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Secret could not last: Griese takes over

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Lovie Smith admitted he had made a decision on who his starting QB would be this week on Monday, and encouraged those interested to show up for practice Wednesday to find out.

His secret didn't make it that long, and it comes as no surprise that Rex Grossman has lost his starting job and will be replaced by Brian Griese Sunday at Detroit.

Grossman's string of 19 consecutive regular-season starts will come to an end and the Bears' QB turnstile will click once again. Griese's start will make the 31st change in starting QB's for the franchise in the last 127 regular-season games. That's a change every 4.1 games for those without a calculator handy.

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It comes as no surprise that Rex is benched. Is it the right move? Thats still up for debate, as if you ask me, the whole offense did a terrible job. I think it's more of a disappointment for the fact that Rex seemed like a good guy. But, the NFL is a business and the Bears have to win football games.

It seems that Rex lost that swagger that we originally saw of him in his first few years, not to mention he was much more mobile in the pocket before his acl injury(he got injured running for a td mind you).

I also believe it was a classless move on the so called "bear fan" to throw things at Rex while he leaves the game last Sunday. Thats uncalled for and should never happen.

But to Griese, we have a 'band aid' and no permanent quarterback unless Kyle Orton became great as a third stringer. So the Bears continue on looking for the qb of the future. Sadly, Rex is not it.

GREAT! THE McCaskeys finally understood that their trophy boy was closer to a waterboy, and gave angelo and lovie the go-ahead to heave-ho that loser. make no mistake, lovie and angelo had no power to remove him, that power rests with virginia and ted phillips. time to cut rex, why keep him around now? he's a loser.

As the brilliant lady stated the other day why is Ron Turner not being scrutinized? You know even if the offense were running optimally against the elite in this league this offense cannot rally from a deficit. The play calling is mind boggling at times. At the end of the day you can list all of the breakdowns on offense but this must point to who is coaching the offense.

This is 5 years to late but better late than never. I love the move. It's way over due. Watch the Bears magically sustain offensive drives on a regular basis. Watch the running game all of a sudden start to get in sync. Great move............even Turners bad play calling will start to look more effective.

I'm back on board.

FINALLY!!! I know Brian wont win games for us all by himself but he definatlly wont loose any either. I cant wait to see him with the first string. Rex Grossman couldnt handel the extreem preasure of being a below aveage quaterback on an above average team. I can be proud of my bears again, and dont have to defend Grossman when I'm out of town. FINALLY!

well, at least i won't have to listen to excuses from Rex week after week. in their hearts, the linemen knew, both offense and defense, that Rex was not the guy for this season. now, let's see what Lovie can do with putting the pieces of the puzzle together again, along with the help of his friends, Turner and Babich.

Rex helped get us to the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly 20 years-As a 1st year starter. Lets Griese can do- probably noting. Griese = "Bad Leader Bad Teammate" never won a post season game.

Griese wasn't wanted by Denver---WHO NEEDED A QB. He was cut by Miami--Who DESPERATLY needed a QB. He was also cut by TAMPA----For Chriss Simms? All of the other coaches (2 won Super Bowls)must have been stupid huh? He's NOT the answer. Never was. We're not making the playoffs. Get that through people. The O-line looks like it should be staioned in front of the department store as a revolving door. Moose will blame ANYONE besides himself. Berrian has the talnet but somehow forgot how to run a route. The defense is beat up and Ced is making us miss Thomas Jones. But people, especially the Great Jay Mariotti (When was the last time he was in a locker room?) will say it's because Rex was at QB. Rex may not be the answer, but Griese sure as hell isn't the solution.Let's face it people. Chicago is becoming a bad city to play in.

Wow, it seems like everyone from the "experts" to the extreme armchair quarterback want Rex run out on a rail. For the record I'm still on the fence.
I must make a stand for Turner. The play calling is at times confusing, but didn't he make Eric Kramer look really good? And, I think that he did it with less talent then there is now!
I don't care who is calling the plays if they are not executed (at every level) the O will not move!

Numero Two- the players going down on D are to be blamed on fatigue. The D CAN NOT be on the field that long and expect not to take some shots.
I don't think that Griese is the answer! He might provide a short term solution, read SHORT TERM.
The team needs to find a back up from another team that is young and capable. And preferably has some field time.

unfortunately this year is going to tunr out bad for us bears fans. injuries, the qb situation, the running game - where does it all end. at least we're likely to see more chances for hester to return kickoffs from the other team scoring so often. but seriously if this season spirals out of control i would like to see orton get a chance. maybe i'm buts but i i've always like him better than rex. he has good size and arm strength.

