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Did You Also Cry Just A Teeny Weeny On Tuesday? Be Honest.

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God bless you.

Well, it's official now. We no longer have to just think or hope it's true. We no longer

have to beg people not to pinch us for fear they might wake us up from one of history's

most delicious dreams. We no longer have to wonder if that day will really, really come.

That day indeed is here.

It's finally official.

The weighty wait is over.



On Tuesday, my wife Joyce and I watched the inauguration ceremony and adjacent

activities all day on television. I was in Washington with Saint Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

and about 250,000 over civil rights demonstrators in 1963. But this time, I knew my

health issues of fighting cancer and heart failure, among other agonies, would not be

conducive for me making the trip to be in that merry mob of 2 million who had to walk

miles and stand out in the cold for hours.

So I inhaled and exhaled it all from the warmth, quiet and comfort of my home

and, yes, ain't no need of me lying, I cried. I just couldn't help myself. I even cried more

than once.

And what about you? Did you cry, too? Did this marvelous milestone also make

you cry just a teeny, weeny bit? I really feel that anybody with a beating heart and

anybody with a love for America, a care for humankind and a concern for our planet had

to at least feel the urge to cry.

I cried tears or happiness, tears of relief and tears of sadness.

I cried because I was happy to see the best man be a black man who was elected.

This is a precedent that I even doubted nobody in my family, before my great

grandchildren, would ever see. That's what being born and raised in Mississippi during

its most racists times will do to your hope.

I cried because I was relieved at what Obama was bringing to the table. His youth

and relative inexperience meant he was much less a part of the Washington sell-outs

who got this country into the pitiful predicament that it is in. Those opponents who had

been in Washington politics the longest stood a much better chance of being part of the

causes of our problems because the pay-to-play politics has not been a monopoly of

Gov. Blagojevich, who carried out his terrible tenure in the finest tradition of the late Paul

Powell, who died and left mysterious millions of dollars in cash stuffed in shoe boxes and

other containers in his home. Now, here comes Obama (thank God!) promising to clean

up our government, our business world, our banking and investment industries, our social

and racial relationships, our air, our water, our entire environment. He's determined to

lead us into remaking America into being the best it can be.

I also cried because I was sad that my mother, my father, sister, brother and so

many other loved ones did not live to see this day. We can only hope that their spirits

somehow got to see it.

I cried when Bono and Stevie Wonder sang during the pre-inaugural concert the

night before. What about you?

I cried when Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, sang "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee"

before Obama's swearing in. What about you?

I cried again when Obama was sworn in. What about you?

I cried again when Barack and Michelle danced at the Neighborhood Ball while

Beyounce sang "At Last" and cried herself. What about you?

So I was greatly thrilled and refreshed by the inauguration experience. But we've

got a lot of work, hard work, to do.

This is a new day. It's time to renew America.

It's time to come to the aid of our environment and save our planet from murder.

It's time to rescue that newest endangered species that is the American worker.

It's time to help millions of Americans get their homes back or get new and better

homes instead.

It's time to stop greedy corporate CEOs from giving themselves undeserved

multi-million-dollar bonuses on top of their unearned multi-million-dollar salaries for

mismanaging companies into multi-million-dollar and even multi-billion-dollar losses.

It's time to make quality health care affordable and accessible and possible

for everybody.

It's time to restore safety, sanity and sagacity to our schools so that every child can

get a quality education.

It's time for the rich to share generously with the poor.

It's time to have another Peace Core initiative where young, selfless, gifted

Americans can travel to help other less fortunate at home and abroad.

It's time to curb the illegal immigration and illegal, underground black-labor market

that is earning billions of dollars in cheap labor and not paying any income taxes


It's time to bring an end to and to stop declaring illegal wars or wars based on lies.

It's time for Americans of all races to come together in brotherhhood from sea to

shining sea.

Then and only then can we really, really celebrate the unprecedented Presidency of

Obama. And for this to come to pass, we all must join in and do our share and maybe

even the share of others who will do a lot of talking but little else.

God bless you.

