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After Winning A Smackdown With Death, With God's Help, I'm Back.

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God bless you.

Well, I'm back, y'all.

Did you miss me?

I sure missed you John, Beverly, Gwen, Marie, Paula, Marcia, Tomas and the rest of y'all.

But I'm glad to be back in the saddle with a heart pump to tide me over until I can get my new heart. So, I'm still panhandling for prayers.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in two months. I wanted to. But the paper cited some technicalities about me being on disability sick leave and still writing for the paper. Even if all I was writing was a blog that I would knock out in 15-20 minutes in the quiet and comfort of my home. So the powers that be over me commanded me to postpone blogging and devote all my time and energy to recovering sufficient health to resume work. So here I am, folks.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and continued prayers. I'm especially grateful to Comcast SportsNet and its fabulously talented Willie Parker, Dan Jiggetts and the rest of their team for the specials they did on me to help keep you abreast of my progress.

And what can I say about my baby daughter Natasha? While I was bed ridden and her mother, Joyce, my wonderful wife and primary caregiver, was too nervous, Joyce deputized Natasha to step up to the plate and hit for our Banks family.

And, boy! Did she ever! Tashi hit a grand slam homerun over the high, deep centerfield fences and out the park. She is starring in the Comcast bite in this blog entry. Notice how beautiful, poised and flawlessly eloquent and charming she is. That's daddy's little baby. Her mother and I are extremely proud of her and Professor White told her she has the talent to be a television newswoman.

Meantime, let me share a little bit about my current status.


Sounds familiar?

On one hand, It's traditionally the word describing a hum. On the other hand, it's the new sound of my refurbished heart.

Because my end-stage congestive heart failure had deteriorated critically and had me at death's doorstep, Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam had to implant me with a heart pump, or a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), specifically a Heartmate II to replace my defective left ventricle and mytral valve in pumping blood properly to the rest of my body. The surgery occurred Jan. 29 this year at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Thumbnail image for natasha-banks.jpg

That's right folks. Lacy J. Banks no longer has a heartbeat and his blood pressure is a very faint one that discourages doctors from even taking it much anymore. So what I have now is an $80,000 D-battery-size turbo that has become the new engine for my heart. It is powered either by 12-hour, rechargeable batteries or AC current through a drive line that goes through my chest, out my skin and into a system controller.

It has made me feel better, relieved me of shortness of breath and revitalized my major organs, kidney, liver, etc., that were starting to fail. But it has made no superman out of me. Consistent exercise will restore most of the 70 pounds of muscle and body mass that I lost. But I still can want to live and enjoy life and my family as long as and as well as I possibly can. I thank God for blessing me to be able to do so.

Until I get a new heart, I must make do with a hum for a heartbeat But God didn't have to bless me to survive a 30-day hospital stay that included being on life support for two three-hour periods with a span of 10 hours. God didn't have to bless me to undergo successful surgery and come off the operating table alive. God didn't have to bless me to be able to regain the strength to stand and walk. He didn't have to do these things. But He did. And I'm eternally grateful.

God bless you.

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How Great Thou Art our Lord God almighty.It is just wonderful to read your good news.My father,Rev. De Ville did tell me you were gonna preach on Good Friday,I was tied up and didn't get finished until after 10pm but he told me you preach like you had never been sick.He said ya'll had a shoutin good time.So happy to hear you have the strength to do what you love and what God called you to do.I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.Look forward to seeing you and your wife at Alpha Temple M. B. Church.Take care.Marcia

BANKS' RESPONSE: Oh my sweet redeemer, Jesus the Christ! I thank god for you, Marcia. I thank Him for your dedication to worship him in the beauty of holiness. I thank God for your faith in my anointing and also the anointing of your father with his kind heart and perpetual smile. I asked Pastor Leonard DeVille, your dear father, to come, fire me up and on and to bring an extra pair of shoes from Alpha Temple. "But please make sure, if possible, that that extra paid of shoes is full of feet. And then when offering time came, there passed Deacon Willie Echoes flashing his own sunshiny smile. So I know there was at least one extra pair of filled shoes from Alpha Temple, one of the world's premier "Amen' temples. The members of Alpha Temple love and support preachers so well, at least me, that they can make a jackleg preach like he's really legit. When I see a couple of Alpha Temple members in the house, I know that I'm in good shape and that the devil is in trouble. We put a horrible hurt on hell on Good Friday, which made the day even gooder (excuse me, English teachers) in the Lord. No saint can ever overdoes on the euphoric narcotic of praising God in spirit and in truth. I pray that God blesses you, your husband and family real, real good, Marcia. G on and get His grace, girl, because His grace is sufficient for you, for me, for all of us.