The simple answer for why Rex wasnt a good quarterback is simple...hes way too short for beginners, second of all no one could play under the scrutiny this guy has been under the past two years....and third of all his supporting cast isnt as strong as last year(yes they have every one back except Jones, but they were all old as hell to begin with, especially the senior citizens offensive line). That plus the injuries on defense equals disaster.....and by the way the bears should play Orton and build his confidence rather than Griese....thats what his teammates want

Maybe if Bernard Berrian and Moose could catch, maybe if Credric Benson could hold onto the ball, and not fall down after five yards, maybe if the offensive line blocked like they used to, just maybe.

I was a huge Grossman supporter, he was the best quarterback I've ever seen the Bears have. I didn't start following the Bears until the Harbaugh era. I find today quite sad because Rex was a stand up guy. He never pointed the finger, unlike Moose, who basically blamed Grossman for the interception - Hey Moose, you've lost not one but two steps, you're old, you suck. Grossman could have easily pointed the finger at Berrian against the cowboys, and the chargers for that matter. He could have told all the funs to go **** themselves. He didn't. He took it and dealt with it.

So long Rex, I hope this clears your mind and you go somewhere and kick all forms of ass.

Be careful what you wish for Bears fans, you got it.

There's always next year.
Just kiddin'........
I will always support My Bears!
No matter what.
I'm a true fan.

I rooted for Rex. He was not ready. He had many opportunities. There
is too much on the line and too many undiscovered QB's that can do the job. How long should we give a guy to grow? He can grow better watching a veteran.

I like Rex as a person. I think he had potential. He just ain't ready.

I think "Mr." summed it up as nicely and politely as can be said about Rex not being "ready" and needing to be mentored by a veteran QB. That said, I'm still doubtful that the Colts or Patriots would pick up Rex to learn from Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, respectively, next season.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I think Rex may have to look for his next job in the Canadian Football League, because the European NFL league is defunct and his reputation for massive turnovers precedes him around the NFL. Or maybe he can do like Rick Ankiel did in baseball; find a new position to work on, like a Field Goal Kicker or a Punter...just can't seem him in any other position right now. Good luck, Rex...and no hard tried your best!

This is sickening. I can't believe the way people act. Rex is and was a stand up guy, who tries his best and poeple are throwing garbage at him? That just shows you how uncivilized the general population is.

Back to football.

Rex is the best QB we have had since McMahon, and he has super potential. It isn't his fault the O line is compiled of 30+ year old tired linemen who were average at best anyways. The bears were so worried about building the defense they forgot to build an offense.

The game starts and ends at the O line. You can say look at Romo etc... well I say you go look at the tape and actually watch it. Rex was getting rushed every play, from all sides, with all of his receivers covered. Romo on the other hand felt minimal pressure. And the bears are not even a good blitzing team. They only get a couple sacks a game most of the time. And when they did break into Romo's pocket it was not enough as they only get an arm or leg and he has decent agility to move away from such a weak blitz. So yea, Maybe if Rex had a total of 3 seconds at least to pass, he could actually do something.

Maybe if Turner would actually let Rex throw down field, we wouldn't have picks returned for Touchdowns. I swear watching turners game plan this year, I thought I was having flash backs from Jim Miller and Shane Matthews era. I mean, at least if Rex gets picked off 40 yards down field it is like a punt.

Well I doubt throwing down field will even matter, because Muhammid runs like a grandma, and for some reason, even though he is and always will be a mediocre possession receiver, they felt like signing him a huge overpaid contract. Honestly I would rather have Booker still then him. I like Berrian, but he needs to stop playing like a roller coaster ride with all these ups and downs (sound familiar?).

And what happened to are new great offensive players wolfe and hester? I thought we took wolfe because he was going to be explosive right now... and what was all that hype about hester? And what happened to bradley? I can't believe I'm saying this, but the best receiver at the moment is Clark haha.

Lets not even talk about Benson... But if he don't shape up that's another bust. I would have taken Cadillac, but we are past that.


He is a Bum. There is a reason the other teams let him go, instead of keeping him as a back up. It's cause he stinks. I actually went to training camp this year acouple times and watched Griese play... Ha he threw several picks. And that was just practice. Seriously Giese is no good, and wanting him to play just reinforces my opening statement. And so what about his 100 rating season. I will put my money were my mouth is and say right now that Griese gets picked off 2 times Sunday, at least.

