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No mincing words, it was ugly

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Given the expectations for this Bears' team vs. the lack of expectations held for the team during 2004, Lovie Smith's first season, this loss has to be worse than the ugly beating the team took in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day that season.

It looked like the offense had a little something going in the first half with some power running behind Cedric Benson. That disappeared quickly in the second half and the most glaring thing to me over the first three games has been the absolute inability of Rex Grossman to get the play-action passing game in order.

Remember, that's what Grossman was using to feast on opponents last season. There was a stretch at the beginning of 2006 when the bulk of his TD passes came off play action.

For whatever reason, that mechanism is not working. Could it be related to the loss of Thomas Jones? Maybe. Something is way off, that's for sure.

The players will check in with media Monday after reviewing game film with coaches, and Lovie talks at 3 p.m. We'll see if he has an announcement regarding the quarterback position. There will certainly be consideration given to promoting backup Brian Griese.

CB Nathan Vasher, LB Lance Briggs and DT Tommie Harris are all expected to have MRI's to evaluate their injuries. Vasher and Briggs suffered pulled groin muscles. Harris had his left knee in a large brace following the game. Already down two starters, the Bears can ill afford to lose any of them. We'll try to check in on their status as well.

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The chicago DALLAS game reminded me of my time in the military - how officers (or in this case Coach Lovie Smith )avoided being BUSTED for dereliction of duty, by blaming their inept underlings (in this case QB "Wrecks" Grossman).

This game showcased how the coach will continue failing to utilize the best player for this or any position, and EXPOSES HIS LACK of ABILITY and thereby making him the weakest link. Belief and continued use of Grossman is simply insane. Look it up...

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over - yet expecting different results.

That IS what the country will be thinking about the Bears coach. owners, and their fans! If WRECKS Grossman is still in the drivers seat after this Dallas game, then tell old lady McCasketkey she can pinch even more pennies in next years draft. There's no need to breath into a corpse - what should should be the best team in the NFL is the living dead. Oh and before anyone thinks of turning this racial - forget it - real fans care less - they can be pink polka dots with chrome - what we DEMAND ability and execution and someone proud to wear the Bears colors!

Get results: BOYCOTT "da bears" until they PROVE REPEATEDLY they again deserve our faith and hard earned DOLLAR$!!!

The play-action isn't working because Benson is not enough of a threat to make the defense worry.

Some things stand out from the EMBARASSING Bears loss to the Cowboys:

1. Ron Turner has been found out. He and Norv are the biggest frauds in the NFL.

2. Grossman should start playing end, guard, and tackle. He should sit at the end of the bench, guard the water cooler, and tackle anyone that wants to take it.

3. Rusty Jones should go back to refurbishing cars as his players are out of shape and getting hurt.

4. Olin Kreutz has been exposed. A 'hot head' that has intimidated the media, fans, and his coaches long enough. If he makes the Pro-Bowl this year, it means he's part of the Hawaiian Family Secrets Family.

5. When will Tim Spencer teach Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson to hold the ball like Tiki Barber and Garrett Woulfe?

6. If Lovie says, 'Rex is our quarterback' this week, then, I'm positive he's Jerry Angelo's puppet.

7. Mushin Muhammad is slower off the line then my grandmother. And, she's been dead for 11 years.

8. If the Bears stick with Rex 'Makes Me' Grossman, what does that say about what they think about the talents of Brian Griese and Kyle Orton?

9. Anytime Bob Babich wants to go to the booth and see what's happening on the field is fine with me.

10. Fred Miller reminds me more of Fred Sanford than Jonathan Ogden or Anthony Munoz.

I just read that when asked about being benched, Rex said, "I'm going to stick to my business and not worry about things I can't control." Amazing. That sums up Rex perfectly. News flash Rex: You CAN control whether you get benched. MAKE YOUR PASSES. Play like an NFL quarterback and act like a man. Stop making folks apologize for you and get the job done!! Rex, be a football player, not a weasel.

It is so nice to have a REAL QB instead of a wanna be like Rex

I can't even speak the name of the Bears QB. I'll just call him 'X'. Hopefully, it will stand for the X-QB of the Bears. X is killing the team. The dropped passes, fumbles, a worn-out defense that is now experiencing major injuries due to being on the field too long. This is an uninspired team because its so-called leader can't get the job done. An exceptional defense and special teams cannot be relied on to put points on the board week in and week out. That is a luxury, not meant to be an offensive scheme. Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith need to check their pride and admit X was a bad move getting worse with each and every start.

No press conferences are needed for X. Just play the same sound bite every week of his nauseating excuses and empty promises to get better. He's not going to get any better. X doesn't need to be benched. He needs to be released and never allowed in the Bears locker room again. Benching him would still make him an option to turn to. I'd rather go with Griese, Orton and the QB of the Chicago Rush. The championship window for this team is getting narrower and narrower with every game X suits up for the Bears. Jerry and Lovie, cut your losses while this team still has a shot at the playoffs. I'm tired of changing channels whenever X lines up behind center.

Hopefully, we won't have to hear Lovie say, "X is our quarterback", ever again. The Cleveland Browns did it after Week 1 by dumping Charlie Frye. You'd think X is a cousin of the McCaskeys the way the Bears keep forcing him to start when he shown time and time again he is too inept to perform at a professional level. I know the players are thinking the same thing, even though they won't say it.

