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"Brian is our quarterback"

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Lovie Smith announced "Brian is our quarterback," Wednesday afternoon at Halas Hall, confirming widespread reports Rex Grossman would be benched in favor of Brian Griese.

Smith said Grossman would serve as the backup and Kyle Orton will remain the No. 3.

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My only question is when will the rest of the benching start? I seem to remember alot of dropped passes, not being able to rush past a few yards to just fumble, to an O line not forming a pocket to # 20 thinking he can just pop a RB to the ground without wrapping him up..

Here are two posts I had two years ago on my blog, "Open Your Eyes"...

Does anyone see any similarities and tendencies with the 2007 Bears?

Thursday, September 15, 2005
Olin Not Rollin' for Bears)
I believe if the Bears are going to be successful on offense, they need to start improving from the middle of the line and work out, not the opposite. Instead of worrying about the play of tackles Fred Miller and John Tait, Harry Hiestand should first focus on Olin Kreutz. While, Kreutz may have been to the Pro-Bowl in the past, his play is starting to become Dan Jiggett-ish.

Kreutz is continually being pushed back into the backfield by mammoth defensive tackles and needs help on every run play from the Reuben Brown or Terrence Metcalf. Kreutz is big problem is that he doesn't step to the man he's going to block. He snaps the ball, waits for the defensive tackle to engage him, and then tries to use only his upper body; most often he fails to block his man this way.

If he has to block on the run by himself, Kreutz's man is most often the guy making the tackle or moving the line of scrimmage two yards back. And, when he has to slide off on a linebacker or safety after working a combination block with a guard, he rarely gets there and ends up standing around. (A good way to see if a offensive lineman is blocking his man is for his name and number to not be read. You can read his on practically every play)

On pass plays, he constantly turns his shoulders creating creases in the protection and does a terrible job picking up stunts and blitzes. In the Washington game, his man was responsible for flattening Kyle Orton three occasions.

Unless, Kreutz gets help or improves, I would roll Kyle Orton out every play and forget about doing anything up the middle on run plays.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Before the injury to Rex Grossman, the Bears had a good shot of winning 10 games and possibly the playoffs. Now, they'll be hard pressed not to finish last in their division, regardless if the quarterback is Kyle Orton, Jeff Blake, or Kurt Kittner.(Brian Griese, Rex Grossman, or Kyle Orton)

However, the Bears are way ahead of schedule of last season in putting the blame on someone for their offensive woes. Last year, it was Terry Shea (Wade Wilson) and Jonathan Quinn (Rex Grossman). And, this year, it's Chad Hutchinson (only Rex Grossman).

Hutchinson (Grossman) has problems with holding onto to the ball too long, finding a secondary receiver and throwing into double coverage, tipping off his throws, and throwing on the run. But, he shouldn't be held responsible for the whole offense. And, I hope Orton (Griese) can overcome the inept play of his teammates better than Hutchinson (Grossman) and make something out of nothing.

If I was Chad Hutchinson (Rex Grossman), I would accept his share of blame for his play and give out some credit to others as well, including:

Jerry Angelo, for not bringing in another veteran quarterback earlier to compete for the backup spot. (NOT VALID IN 2007)

Ron Turner's play-calling. I would think he found it hard to find a receiver when only three receivers would go out for passes against 7 defenders and as Turner continued to call long developing pass plays when the line wasn't giving him time to throw.(VALID IN 2007)

Offensive Linemen, for letting the defense get to the pocket before him, forgetting their assignments, false starts, and missing blitzes.(VALID IN 2007 minus false starts and ad not getting a run game together)

Wide Receivers, for not getting to their routes faster, dropping balls in their hands, and not coming back to help him when he was under pressure.(VALID IN 2007)

Tight Ends, for being held up by linebackers on pass plays, loafing through their routes, and allowing pressure to get to him on pass plays.(VALID IN 2007)

Running Backs, for deflecting passes into defender's hands, missing blocks on pass protection, and failing to get out on pass plays fast enough to the flats to give him another option when other receivers weren't open.(VALID IN 2007, include fumbles and blitz pickup, but, minus pass deflections)

Special Teams, for getting a penalty on most of the returns and pinning the Bears back inside their own 20 yard line.(NOT VALID IN 2007)

Goodbye, Chad (Rex). Hopefully, the next team you go to will not make you the 'scapegoat' for all their troubles.

and to think we had a chance to get Tony Romo. As much as I despise the Cowboys, this guy is going to be a hall of famer barring an injury. He was responsible for 34 points on our defense. No one should be able to do that, nobody!

Well you all got your wish, enjoy the show.I'll promise you this, while your all partying on Rex's grave,Brian Griese isn't the answer,Kyle Orton isn't the answer.Terrible blocking, a senior citizen line,(oldest in the league)dropped passes,( look up stick em)No real running back,And our defense riddled with injuries.Theres your answers. Whew!! Yeap that has Rex written all over it doesn't it.I wish the rest of the chumps on our team had the grace and dignity that Rex Grossman has.How many new coaches this year we have?Who called the fake punt?Do the Turner boys everrrrrrrr have a good offense?Take your heads out of your sand people and spread the blame around where it's rightfully deserved.This team won't be any better than 8 wins if their lucky.Benching Rex is a joke along with pointing the finger only at him.Fold the tent up now the shows over boys.Enjoy the clean up crew!!!

Maybe some of you who are proclaiming that "Brian Griese isn't the answer," ought to take a deep breath and wait until you actually see him in action? You obviously haven't seen him play as a Starter, (with at least a little "PRACTICE" with a first team, or you wouldn't be making such asinine remarks)

How does the old saying go? "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak (write it) and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln.

MY GOSH! What's the matter with some of you? Why are you SOOO attached to REX? 1ST TRIP TO THE SUPERBOWL IN OVER TWENTY YRS. WE WAITED! and it was an embarrassment to watch snap after snap.I hate to be so critical of Rex but, He Stunk! The season was erratic and nobody respected THE TEAM........ONLY the Defense AND the Special Teams! AND RIDDLE ME THIS the rest of you who say Brian Griese isn't the answer, or he's a bum or whatever you have to say........WHEN HAVE YOU EVER WITNESSED A QB IN A BEARS UNIFORM TO BE THE JUDGE OF WHAT ONE LOOKS LIKE? NEVER! And don't gimme crap about Jim McMahon because he was a tease JUST LIKE REX! So stop with all the criticism or demand a real quarterback or at least wait and see what Brian Griese will do BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE! At least you know that he can play and has been effective before unlike a certain Kordell Stewart. We've rooted for less and we've all waited on Rex who had more chances to succeed than Cade McNown, Moses Moreno, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Shane Matthews, etc. put together and his passer rating was no better than any of them! You guys root for anybody and I mean anybody who would never play for any other pro team, i.e. Jonathan Quinn! And I could care less if Rex ever plays again I WANT REAL QB IN A BEARS UNIFORM NOW AND ALWAYS!!!! Don't even get me started on Ceddy Benson, Okay, I'll at least say the jury is still out on him unlike a certain Curtis Enis or Rashaan Salaam or Raymont "Ultra Back" Harris or even A-Train who by the way didn't exactly light it up either! How can a team known for great runningbacks settle sooo low? That's like not playing Defense. WE SHOULD HAVE NIPPED IT AT NEAL ANDERSON!

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