So like the poster before me, If Rex ends up leaving here, because poeple are to ridiculous to use some intelligence, then I wish him the best in where ever he goes.

I hate to admit it as a Packer's fan I actually felt sorry for Rex after the Super Bowl. At that time it was my great wish to have Bears fans run him out of town, and then have him show up somewhere else and win a Super Bowl, or at least beat the Bears. Who knows, Minnesota could use a QB, then Rex can beat the Bears twice a year (instead of six times a year like he's been doing)!

Go Pack!

Griese is #17 in all-time QB rankings, so let's at least give him SOME of the slack we've cut Rex Grossman.

Bottom line: Offensive strategy. Everybody's a potential pass target. Grossman's TD against San Diego was a tackle! We've got two tight ends, three WRs and a FB who catches the ball. How about using the RUNNING GAME, Mr. T? I cannot believe the limited plays he calls (for the run). He's a little too clever on his pass plays--Grossman, known for his arm, not allowed to launch one. Has our fullback EVER run with the ball? Have we seen anything resembling a creative running game to help take the pressure off the QB?

The QB change had to come. Rex has obviously lost the swagger. Maybe he needs to be hungry again; whatever. But, it's the game plan that needs changing. It's getting old, fast.

Good luck, Brian Griese...and let's hope somebody lights a fire under your OC, too.

Griese was a decent quarterback in Denver (2000 Pro Bowl), but he was too young and immature to handle the starting job. From his interviews of late, it seems that he has matured since starting his family, even if he does need a haircut and a comb as his father commented before the Michigan game. What's the worst thing that can happen? Six interceptions in 3 games? We've already seen that. Give Griese a chance.

Everyone who's said that Rex has lost his swagger is on point. Do you guys feel, like I do, that Turner's play calling has been far more conservative than last year? It's like the offseason stress on strengthening Grossman's fundamentals has been carried over into the games - limiting the vertical passing game so as to force Rex to make better small passes. If anything, he showed last year that he was most composed when he had the deep option available. Asking him to play it safe is asking for failure. I'd hate to see someone with his an arm like his - to say nothing of his ability to command teammates' respect through even the poorest play - waste away on the bench. So why don't the Bears just trade him, give him a chance where there's less pressure? (The only reason not to is the chance Griese and Orton will prove him the best of the three.)

Most of you need English lessons. The rest of you are idiots. I'll put it as easily as I can for you all. Rex is garbage. Griese will do, for now. Griese is not the long-term answer. Worry about that later. Win in the "Not For Long" league...NOW.


Rex did the best he could...Its hard to hit receivers with that line
old and slow...they give nobody time to do anything,it all starts up
front and fans should know don`t want to see wolfe or hester back there with that line,the body count will continue to rise,3up and 3down until they fix it.
Good luck to Greise he`ll need it,OL terrible! so blame who ever you want...remember it start up front.
Go Bears!

How long do you think Griese can survive as the starter? I support him 100% but I don't think he can make the Bears offense any more productive than Grossman has. Rex will get one last shot this season the question is when. I think Rex should sit for a couple of games to regroup and separate himself from the pressure. But Rex should get another shot as the starter later this season, especially if griese is just as ineffective. This is the guy the Bears believed to be their guy so I think they'll end up giving him one last shot. But, for now go get 'em griese!

Rex has stuck by this city even after fans continuously boo him and throw trash at him (seriously that's so ignorant), after all the criticism, even when he was doing well. I hope Grossman gets another shot at starter. I don't want to endure another QB carousel.

The ONLY way Griese will make Grossman look real bad is if there is A)a change in play calling, B) better protection C) guys like Olsen will have to step up for the weak Benson to help pick up a blitz D) screens, play actions, and more screens E) the O line buying him more time and forming an "actual" pocket to throw from and F) someone other than Benson in the backfield to make our running game a little more explosive like it used to be.
The recieving crew well they have to catch the ball, or actually put up some sort of resistance if the ball is going to get picked.

Okay, now that Grossman is out, I am now reading from everyone that Griese is not the answer. What do you all suppose the Bears do? As someone already pointed out, the Defense injuries come from being on the field too long. Griese will manage the game which is what we need. Grossman did not get it done period. Regardless of interception to TD ratio, he did not manage the game and Cedric Benson did not help his QB. They have 8 turnovers between them in 2 games. Start Kyle Orton. Oh wait, we won 10 games WITH Thomas Jones. Getting rid of him is the reason we are 1-2.

