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Mailbag, Vol. I

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E-mail your Bears questions with first name and hometown and we'll get as many ones answered -- as best we can -- soon.

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I believe that Griese is underated. He was 5-1 and playing at a ProBowl level in 2005, as the starter in TampaBay before he suffered a season ending knee injury. Do you believe it's possible that Brian is more than just a band-aid?

Why when the commissioner was in attendance last week in Seattle was the game called so poor. There was the first delay of game that was over ruled beacause somebody somewhere called time out . Then the second one, when the clock expired for two counts and no delay of game was called. I have Tivo and I backed up the play and let it go in slow motion and the clock had expired....nocall. But the worst was the touchdown that Nate Burleson scored when he should have called for offensive pass interference on Briggs. How could they not see that push off and knock down. Then we have our coach ( Simth ) not even referring to any of this all week.This team is in bigger trouble than I thought.

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