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Disrespect does the Bears right

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Forget the Cowboys for a moment and the high-octane offense they will bring into Soldier Field Sunday night.

Consider for a moment the Bears, and how they are in a position right now they relish, one they crave in fact.

Of course, they would have preferred to come home from San Diego with a victory, and everyone (especially the defense) is waiting for the offense to break out of its slumber.

But in stumbling to a 1-1 start much of the focus and much of the talk is on the Cowboys, an early pick as an NFC favorite. Through their own doing, the Bears have backed themselves into a corner where they truly believe they are the underdog.

Never mind Vegas has the Bears laying three. To a man, each player in that locker room feels they are the underdog and it's a motivation that has served them well in the past (even when they were the furthest thing from being an actual 'dog).

I'm not saying this is going to mean a thing after kickoff, but it can create a real rallying effect and these players on this team have made the most of it before. Who thought they were going to go to New York and beat the Giants last November? The Giants were the shiek NFC pick at the time. This bunch has mastered the us vs. the world mentality that's usually nothing more than a cliche, and it's been a prevailing theme inside Halas Hall all week.

Of course, if the offense can't move the ball, the Bears can feel neglected and disrespected all they want and it won't matter a bit.

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Perhaps what you say makes sense for the Bears in general, but what about Rex? When everyone is telling you you are the weak link on offense, how long does it take before you believe it and lose that necessary concept called confidence? In my dream scenario, Rex plays great for four games in a row with ratings over 100, and the last doubter shuts up about Griese, Orton McNabb, Leftwich, etc.


1. Ball control, run the clock, take what the defense gives
2. Rein Rex in and spread the ball around to all your weapons
3. O-Line needs to get off the ball and work together
4. Pickup the free man on blitzes, keep the back in with his head on a swivel looking for the free man.
5. 2 or less turnovers

1. Limit YACs (yards after catches)
2. Confuse Romo with different coverages and blitzes
3. D-Line needs to use their quickness to get to the gaps fast against 'mammoth' Dallas O-Line.
4. Bully Terrell Owens....don't miss any opportunity to hit him hard
5. Force 3 Dallas turnovers (1 for TD, Urlacher?)

1. Go after the Dallas punter...force a block (TD?) and bad punts
2. Utilize upmen on kickoffs to run squib kicks into Dallas territory
3. Pin Dallas in with avg. starting position at their own 18-22 yd. line
4. Maynard or Johnson need to keep the ball up and average 39 yds/punt(Don't outkick the coverage)
5. Robbie Gould needs to kickoff to goaline or within 5 yd. line and hit the critcial field goals (game winner with time expiring?)

If Bears can hit 3/5 on each of these areas, expect:

Bears 24 Cowboys 23

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