I've turned off the TV for the season. This team will go nowhere with Lovie Smith as coach. Bears fans you better settle in for some rough years until this team gets tired of Lovie. His defense and luck carried him to the Superbowl last year where he got outcoached (why stop blitzing Manning?). Now we are seeing his true coaching skills.

The team as a whole fell apart. This includes Ron Turner, who forced Rex into alot of tough situations.
Running (with Benson) on 2nd and long, to set up a 3rd and long have to pass situation is not the answer for the Bears!!! Yes the bears are a running team, or so they were last year, but don't do 2nd and long runs up the gut with a RB who still can't seem to keep a hold of the ball when he is tackled.
Yes Rex threw pics, but his recieving corp did more to hurt the Bears than help. From Muhammad with alligator arms, to dropped probable touch down passes, the list goes on and on. Let's not forget Tait who seems to let someone get close to hitting Rex at least twice a game.
And please people, wake up and realize Griese is NOT the answer, there is a reason why he is 2nd string and not a starter.

Bottom line, Rex did muff with some pics, but he also did alot and looked better than any other game thus far, from rushing to making dam good throws/desisions. Let Rex play next week, if he tanks well then I guess put Griese in....

I'm very saddened for Bears fans. To appear in the super-bowl a year ago and watch this great team reduce to last place is very sad. Lovie Smith stands by Rex Hoxman while the paying fans suffer. I wonder has Lovie ever heard the phase "the customer is always right. Lovie Bring Brain into the game and see what happens.

Thomas Paine said, "These are the times that try men's souls." He goes on to talk about "summer soldiers and sunshine patriots."I
think the_Suntimes_ sportswriters, and Chicago fans in general, fit those two invidious tags. I still think the Bears will turn it around, just like the Cubs did. Even if they don't, I won't blame Lovie or Rex. I remember last year. Think back to when the Bears should not have been on the same field as many of their opponents. Yes, they are 1 and 2, but there are still a lot of games left for redemption.

I believe the problems on offense are Coaching & Personnel related.

-Ron Turner has not proven over time that he is a winner or is an outstanding offensive wizard.

-World class receivers simply do not drop critical passes that Berrian, Muhammad, and others repeatedly drop--check the stats for the last 2 years.

-The running back position is mediocre at best--trading a 1300 yard producer is not a good football decision.

-The offensive line appears continually to be unprepared and makes few game time adjustments.

-The quarterback position may require more mobility--more athleticism--he can throw with the best of them, but he can't scramble, elude, or improvise.

-The head coach perhaps should have relieved both coordinators after last season, but he appears to keep his hand on the same wheel of ship that is clearly sinking.

Yet, the Bears keep following "The Plan" authored by the General Manager some time ago that, in my view, has created an illusion that got them to the Super Bowl last year. That plan has to be executed on the field with quality talent and superior coaching, not played out in some "NFL Executive of the Year" pageant.

hey Bears coaches, The Cardinals Benched Leinart. It can be done. You have a good veteran QB sitting there making way too much sitting on the bench. Rex has never been on the bench watching a good NFL qb play. SO lets give him that chance. Put Griese in so for right now the Bears have a better chance to win, and maybe Rex can learn something.

Trade for a new QB, matt casselle NE patriots backup.6'4"230 great arm , tuff,and if he's tom brady's backup it's because belachek, knows he capable. if if lovie does not make a move we should consider kicking his dumb ass out!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex should be benched and Kyle orton should be the starting QB.Mussin Muhammed is slow,old and cant catch a pass.He dosent follow thru with his routes.Cedric Benson cant follow his blockers.Adrian peterson has slippery hands along with Benson.Benard Berrian is just young and inexperianced.The offensive line looks horrible!Ruben Brown is slow as molasses.And i know lovie and the ol Bad news bears are stopmping the groung about getting rid of Thomas Jones,Cris Harris and Tank jhonson Now! The Bears need a big overhaul.

I have seen it all!!! what does it take to atleast see what Griese can do, or Orton for that matter?? In the Suoer Bowl we had a chance all the way till the 4th qtr, all Lovie had to do is at least try and see if Griese can do better than a then drowning Rex. I wont put all the blame on Rex no its bigger than him, the play calling SUCKS! The TE's caught passes on the only point scoring drive of the night, you would think they would get the ball more often, I MEAN DID THEY EVEN LOOK AT THE TE FOR THE REST OF THE GAME, RON!!! The line looked like a friken collinder, open the holes for C-DROP BENSON and block the defenders from WRECKS is it that hard its fundimentals. The statement "THE BEST OFFENSE IS A GOOD DEFENSE" translates to "OUR BEST OFFENSE IS OUR DEFENSE" to the bears offensive staff.




What can I say that has not already been said. Just go into the rebuilding phase. At some point all teams go through it. Why not now, start over, and build for the future. Let's start with the ownership, then the coaching staff, and about 75% of the players, to include all QB's & RB's.

after rex and ced go, then check out lovie the leader.

Earth to Bear fans...their not as good as they think they are.
They got worn down in the Super Bowl and really were out played by Indy. Honestly, what NFC team could have had a chance to win the SuperBowl with such a strong AFC. Bottom line...The Bears are being out played this year because just like T.O. said they are riding so much on the defense. The bears are a one dimentional team plain and simple. The defense can't do it all.
Start a team on both sides of the ball.

Redskins lose another to the Bay Carlos Rogers has eendid signed with the San Francisco 49er's. It is a one year deal a d Rogers said in interviews he never intended to return to Washington. The other notable transaction was the re-signing of quarterback Rex Grossman. He signe

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