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Yes, Brother Lacy I cried also if not harder than you. I cried because everything the devil has stolen from us is being taken back In the Name of Jesus. I cried because this land was made for you and me. I cried when Aretha sang because this is the Sweet Land Of Liberty, LET FREEDOM RING.I cried for all the people who didn't have faith and believe we were ready. God is so good. He says I know the plans and thoughts I have for you. God planted Obama here for the season and a reason. This was his Time of the Year for Manifestation. I cried because every time I hear Obama speaks it send chills of joy straight through my body to know Martin Luther King saw this vision that one day we would not be judge by the color of our skin but by the contents of our character. I cry every time I click on a video stream on the Internet of how Obama fever is spreading from United States over into Kenya, Japan and Israel. People speaking of hope and changes within themselves from all parts of the Globe to make this country better. I cried when Beyonce sang because all I could think of is FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST.I pray everyone will lift our President in their prayers everyday. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad because his mercy endures forever.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Yes, Sheila, this IS THE day that the Lord has made.....

a day in which He has done great things for us and it is marvelous in our sight. I

commend your passion and compassion for the good of America and for the good

of all mankind. I prayerfully touch and agree with you on the desires of your heart

that America come back to the God of our weary years and the God of our

silent tears who has brought us thus far along the way. And you know and I know

that He did not bring us this far to leave us. In fact, He never has left you and me

alone anyway. By night, by day, He's been with us all the way. He never has left

us alone. How else could we have made it otherwise? Great is the Lord and

greatly to be praise in the city of our God and in the mountains of His holiness.

By the time Aretha got up in her church lady's hat, coat and gloves and sung My Country Tis of Thee, I had taken as much as I could and the tears just rolled, sitting in the middle of my bed I felt I was in the greatest sanctuary in the world, filled with the hearts and spirits of all who wanted this country to be theirs. I cried for my parents and all who came before them and I cried for my child and grandchildren and all who will come after them. I thanked God for allowing me the opportunity to see this day and to feel this way about my country. And, blessing of all blessings, I was not alone. As the cameras scanned the crowds I saw hope and joy in the faces of so many, young and old. I sensed a renewed pride in the young black military, male and female, as they saluted their Commander in Chief. Oh, what a beautiful day.

BANKS' RESPONSE: The beauty of our rejoicing, Gwen, is that we were not

selfish with our tears. We stood proxy for loved ones who could not enjoy that

marvelous milestone because of death or other circumstances beyond their

control. Yes, it was a most beautiful day and night and what transpired had

added new hope, sunshine and energy to America. There is a strong spirit to be the

best that we can be that has been pent up in mainstream America for so long,

yearning and pressing to be unleashed. And now in Obama, we find the right

leader to trigger this release for the remaking of our great nation into the America

we were called to be by divine destiny. Let us now get up and be about our Father's

business. And His business is manifold. His is the business of building, of healing,

of loving, on helping, of cleansing, of refining and improving, of feeding and leading,

of teaching and learning, of caring and sharing. For it is in giving that we receive

good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

I did indeed cry I cried ALL day!

We elected a "King" who has NO prior experience.

We elected a man who cannot even properly repeat an oath.

We elected a man who shuns the fact that he is biracial a fact that years ago it upset many that they were considered "black" if they were of any decent of being black.

We elected a man of such arrogance that he has dinner full well knowing he is in the public eye during the current president's farewell speech.

We elected a man who appears to be in favor of Socialism.

I will continue to weep until I see evidence that this man is capable of holding the office of president.

I pray he will prove me wrong as this is on time I fear if I am correct.

BANKS' RESPONSE: My, my, my, Byron. I strongly disagree with you and

assume, by the tone of your email, that you didn't vote for him and are obviously

unhappy that he got elected anyway. At the same time, I hope you are sincere

when you say you hope he proves you wrong. What troubles me is why would you

declare him guilty until proven innocent.

