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Rex Grossman, folks, has been dissected every which way, and it will be that way again in tomorrow's papers. But it would be unfair and worse -- foolish -- to hang the long list of offensive problems on Rex alone. That was the message Lovie Smith tried to convey most Monday afternoon, and he's right.

From Ced's fumbling to blitz pickup to dropped passes ... problems are across the board.

-- Consider this one ---- how in three games has the offense not been able to put the ball in Devin Hester's hands? Once? Something has gone wrong or an awful lot of prep time in practice over the summer has been wasted.

-- What happened to Garrett Wolfe and the dimension he was going to bring to the offense as a shifty open-field player? Wolfe dressed but did not play Sunday, the second game he's watched.

-- Can Mark Bradley be worse than what they've gotten on the field from receivers not named Bernard Berrian to this point? We saw more of Bradley on Sunday, but no one is getting worked in here on a consistent basis.

-- We just got a small glimpse at them, but Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen looked pretty good in tandem. It will be interesting to see if the Bears go with more two tight-end sets moving forward. All they have to do is take a receiver out.

-- If Lance Briggs misses some time with his groin injury, keep an eye on Jamar Williams. He's a smart player with a high motor. You'll be watching the starter for the 2008 season.

-- If the injuries to Briggs, Tommie Harris and Nathan Vasher keep them out this week, there will be a trickle down effect that reaches the special teams.

-- If you're setting your DVR this early for Sunday's game at Detroit, the Fox announcers are scheduled to be Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger.

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Jamar Williams is garbage, as everyone saw when Lance went out. JW can not cover or tackle anywhere near where he actually should be since he worked most of the offseason in this position. We need to get up off our butts and pay Lance,we need to get way better players on offense in the draft or free agency, and stop being so damn cheap, it's a shame this is happening but sh.. rolls downhill. GO BEARS...............

It's clear the defense was tired after spending pretty much the entire 3rd quarter on the field thanks to Cedric's fumble and Rex's interception. But did anyone notice how badly the backups played when they came in for Briggs, Harris, and Vasher? Ricky Manning Jr was clearly out of position on a number of plays. Archuleta showed once again why he's only good at stopping the run (except when he's getting RUN over). And Jamar Williams looked completely lost! What's interesting is that going back to Week 1, that whole sequence of events where Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek got injured NEVER would have happened if the Bears don't botch that punt return. Fate is indeed fickle for the SuperBowl losing team. And it's always injuries that do them in. See Philly and Seattle following their SuperBowl losses. We're in for a long season I'm afraid.

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