The bottom line is that all of the Starters in the NFL (including the BEARS) get paid BIG MONEY to perform. If you don't perform you're replaced. I could careless how much of a stand-up/ nice guy Rex is, he had his opportunity and now it's gone.

The window of opportunity is short in the league, you can't wait forever for one person to excel.

Just WIN Baby!

Of all the mistakes Coach Smith has made this season, sitting Rex is the biggest mistake he could have made. Rex himself said that he was just a little bit away from making his season a great one. He has had his problems yes, but he isn't the only one. There is plenty of players that should be pointing their finger at themself. Yes, the sharks were in the water and Rex had a cut on his leg to let just enough blood out to cause the attack on him. Griese sure isn't the answer, long term or short. He wasn't let go by his former teamS because he was doing a great job at quarterback.

this is why it will be a long time before the bears franchise win another superbowl...i am disgusted with the city of chicago and bear fans...grossman was basiclly ran out of the starting position,here in chicago. come on guys,he took us to a superbowl his FIRST full season. u can say the defense did this and the special teams did that but it is a TEAM the whole franchise is gonna be set back at least 4yrs and guess what? there is gonna be no briggs,kruetz,benson,brown(both of them)mooses clark and probably lovie too and definately ron turner(he's a horrible OC. the only QB in chicago bear history that was better was Sid. Harbaugh was good as well as Kramer but chicago refuses to allow a qb to grow and mature at the position.instead bear fans want instant success and if they dont get it they all of a sudden want to kill the poor guy. green bay waited for farve to come around and look what happened,dallas gave Aikmen time,Marino even big ben in pitt was having problems but u dont see the fans running him outta town...who would want to play qb in this city,kickers and punters get more respect than the qb here!im ashmed at this very moment to be a bears fan....griese is as short term as it least pay the money and go get mcnabb next year....oops he probably would reject the offer

OK, so they benched Rex. Finally. About a year too late. The poor guy's career is destroyed. They should have pulled him in the AZ game at halftime last year, let him sit and watch and (maybe) learn for two or three more games, then put him back in. Maybe the Superbowl is a little closer, then. Now, I ask you, when are they going to bench Fred Miller, Cedric Benson, and Muhsin Muhammad? All of these players have performed worse than Rex.
What does it all boil down to? COACHING!!! And especially, play calling. At this point, it looks like Lovie done got paid and is probably more worried about carpet and paint samples for what I'm sure will be a new mansion in or around Lake Forest.
And don't forget Ron Turner, likely the biggest problem we have, whose play calls are coming about 15 years too late. I wonder if he has even heard of a 3-4 defense.

Let's just be Bear Fans and support our Bears. We should regroup like they are. Whoever plays whatever position cheer them on. Live in city without a pro team and you appreciate your hometown team......Missing CHICAGO>
GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.......... I have supported Rex all the way up until the third quarter of the Dallas game. I made the arguements FOR him when we would all discuss the "Rex Situation". After really was his "rookie season" last year. I starting falling off the RexWagon after last years December Packer game when Rexy claimed he had a bad outing because he was thinking about his New Years Eve plans.........EXCUSE ME???????? I'd have cut his *** from the team right then and there. Did you ever pay attention to Rex on the sidelines.....winning or losing? He's always laughing or smiling and non-chalant about everything. He strolls out to the huddle and crawls off the field after his patented three and outs and says the same old crap at every press conference..."We have to get better", "we need to all be on the same page". Give me a break....Look at Payton Manning on the sidelines during a game...winning or'll see him studying game photos of defenses so he knows how the hell to beat it the next series he goes out for. Bottom line.....the quarterback sets the attitude and urgency of the offense.....he controls the speed and efficiency of the personnel that works under his command. He is supposed to be the general that carries out the battle plan the coaches make, so don't blame the coaches other than the fact that they waited too long to pull the trigger on Rexy. Ron Turners offense was high powered when he was here with Wannie and with Erik Kramer ( a very capable field general )....they just had a crappy defense back then or they might have won a SuperBowl in the mid ninties. To sum it up, this ex-Rex supporter applauds pulling the plug on this belabored experiment. Griese probabley won't be the Jerry.....draft a real quarterback and a running back for that matter....because Cedric Benson has Curtis Ennis written all over him......I guess history really does repeat itself.

