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Be a man; Kick it to Hester

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Pro Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo had an interesting take on the strategies teams employ when facing returner deluxe Devin Hester.

Conventional wisdom is you're nuts to put the ball in Hester's hands. He's got seven touchdowns in 18 regular-season games.

Ayanbadejo says to heck with that kind of thinking. He'd rather step up and face the challenge. Of course, it's easy for him to say. They put their uniforms on in the same locker room. What would you do?

"I don’t get surprised [teams kick to Hester] because I’m a man,'' Ayanbadejo said. "When I’m playing against other men or I’m doing something against other men, I want them to act like men. So they get paid, they have a job to do as well. They should take pride in it.

"OK, we’re going to shut down Devin Hester. That’s the way I see it. And if I was playing against Devin I’d do the same thing. Now a lot of times it’s going to come back and bite you in the butt. People will say what they want to say. But I’ve never been afraid to go against a returner. Sometimes you have to strategize but kicking the ball out of bounds and doing stuff like that, it kind of takes away from the game. Maybe it should be a penalty. If they kick it out of bounds on a punt it should be a penalty."

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Ok Ayanbadejo. If your team are such "Men," Why don't you man up and play man on man coverage with no help over the top on T.O? You can see your tail between your legs as you get your "Man" butt beat. Hester is a freak returner. Kicking to him is really stupid. Just like trying to cover T.O. in single coverage.

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