his hand Monday afternoon at his Halas Hall press conference.

Smith refused to say whether Rex Grossman would be replaced by veteran Brian Griese for Sunday’s game at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions. Check back later on for more details.

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This headline was so misleading, it should have been on Drudge

I have been a loyal Bears fan for 33 years and if Lovie keeps playing Rex I will not watch a never Game this is not far to the rest of the Bears and us the Fans . If Rex was not on the Bears he would not be playing in the NFL he would not even make a good high school QB please let Griese play and give him a chance .

Rex should never start again he is terrible.....

I think Lovie would be highly irresponsible to put Grossman in on Sunday as a starter. The kid just doesn't have it. We have no long pass opportunities with him. He is a ten yard thrower at best. Let's move on.

Let's get real folks, Rex is bad, no disputing that, but do you think Brett Farve, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady could succeed under this offense? NOT A CHANCE. Turner is clueless as an offensive coordinator, Benson can't run wide so he has to run inside and sooner or later a fumble will result, and Rex couldn't hit an open man down field if it was just him and the receiver out there. I do not care if the Bears Defense is the best ever, no defense can succeed if on the field 35- 40 minutes a game, that is just ignorant thinking. 3 - 3 at the half and Romo hits Terrible T.O. 4-5 times? How hard is it to figure out who the ball is going to? We have to get rid of Rex, but Turner should be right behind him. The play calling is terrible. How many times did we throw to our tightends? On the scoring drive, after that they were non factors. Blame Rex for being terrible, but you have to blame Lovie and Turner for being out coached as well.
Rex is at or near the bottom of every offensive category, Ray Charles could figure out, Rex is out of his league. Save our season Lovie, make the change today!!!

Never thought one man would be so missed from a roster as much as Thomas Jones. The problem with the BEARS is NOT Rex! It's with the GM gamble that the running game was in good hands with Cedric Benson. IF YOU CANT RUN THE BALL YOU HAVE A ONE DIMENSIONAL TEAM. Defences don't respect the BEARS run game anymore. If we beleave that a change at QB will help solve our current woes were greatly mistaken. Thomas Jones was the spark plug of the BEARS offence for three years! 1200 yds+ rushing avg, blocking, catching, intimidating, passion, respect, leadership, it's all missing now and it's had an domino effect on the entire team. If the offence can't maintain drives with an effecive run game and build a rhythm, it forces a GREAT defence to run on empty by the fourth quarter. Fumbles, Missed Blocks, Lack of Passion, Lack of Leadership, is all I've seen from Mr. First Round Cedric Benson. Rex isnt Great but he could be Good enough with #20 in the backfield.

Drew Brees threw 3 picks against Tenn, and they're 0-3. Should the Saints get rid of him too?

Kitna and that pass-happy offence will throw all day. If Vasher is out, with Brown gone, can Manning and the other backups fill those shoes, and cover those speedy Lions receivers? Will Briggs play? How is Tommie Harris?

Let's not forget Thomas Jones, and how sorely he is missed. He looked great vs the Dolphins.

In fairness to Rex, he's not getting great protection either. Dvoracek is missed. The line needs to play better, or it won't matter who is back there. Bottom line is, this offense is not working, the defence is banged up and this team has 5 days to figure it out, or we are going to be clobbered by the Lions.

How about saying that teams that went to the playoffs are getting beat by teams who didn't and are simply hungrier? While we attended buffets, they were up studying film. Click clack.

All my best,

Mark Kanges

Leave my Grossman alone. I can't think of any quarterback in Bears history who has been taken so much heat.

Rex Grossman isnt the problem, the offensive system is. We dont fool anyone. So many offensive schemes like the no huddle, the shotgun, etc...we dont use these on a consistant ( or any type basis) and therefore we have become predictable. What the Bears need is to be creative and keep opposing defenses confused....we are not doing that and we will not get into the playoffs much less back to the superbowl unless drastic creative changes are made. Last year we dazzled opposing teams with things they did not expect, we kept hitting them in the ribs so they could not breathe. This year we got away from what worked.

If Griese is the answer, it's a stupid question.

Byron Leftwich, can we get Byron Leftwich? He's 3rd string in Atlanta. Jerry?

Grossman should not start another game. His ineptness is rubbing off on the rest of the team. I was backing him to be the starter this season to see if he matured from last year and anyone can see that there's nothing resembling an NFL quarterback in him. One good drive in 3 games is not enough. The season is young and there's still time to turn it around. I'd just hate to see Griese in there though,it should be Orton. Give him a chance and see what he could do the next 3 games. Griese is just a mediocre back-up with no upside. Orton still has a chance to be a starter.
I also don't buy into people saying the Bears just need a QB who can manage the game and limit his mistakes. The Bears need a QB who can make plays, whether it's getting a crucial first down or getting the ball in the endzone instead of settling for field goals. Griese's not that guy.

enjoy life,lets pull it together.Lovie sit everybody down and talk.offense and defense!!! I'm from chi-town,but live in norfolk,va.Me and my family is traveling to detroit to see the bears and lions play.Hope it's not a big disappointment.I dont care who starts.But enough is enough can't go wrong with a little change.Who knows!! If u ask me...Start Kyle Orton he is ready..Remember he rewrote the books at purdue.And for the running game start A.P and Wolfe

Bear fans should not only consider Rex's future, but the future of Ron Turner...

Hey, Lovie your offense is terrible, and its not just the QB and RB, the playbook needs help!! As usual most boring offense in the NFL!!

Griese may not be ther future, but he's a start. Lets start looking for a QB selection in next years draft.

For those who have not seen him play, take notice of Heisman Trophy candidate Colt Brennan, University of Hawaii. This guy is fun to watch and makes things happen. Already plays in pro offensive set and will get drafted by someone. Probaly a low first round or early second. The way the Bears are playing, they should be lined up for such a pick.