Dear Rev.Lacey, You bet your sweet bippy I missed you! It never occurred to me that your absence was due to disability status issues. I just knew that I had to keep praying for you and checking your blog every day. Welcome back! Marie

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank God that your prayers to Him paid off. Thank you for your prayer vigil on my behalf. You never gave up on me. You waited through the snow, through the wicked winter's wind, through the long nights, through the desert of doubt, you waited and checked my blog with rigorous regularity. Then finally, in due season, you prayed me back into action. Prayer is good. That's why the bible says pray without ceasing and that men ought always to pray and not faint. Pray because God hears and answers prayer. Pray because the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Pray because it's not my sister, not my brother, not my father nor my mother. But it's me, oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer. Here's praying for you, too, Marie. Here's praying that your joys be full in the Lord and that He grants you the desires of your heart and the needs of your soul. Here's praying for you, kid.

Rev Lacey,

I thank GOD for you as I have prayed and continue to pray for you. I have recently celebrated 15 years cancer free! Praise God . I don't have to tell you Rev Lacey; Walk by Faith.

Welcome back!

I indeed missed you, and I thank God for your family and keep all of you in good health!

BANKS' RESPONSE: Yes, Tanya, the bible command that we, the beloved saints of Christ Jesus, walk by faith and not by sight. Our faith will lead us through the valley of the shadow of death. Our faith will empower us to tread where fools and faithful dare not go. Faith makes up the difference between what we have and what we need to excel and prevail. Faith will shield us from the trials and tribulations that lash, smash and dash us on this terrestrial shore. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. And most important, without faith it is impossible to please God. For he that cometh to God must believe that He and that He is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek Him. as that great American statesman and freedom fighter Dr. Adam Clayton Powell used to say, "Keep the faith, baby. Keep the faith."

Dearest Rev Lacey, we are so happy to hear you are back up and running. God indeed works in mysterious ways and his plan for you continues. My family wishes you the very best now and always! We know of course first hand of the miracle you are living!
The Ramirez Family

BANKS' RESPONSE: I still remember my dinner presence in your holy house where the Man of God is welcomed, cherished and honored because Jesus is the center of your joy. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Ramirez family. Your family remains an invaluable pep pill to me, my soul and mind. God bless you all real, real good.

Hey Mr. Banks!!!!!!!! Tasha sent me the link to your blog today. I had to leave a comment because my grandmother is going through something similar. She has ovarian cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. At her age, it is very difficult to deal with. Through your whole ordeal and speaking with Tasha about everything going on with you, of course I was letting her know about everything going on with my Grandmother. Not to be over-confident, but the only thing I knew was both of you would get through these minor inconveniences in do time. One month prior to you have your surgery, my grandmother went in the operating room herself. The only difference was they didnt do any operating. Thank god because, after it was all said and not done, they said she probably wouldnt have made it out of surgery.

I expressed to her as I got information about what was going on with you, she consistantly kept you in her prayers, as I did. I told Tasha a million times over (even though she doesnt listen to me, lol) that this wasnt something you couldnt handle. Glad to have blogging again and I will make sure I keep this link and follow it.
On another subject............GO CUBS!

Talk to you later Mr. Banks
Clifford J. Bailey IV

BANKS' RESPONS: A most amazing, inspiring and enrichment testimony regarding your grandmother's ordeal. It was 26 years when I was scheduled for surgery to address a stomach tumor. I came to the University of Chicago Hospital expecting to undergo surgery. But the operation was canceled when the doctors took x-rays again and this time did not see the tumor they were to extract. The tumor had disappeared. Some people will claim that I was the beneficiary of a mistake. I claim to this day that I was the recipient of a miracle. I can't say when your grandmother would have survived the surgery or not. What I know is that she was not cut and still has wiggle room for a healing that leave the doctors shaking their vexed heads. I will pray that your grandmother receive a comprehensive healing just as I am seeking one. Don't lose hope, Cliff, and don't stop praying to the God who still hears and answers prayer.

L. Banks, great to see & hear that you are doing well these days!
My thoughts & prayers are with you every step of the way. May the Good Lord be with you always. Really nice to see & listen to you behind the pulpit again, where you belong!! Nice sermon on Good Friday last week; beautiful words, beautiful words!!! Take care na.


BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks, Gene, for still having my back. Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement. It seems that everywhere I go to preach you are there cheering me on. You refuse to give up on m. And for that, I am immensely grateful.