The Bears don't need a great quarterback to return to and win the Super Bowl. Brian Griese may not be a Hall-of-Famer but he is experienced, efficient and a game-manager. That's all the Bears need. Rex had his chances, was given great room for error and the fact of the matter is he never got better. You can't keep making the same mistakes game after game after game. Don't throw off your back foot, Rex. Don't throw into double- and triple-coverage, Rex. Protect the football, Rex. When you feel pressure, move, Rex. It never ended with this guy. I wish the Bears would release him outright. I have zero concern that Rex will ever have the mental capacity to be anything more than a third-string QB in the NFL.

Its best to make the change now while a good season can still be salvaged. I think the whole football team will be inspired to a higher level of play, if for no other reason than to prove Rex was the problem, not them. Rex, live long and prosper. SEE YA!

As for Rex Grossman, I don't doubt his moxie and confidence which is why I think he should've been demoted after the Jets game. It was clear he couldn't read defenses but I figured a demotion wouldn't hurt his confidence so if he was ever needed again, he would be prepared.

As for Kyle Orton, what you have to remember about him is how errant his throws of 20 or more yards were. He was a quarterback that, when the team had to throw like against Pittsburgh or Cincinatti, turnovers happened. Remember, the NFC North was so terrible that season that the other three coaches all got fired. Based on yardage, the Bears only faced two offenses in the top 15 all year, the Packers and Saints, ranked 7th and 14th. Those two were actually ranked 28th and 30th in QB rating, so it makes sense that those were low-scoring games. Grossman replaced Orton because Orton had a short ceiling in his rookie year. If a team were to put 21 on us, Orton couldn't lead us back. I have no clue if Orton is better now. I think he should be the back-up.

It is a sad time for BEARS fans, with Rex not being able to take a strangle hold on the QB job. I agree with a lot of posters, whether you like REX or not he's been the best QB we've had since the punky one....As for the team offensively they are under performing as a whole. The game against Dallas was lost in the first quarter when Turner sent benson up the middle on 2nd down at the goal line, after he picked up 5 yards on a sweep to the left side 1 play earlier. Why didn't he run the same play for Benson to the other side away from the strength of the 3-4 defense which is up the middle. Everyone knows that Olin has problems with someone lined up right on top of him...Turner needs to get his act together and quick no matter who is behind center...Come on Cedric hold onto the damn ball until you get off the ground, that way no one can question if you fumbled or not...thanks for the good run REX....Angelo get your scout's out there and find us another QB....

here's the real sad part. Da Bears are notoriously known for not having the "IT" QB. Yes they have had some that can manage the game, but never have we had a Manning or someone even close to him. WHY? Because this team is based off of the run, and the defense, always has been and always will be. We all know Griese is not the answer, but then again neither is Orton. And next year won't be any better. The Bears consistantly have gone after the has been's and experiements for the QB spot. Not to mention US fans will turn on a QB quicker that you can say Q.
As mentioned ALOT of changes have to happen, and happen now for any bear quarterback to succeed. Until the rest of the team starts doing what it is supposed to do, our beloved team will make even the likes of a Farve look like crap...

I think the reason for Grossman's awful performance is that he has more pressure than ever before; he didn't win the Super Bowl, and now everybody is expecting to win this year...he had little confidence to begin with, and this season I guess he felt more pressure to win, but it did a lot more damage to him. I still support him and hope that he will be given another opportunity to improve and redeem himself.

Call me an optimist, but this former staunch Rex-supporter thinks that the move to Griese will benefit the Bears this season. Grossman has an incredible arm but he was basically a shorter Drew Bledsoe (aka Captain Statue). Whether or not this was because of Rex's knee injury a few years back, the fact remains that Rex had become far too predictable. All teams were doing was spot rushing him. "Make a B-line for the Bears' QB, and if he hasn't thrown the ball yet, he will be there waiting for the sack in the usual spot. This was compunded even more by the fact the O-line is breaking down, and Rex had little to no time to pass.

Another thing Rex had against him was his height. You cannot be shorter tha 6'4" as an NFL QB if you can not move. If that's the case, then large Defenders just have to get close enough to obstruct your vision, and limit your ability to make plays. I honestly hope that Rex does get better, does become a starter, and does have success, whether its with the bears or another team. However, I think Griese will benefit from what Rex benefitted from at the beginning of last season. There is little to no film on Griese operating the Bear's offense. Optimistically, I think that this will allow Griese to do some great things for at least a month before teams start to gauge his tendencies, (much like Rex last year). By the time that happens our defense should be healthy (barring any more major injuries)and Griese should be able to just manage games, and keep the Bears from losing. Our schedule from here on is favorable, and I think we have a chance for another deep playoff run if we can get healthy and gain momentum. Here's hoping...

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