That said, I hope for a huge turn around the rest of the season. I'm also a Cub fan and we have huge hopes.


If there is someone to blame, it is the whole offensive department. Starting with the OC, the line, RB and ofcourse the QB. if there is something that really bothers me is that rex seems to be losing his confidence. Honestly speaking what is really causing bears to lose are the turnovers, predictable plays, Quarterbacks' 0% confidence in himself and his teammates....hopefully this team is not cursed as all the other teams from losing the superbowl were. guess they need few good games to get back on track. GO BEARS.

Here's the real deal:
I've grown up with the Bears since the days of Gail(the Kansas Comet)Sayers in 1965. I've seen some really bad Bear teams from that time till now....however, The Bears have NEVER really had a great offense during ANY of those years, but they always could run the ball and were competitive for 60 minutes! Sure, maybe the score would be 9-6 or 13-10, but at least you were able to CHEER UNTIL THE END.....and even if they The Papa Bear would say to Lombardi..." we're gonna kick your ass!" We've gotten a little spoiled by the more recent successes of last year's team who were 4th in scoring in the NFL and have forgotten our root's of the 3 to 4 yards and a cloud of dust teams! Dump Grossman; bring in Griese, hand the ball off to Adrian(5yards-a-carry)Peterson 20 times and Garrett(Mercury Morris) Wolfe to the outside 15 times a game and let's see what happens! At the very least we'll be 3rd and 4;... and I KNOW WE CAN FIND OUR TIGHT ENDS FOR FIVE FLIPPIN YARDS! FORGET THE DEEP BALL....MOVE THE FRIGGIN CHAINS! FRAN TARKENTON and the VIKES use to Kill us and the opposition with 15 to 20 play drives and eat up the clock! That's why their defense was so awesome back in the day!(they weren't on the field All Day!) Come on that;....WIN SOME GAMES WITH THAT...SCORE POINTS WITH THAT....and I guarantee the "MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY" will have a chance to return to their greatness when their not on the field for 40 min. a game! Let Griese manage a game like that and I'll bet my house we'll end up this season at 12-4! PLEASE!!!

Lets face it folks. Angelo should go. He is one light switch away from an empty brain. He drafted Rex after Rex had the worst senior year in college after being considered for the Heisman. He trade away Jones and I forgot the name of the wide receiver who played great for the Bears. He insists on Benson and thats fine but he doesn't have an outside threat for Mr. Inside. I don't know how Turner got the job. His offense is less imaginative then when he was at Illinois. He must be a friend of Lovie's. Our defense scheme is pure Lovie and you can pass against it all day long without blitz's. Check the boards Lovie. Even a fan sees the problems of the bears. The work in progress should have ended in the pre season. That is what a pre season is for.

Lovie smith is suppose to be the best coach the Bears have had. But now it is him (Lovie), and Rex should be benched. Cade and Rex = BUST.

I'll give Grossman another chance if Turner is out. Terrible, horrible play calling. It's a subborn one track mind from him. His game plan would work if everyone on the offense was a pro-bowler. Adjust to the players talents, not ignore their talents and make them adjust to your game plan. If your not sure what their talents are, why did you draft them?
Urlacker is a perfect example. he is allowed to play on his talents and he's amazing.

Why didn't we get Leftwich, let's not forget we wanted BL out of Marshall but he was gone when we picked who? This pick up would have surely been a key to victory

ok. if grossman is so good, then why hasn't he shown it! this is the theatre of the absurd. i have watched bobby douglas, bob avellini, mike phipps, and all of the rest. this is the worst quarterbacking that i ever seen in my life!!! at this point, grossman can never win over the fans because he is in a hole thats too deep. i don't even think that he wants to play anymore. this is ridiculous. lovie can't worry about his confidence. that is lost. he has to get traded for nothing. nobody would want him. as a bear fan, i demand for him to not quarterback my team anymore. i don't care if kyle orton flops, at least gross-man is not in there. he demoralizes the team. its all fake with this support of him. lovie smith has to be some sort of puppet for de angelo. i hate rex grossman for the fact that he knows in his heart that he's not good. why don't he go to lovie and tell him, "replace me, i'm hurting the team. maybe if i figure out how to get my head surgically removed from my ass i'll be ready." i would rather lose with any other quarterback. he's immobile, doesn't see the field at all, so why are we going with this? cedric benson is another bust! he runs with his head down. he thinks that if he gets 4 yards in a carry, he has done his job. there is no threat of him taking it to the house. please if any of the big boys looks at this, please don't hesitate. he will never make it as a quater back

That is what we all we saying come Sunday if we see Griese out on the field. People need to wake up and realize that the best QB's in the NFL are surrounded by a pretty sound front line, and RB's not afraid to throw a block on an opposing blitzer. What do you Rex bashers think a team hopping 10 year bench warmer like Griese is going to do better than Rex???? Ron Turner needs to get out a better play book and stop running on 2nd and long. This will prevent a 3rd and long, forcing a pass and making it easy for ANY defensive line coach to call a blitz. A blitz that will never get picked up... I'm hoping for a win like everyone else, but Griese is not the one to bring us to Arizona.

The way Grossman has played the last year and a half, he would not even make the third string roster on most "smart" NFL teams. He is little and his decision making skills are less than stellar. I think they should give Chris Leak a shot at QB from the practice squad considering Tony Romo is a great starter that went undrafted. The saga of Bears extra long history of terrible quarterbacks continues. Hopefully in the near future (this year) the Bears will divorce themselves of Rexy. Rexy and Ryan Leaf should go into business together. Rex, take my advice, save your money dude.

Fort Knox, KY

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