Min. Banks I would first like to say God Bless you!!!
You are the true meaning of faith. When I first saw your story I had nothing but admiration for you, although you're going through your trials and tribulations I believe the lord will bring you out and you will have the victor over this battle. I heard you make the comment "God only gives us so many miracles" well its up to God how many miracles he wants to give us whether it be 1 or 101 its up to him, and he's not finish with you yet!!!
I will keep you in my prayers and I wish you and your family love and blessings always.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks for your encouraging comment, Toni. It made me feel like having church. In fact, we actually had some church with you giving joy and power and me receiving it after you said I had done the same for you. Good church worship is a sacred cycle of give-and-receive as opposed to give-and-take. To take something implies one is doing it by force. But in the household of faith, everything is done out of love and for love, for God is love. Now, as for me, I appreciate all that you said about me. I get so many kind compliments from friends like you and they really pump me up. But I must stay humble at God's feet and make it clear each time that all that I have and all that I am and ever hope to do and enjoy, I owe it all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love the fact that this blog ministers to so many people hurting with serious health issues and here is a haven for all who seek healing from hurt. I get my warmest words fro fellow sufferers, people who have gone through, are going through and are about to go through great trials and tribulation.

My Goodness Gracious, Lacy J. Banks, I guess I can stop gluing your picture on milk cartons now! My "Have You Seen This Blogger?" campaign can be suspended. And, I imagine this means you're reactivated at the Sun-Times. Good news, good news.

Isn't it great that you not only have that pump keeping your heart going, but your wonderful daughter, as well? I know first-hand what a wonderful blessing a daughter can be to her dad.

If everyone in the world could just stop fussing and yelling and carrying on, and spend some time considering the wonders that we have, both heaven sent and man made, we would all be in a constant state of bedazzlement.

You're alive and writing and preaching and enjoying your family. You went to death's door and were turned away. It wasn't time. You've got more to do.

Welcome back.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank you, John, my faithful friend. Dare I even say disciple. Blessed is the man who hath a friend named John. Jesus' best friend and most faithful disciple was a name called John. I owe all of you somewhat of an apology, but more an explanation, for my lengthy silence. I know the long shutdown cost me some followers. But, once again, this was not my decision or desire. This was a command handed down to me by my superiors at the paper because they felt my "disability leave" status was incompatible with me continuing to blog. They also felt my blogging interfered with my recovery from the open-heart surgery. So I dutifully obeyed as a faithful employee. Any way, I'm glad to be back bothering you. My health is better, much better. But all is not well because I am fighting other problems, very serious problems that are no friends to my health and well-being and they are of life-and-death severity. Meantime, I agree with what you said about daughters. No man is short-changed for having a daughter. My wife and I tried to have both and we were blessed for her to be pregnant with twin boys three years after we had our first daughter. But they were born premature at six month and failed to survive more than a day. It remains one of the saddest losses in our lives. But God blessed me even more with three priceless daughters. They are all ladies who are strong in their faith in God and awesome in their prayer power. And I believe daughters always love and care for their daddies more than sons. I don;t mean to imply that all sons or bad. I am a son myself. So is John Powers, Tomas and so many more than you. But daughters are the perfume of heaven.

Rev. Banks,

What a Champion God picked to fight and show others His miracles. My family and I love and are praying for you and your family. We know that with God's stripes we are healed and that you are His beloved, so he wishes you to prosper and be in good health as your soul prospers.

May God continue to bless and keep you and we look forward to reading your blogs and seeing more Comcast segments on you.

F.D. Robinson

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank God for Comcast, Frederick. They continue to be very supportive to me. So I grant them first rights to coverage or my death and funeral, to which you all are cordially invited. But prayerfully and hopefully, in Jesus' name, those events are far from now. None of us know either the day or the hour when we shall die, neither do we know the day or the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. What is important is that we be ready. What determines our readiness is, among other things, that we be faithful unto (not until) death. By His stripes, we are healed. Thank God for our healings in the past. Many of us have been healed at times we didn't know we needed to be healed. He just healed us anyhow. So among the unknown blessings we should always thank God for are our unknown healings that occured before we took an X-ray or even felt a symptom. That's just how strong, merciful and full of grace God is.

Mr.Banks, I have been reading your blogs since July 2009 and now I have had the pleasure of reading the archives. And Prayed for and thought about you each and every day, and then your blogs were not there. I became very worried, i even tried to find you through the
net. but to make a long story shorter I am so overjoyed that you are doing better and experiencing the joys of life, being a servant of God. husband, father, and grandfather. and also working. May God
continue to work miracles for you and yours

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank you so much, Patricia, for your kind and comforting comment. It tells me that you are a faithful reader who has found some good from this blog and that's enough to make the blogging worth my while. I find strength in comments like your. I am fighting many battles on many front and I admit that sometimes the volume of my opponents is over-whelming. But greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. If God be with us, He is more than the world against us. God bless you and your whole family, Patricia. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Mr. Lacy,
I will be very direct: if you want to be completely healed by Yahweh with not even the single help of a surgical operation contact this man. His name is Dr. Owour. He is a prophet of Yahweh and will be able to help you. All that is required is a belief that Yahshua is only begotten Son of Yahweh; and that He is light of the world and only savior for humankind!!!!!You can find him at

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks, Jill, for reading my blog and for making what you believe is a suggestion in my best interest. God bless you, Jill. Thanks, again.

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