Yes, I sat in a conference room with all my co-workers and the tears started rolling. I cried because I too like Barack Obama have a Caucasian mother and a black father. I have heard the stories from my family what it was like during segregation and I cry for their struggle and I cry for how far we have come. I cried when I thought about Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he would have been thinking on Inauguration Day. I cried when Aretha sang My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty....I cried because I love my country. I cried because I am grateful to live in this country where we have peaceful transfers of power. I cried because as an ex-service member I an thankful for what the people in the military do every day to ensure our freedom. It saddens me greatly to hear so many people say this was the first time they ever cared about an Inauguration Day. I cried for those people. Yes, this was a moment in history that I will forever be grateful for witnessing but we should always care about what goes on in our country.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks Erika for reading my blog and sharing your

thoughts and feelings. Now, we have our work cut out for us helping him to make

American a much, much better America than it is now and perhaps even better

than it ever has been. But you can see from the emailer before you that there are

many people who are against him and are upset he won even though he won fair

and square.

I was at work and my company decided to celebrate a few hours on The Innauguraion of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. As the ceremony began at 10am we all were getting ready to get the party started with decorations and meals ordered, we all chipped in for it. It was fun and joyous.

Soon the Joe Biden swore his responsibility as Vice President, I was smiling. I think Joe Biden has a better white shinning teeth smile than me - but I was smiling cuz I felt so great that morning. Unexpectedly as soon as Mr. Obama started to do his Oath for President, I started to shed tears. I just felt that because when I first saw him as Illinois Representatiove just before he became Senator, I felt he needed to be the next President. Yes indeed. But I was disappointed he did not have the thought to run...til months later -- when he annouced his candidacy for president I jumped for JOY! So, back to his innauguration, I recollected all my thoughts of since he started running til that day he took the Oath- it just made me cry. Like saying, "FINALLY, you are my president, Your Excellency! You made my dream come true." Because he is the man, the destiny and the reason he is on Earth, to be the Best President of the USA ever! May God help him throughly on his 1st term and second term and possibly his 3rd term. All Hail to the Chief!!

BANKS' RESPONSE: What joyous jubilation you exude, Tom. It's a great day

for America and an ideal time for real Americans to roll back our sleeves, pitch in

and help Obama remake America into the best country in the world, which is

what she should be.

Mr Banks how refreshing it is to finally see someone who is willing to look at another point of view.
And did not think I was accusing him of guilt until proven innocent .
I thought I stated that I saw no prior evidence of his talents and skills prior to taking office. And would like to be educated in what he has done as I have not had anyone answer that for me. No friends, coworkers, message board or blog that support Obama have been able to cite evidence of his experience that leads everyone to believe he can handle the presidency. I am not labeling him I am just saying I do not see what his past will bring to him as President.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Like beauty, experience, in this case, is in the eye of the

beholder. For years, whites said that blacks could not be managers of pro football,

basketball or baseball teams because they lacked the experience. And since they

refused to hire blacks for those positions, it enslaved blacks in a catch-22. There

have been U.S. Presidents who never even held any public office. Dwight D.

Eisenhower was one and he ended up being one of our very best. Two others

were Ulysses S. Grant and Zachary Taylor. When there has been institutional racial

discrimination in employment and in politics (remember that for years Blacks were

denied the vote and even were classified as three-fifths of a human being), that

prevented them from getting the necessary "experience" to get promoted into

higher positions. But as it concerns Obama, he was still the best candidate for the

job. He was the most intelligent, the less tainted, the most eloquent, the best

educated and he had the best campaign platforms. Besides, we got past that

"experience" issue early in the campaign. At least, that's what the 69,456,897

Americans who voted for him thought, compared to the 59,934,786

who voted for John McCain, 72-year-old senator who graduated near the

bottom of his Naval Academy graduating class, and that most intelligent and

charming pistol-packing Sarah Palin. By the way, McCain was often disciplined

for bad behavior at the academy before he graduated 894 out of a class of 899.

That means that McCain was ranked in the bottom less-than-one-percent of his

graduating class.

Hello Rev. Banks, I just happen to be searching online for a job and came across your collumn. Sir, you have been on my mind a few times. I always let my mind take me back to some of the good old days that we had at Fellowship. And some of those days were when you came as our special guest and would preach and tear the place up. LOL I'm a member of Fellowwhip Missionary Baptist Church and remember when you would come there. My mom, me and my family really enjoyed your ministry and think you are a pretty awesome preacher.

