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Most compelling reading of the week

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Mike Mulligan's Friday column analyzing the future of Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson was the best reading of the week.

No one captured more revealing information than Mulligan when Benson told him that, for the most part, he left film study up to his offensive linemen.

-- ''Plays have steps you are supposed to take and areas you are supposed to go to, but you never know how [opponents] are going to react to that, so you have to react. There's a lot of instincts involved.''

-- ''I let the offensive line handle [the defensive lineman in terms of film work]. As long as I got a little crack in there, or a crease in there, that's what matters.''

-- Benson says you can't teach a running back how to run, ''but they definitely try.''

-- And how does he deal with that? ''In one ear and out the other,'' he said.

If you missed the entire piece, check it out here:,CST-SPT-mully21.article

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1 Comment

maybe that blitzing defender gets to the qb because ceds not smart enough to pick it up. study helps pick up the guy that just ran by you untouched

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