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Some Of My Best Friends Are tears

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God bless you.
Please stop bashing the Miami Heat players because some of them cried in their locker room after they lost 87-86 to the Chicago Bulls at home recently.
Forget all that macho mess. Real men cry real tears.
Who among us has never cried because of something?
I've cried not just when I was very sad, but when I was very glad.
Sometimes, believe or not, I've cried and didn't even know the reason why.
No, I am no chronic crybaby. Sometimes, for whatever reasons, I have refused to cry when I had very good reasons to do so.
Once Heat star Dwyane Wade recruited free agents LeBron James and Chris Bosh to sign with the Heat, they became instant favorites to win the title this year, next year and..... They started the season with a very underwhelming 9-8 record before they won 12 straight and 21 of 22. At one point early in the season, eight teams had better records than the Heat.
As of March 13, the Heat was 3-10 against the top five teams in the league. So when the Bulls completed a 3-0 sweep with that March 6 win before a television audience of millions, it was crying time.
Sportscasters all over America had a ball making fun of the Heat players after head coach Erik Spoelstra said "some of our players are in the locker room crying right now."
Many of us who are fighting life-and-death issues have cried early and often right along with our relatives, friends and other loved ones who pray for our healings.
Some of my best friends have always been tears. Now, can I get a witness? Two of the biggest lies people tell, though innocently, are "it doesn't do any good to complain" and "crying won't help."
Hey, complaining is the mother of progress. Imagine how worse off this world would be--maybe this world wouldn't even be--if not for complaints. And don't underestimate tears. They help healing. They are also some of the best SOS distress signals you'll find.
I have found a relief in tears that I could not find anywhere else on earth. My greatest joys and my worst pains have found adequate articulation in the linguistics of tears.
Tears have helped me vent tremendous anger and frustration and, believe it or now, helped keep me from hurting others as well as myself.
Tears define us human beings and distinguishes us from animals.
I've seen every member of my immediate family cry and often we cried together, with me crying the loudest and longest.
In my 45 years as a professional journalist and in my 58 years as a Baptist preacher, I have seen many a sinner and many a saint cry. I've seen people cry at weddings as well as funerals, in times of victory and in times of defeat. in times of anger and in times of ecstasy.
I saw Muhammad Ali cry March 8, 1971,when he suffered his first professional defeat at the hands of "Smokin'" Joe Frazier in Madison Square Garden. I sat ringside and covered the fight as the sports editor of Ebony magazine. And, yes, I cried, too, when I saw the People's Champion get whipped.
I saw Larry Holmes cry the night he beat Ali on Oct. 2, 1980, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Then 14 months later, I saw Trevor Berbick cry after he mercifully beat Ali in Nassau, Bahamas, to send "the Greatest" into his final retirement.
I saw Michael Jordan cry on June 12 1991, the night he led the Bulls to their first of six championships.
Among others I have personally seen cry are Mike Tyson, Scottie Pippen, Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas and Shaquille O'Neal.
And you can bet that champagne isn't the only liquid flowing in locker rooms after teams win national and world championships.
So please never be shamed of tears. They are a blessing. Our blessing. Cry if you want to cry. Heaven help us when we can no longer cry or when nobody wants to cry for us.
God bless you.

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People cry over emotional events not because u lost a game, you missed a shot or they took your shoe!! This ain't elementary school!! It's the NBA!! Grow up and play like a professional! People with personal problems have valid excuses not grown men calling them selves kings!! Or taking bad things about others making them superior to others! They brought it on themselves ! They should have nit talked bad and just play!! And yes the Jokes will continue about CRYGATE for Ever n Ever!!

BANKS' RESPONSE: Now even wealth, age, profession or anything else can exempt an individual from being human. Some do a better job of hiding it for sake of pride or machoism. Putting up an image that they are bullet-proof and super-human is no more than that: a superficial image. But peel back those visible layers of anybody's makeup, no matter how brave and strong they pretend to be, and you will find some active tear glands and a sensitive heart and mind that can turn on those faucets to let torrents tears gush down the face. Trust me. No human being is perfect.

Rev. Banks,
I’m a crybaby too but society says it’s alright because I’m a female (smile). I want to share a joyful tear I’ve shed about how the redemptive power of God is manifested through the awesome gifts of organ donors. In past years I worked as a medical secretary who was responsible for typing hospital policies concerning organ donation. At that time I thought about the amazing love family members demonstrate during their time of grief when they make the choice to give a life-affirming gift to someone in need. Sometime later I worked for an organ bank and witnessed this amazing love in action…even in the midst of tragedy and despite personal loss. God is love and through organ donation God shows us how powerful and everlasting love is. That revelation was to me worth a happy tear. So I chose to be an organ donor and I pray others do so as well. Blessings, love and peace to you. Deb

BANKS' RESPONSE: How wonderful it is that your experiences were not wasted on an inattentive, insensitive person. It is obvious that you were touched in a manner most positive seeing individuals give life to others through organ donorship. There are so many amazing and marvelous things that God has blessed man to do. We see such examples through man's God-gifted masterpieces of, among so many things, architecture, music, sculpture, paintings, computers, massive constructions from the ancient pyramids to contemporary skyscrapers, giant vehicles for travel, literature and energy production. But the science of surgery to transplant a life-saving organ from one generous human to another needful human has to rank among the most precious. Thank you for your testimony. It is obvious that you are forever a powerful, passionate proponent of this blessed innovations that continue to evolve and diversify. People like me are immeasurably indebted to donors like you. God bless you.

Rev Banks,

It is so nice to see you :). I check for your blog updates from time to time, and am delighted to hear that your body, mind and spirit are on one accord. And congrats on the columnist position. I love the Bulls--win or lose. Just finished reading your article about the Bulls players and coaches recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Dennis Rodman expressed such humility for the acknowledged honor.

So regarding bashing the Heat, I do not condone it. However, they had been acting like their "feet don't stink". I think people were responding to the Heat's lack of humility.
The lesson here is to be humble during the good and challenging times, and don't kick a brother or sister while she's down.

Keep fighting the good fight, Rev Banks!

BANKS' RESPONSE: Very, very well written, "Extra Special Mom." Thanks for your kind, comforting comments, too. As of the NBA, the star power of the Heat, the spectacular season by the surging Bulls (led by the sensational Derrick Rose), the slippage of the Lakers and the questions regarding the availability of Shaquille O'Neal for the Celtics' post-season play make for a most intriguing playoffs.

rev. lacy, do you think the bulls chances to win the nba title will be diminished due to the loss of khalid al-amin, former nba rookie of the year, not taking the last shot of the game? he has moved on to a penitentuary for drug trafficing, good work if you can get it, and certainly your influence has pushed him into that line of work. you were a great mentor to the former nba star, amin and hope you continue to steer today's youth into gateway crimes. thanx again!

BANKS' RESPONSE: Hi, hater. First, you misspelled his name. It's Khalid El-Amin, not Khalid Al-Amin. Second, you're mistaken about him being NBA Rookie of the Year. He never was. He didn't even come close. Third, he lasted one forgettable year with the Bulls and hasn't played in the NBA for 10 years. Fourth, I was never his mentor. Fifth, I don't know why you come out of nowhere hating me for no reason. But most haters don't need reasons. God bless you, still.

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