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Players might have needed to make room for football operations assisant Andrew Hayes-Stoker -- in the cold tub -- Wednesday after practice.

FB Jason McKie was one of many players to stay on the field after work was done. He got in some extra work exploding out of his stance. McKie would get in a three-point stance and fire out at Hayes-Stoker, who was holding a blocking cushion. That's kind of like getting hit with a bullet wearing a bulletproof vest. McKie is 5-11, 245 pounds, and he was practicing for collisions with linebackers who wear shoulder pads and helmets. Hayes-Stoker, who backed up LaDainian Tomlinson for three seasons at TCU, was listed at 5-8, 198 when in school.

More from the notebook:

WR Rashied Davis and CB Charles Tillman got in plenty of extra work with the Jugs machine.

Maybe Lovie Smith's emphatic explanation of Mark Bradley's status as the No. 5 receiver earlier in the week hit home. Bradley was studying film well into the evening, hours after most players had left Halas Hall for home.

While the Bears' all-time record on Monday night is lousy -- 18-32 -- they have been better on Sunday in prime time. The team has won four of its last five on Sunday nights. Overall, they're 9-11 on Sundays.

Israel Idonije garnered the most attention for himself Sunday with his field goal block, but he was a standout in all phases of special teams. There is an intricate chart that awards points for every special teams play -- yes, you can get negative points as well -- and Idonije scored 28. Lovie Smith called it the highest since he's been there, or since Dave Toub brought the chart and system with him from Philadelphia where he learned from John Harbaugh.

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Maybe Bradley ought to be working with the Jugs machine too, if he misses one pass I bet he gets benched.

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