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Monday afternoon notes

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LB Lance Briggs was walking fine through Halas Hall, but would not comment on his condition after being knocked out of the game at halftime with a groin muscle injury.

SS Adam Archuleta has a brace on his right wrist, another potential injury that has come out of the game.

WR Muhsin Muhammad said after watching film it was clear he ran the right route when Rex Grossman was intercepted the first time by Anthony Henry.

The contract of vested veteran P Dirk Johnson was terminated. Once again, CB Ade Jimoh was re-signed.

No quarterbacks were spotted. More details after Lovie's 3 p.m. presser.

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We all know Rex stinks. But for the 3rd game in a row, receivers failed to finish their routes. Berrian and Mohammed were both guilty of this. Meanwhile, when it is 3rd and 8, why isn't Bradley in the game? With a 42" vertical, he is a better choice than Mohammed who has yet to get open in 3 games. And why not throw to the tight ends? Except for the one successful drive, they were once again forgotten.

I guess the bears are back to square one, what to do about a QB? What a joke the bears have been at slecting a QB, I know that a 1st round selection is not a given thing but when will they get it right! How much longer will the fans have to suffer before we have a good quality QB standing behind a good offense line, because we have don't have either one right now. Angelo may be able to pick lower round players but his track record for high round picks is a joke. Somebody please help us

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