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Skinny on the fake field goal

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The Bears looked to be in good position to go to the half with a lead last Sunday against the Cowboys.

When Adam Archuleta returned Nick Folk's blocked field goal goal 48 yards to midfield, the Bears were in business with 2:05 remaining in the second quarter.

But things bogged down after reaching the Dallas' 34-yard line, and the field goal team was sent on.

As special teams coordinator Dave Toub explained, an alert was on. They were going to have Robbie Gould try a 52-yard field goal with the score tied 3-3 if it looked like the Cowboys were going to play it safe.

"They came out and they showed us the rush look," Toub said. "They did a good job of showing us the rush look, and then they bailed for the first time this season. That's the first time they didn't bring a rush."

Tight end Desmond Clark released immediately off the right side of the line and holder Brad Maynard flipped the ball up to Gould. But safety Pat Watkins dropped off the line and the pass wasn't close. Clark was not supposed to feign blocking, it was a quick release.

"We expected a hard rush by the corner and safety," Toub said. "Desmond was open for a fraction of a second but then the guy, it was a safe call, they bailed out and they got us. It had nothing to do with [letting Gould try a long field goal]. It was a situation of momentum and opportunity. You have to pick your spots."

Since Gould has never hit a 50-yard field goal -- it just doesn't seem like the Bears are in that range often -- that might have tipped Dallas off that a fake could be on. Former Bears kicker Paul Edinger did throw a touchdown pass, hitting Brian Urlacher for a 27-yard touchdown in 2001 at Washington.

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1 Comment

I watch the game today with great expectations.
This team is soft to laid back....not hungry and got beat up again.

I am tired of seeing football players trying be models or anything but what got them here.

Tired of the Jerry Azumah fashion show. they get the crap kicked out of them and have the nerve to show up laughing on comcast.

I once enjoyed the after game comments win or lose
but they spend more time shopping then prepareing for the business at hand.....which is to play football!
I`ll exercise my right to go to another game wrap up.
If I see another football player talking about hand bags and ties,
and other fashion I`ll throw up.

Bernard has drop a lot of catchable balls lately...but what a fashion statement,he is joined by more Bears all getting beat at their jobs.

Lovie should get tough and keep them off the fashion t.v. for the rest of the season.
Anybody need a coach bag or a big boy tie?

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