Yes, I also cried like a baby on the Inauguration Day! It was hard to hold a straight face at that time, hearing and seeing with my own ears and eyes our first Black President of the United States of America being sworn into office. I kept repeating, " What an Amazing God we serve"! And also thinking about the ones who struggled, suffered and died to pave the way for us today. I spoke some of their names out loud and said, Thank You so much! God is so good, and he works all things out in his timing. I pray for his blessing, his peace and his divine way of living for each one of us. I pray that his divine healing power surround you each and every day and that you get stronger. God Bless you Rev. Banks and your Family,

Your sister in Christ Jesus
Renee Johnson

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank you Renee for reading my blog and emailing

your comment. I pray that you find a good job because I firmly believe you would

be an asset to any company hiring you. Let's continue to pray one for another.

While it is a noteworthy milestone, in my view it's the status quo. We pick the lesser evil of the 2 real choices given, as like it or not, without reforms we have and will continue to have a 2 party system.

I also do wonder, would there have been this much enthusiasm and "we've arrived" sentiment if the genders and subsequent upbringing of President Obama were switched? As I am of course much younger, much of the impact is possibly lost on me, but it also seems to be a constant theme, black/white. The other ethnicity's seem to show up in our culture now as insignificant, or at best a far off blip that someone else can get to at a later date.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks Wayne for reading my blog and for emaiing your comment. I'm afraid you misread my last entry. It was not at all grounded in a "constant theme, black/white." Also, I believe you must have been joking when you wrote "the other ethnicity's seem to show up in our culture now as insignificant, or
at best a far off blip."

No tears at all. The tears I shed are for the gullible voters of this great nation who believe that a hack Cook County politician can lead this great nation.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Don't let the Blagojevic scandal condemn all public

servants in Illinois. Believe it or not, Steve, one rotten apple doesn't necessarily

mean that the whole barrel of apples is rotten. There are bad, crooked people in

every walk of life, in every state in the union and in every country in the world. But

there are really good, honest ones, too. Something tells me that you know better,


of life in every sta

No Lacy I don't know better. I am a south-sider by birth. Obama is just another Cook County bred anti-war socialist groomed in the Saul Alinsky tradition. He isn't the Messiah and I predict he will sell out Israel, allow Iran to make a nuclear bomb, and kill our economy with his income redistribution and confiscatory taxation. My prediction is that future historians will judge him a worse President than Jimmy Carter.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks for reading my blog and emailing your

comment, Steve. The future will determine how worthy a doomsayer and naysayer

you are. I prefer to hope for the best rather than predict the worst. I believe

Obama finds our nation in the worst shape it's ever for for an incoming President.

If any of us has any hope in America, and woe be us if all of us don't, then we must

rally behind Obama for the sake of revival and survival. This country is still under

the yoke of what the last administration set in motion. It's cleanup time, now. And

the best way for our nation to repair the damage that has been done and is still

being done is for us to come together. God bless you, Steve.

finds out

Hello, Rev. Banks:

I've been following your blogs and noticed you haven't penned one since 1/21...are you okay? I pray you're still fighting the good fight. Please respond to this inquiry. I'm concerned and want to hear from you. I wish you well...always.

Sis. Barbara Sanders

BANKS' RESPONSE: You're so right, Sister Sanders. Though I am not yet

really okay on all fronts, I am still fighting "the good fight" of faith, praying, trusting

and waiting on God for my total healings. Sorry for my delay. But I will post again

today. Thank you for your continued prayers. They have helped greatly to

preserve me to this point. I thank God for answering your prayers.

Did they just frikin call that Luther dude a frikin Saint

PLEEEEEAAAASSESSEE give me a frikin break

BANKS' RESPONSE: That's right, Jon. You read me loud and clear. I don't

have to wait for anybody else to confirm the sainthood of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

That is my well-studied conclusion. And, of course, you also don't need anybody's

permission to disagree with me. None of the other so-called saints in the bible

were perfect. That's not a requirement anyway. But Dr. King served, suffered and

sacrificed his life just like so many of the others. But as long as you live in

America, Jon, learn to expect and to respect other people's opinions. They don't

have to be in agreement with yours. They are entitled to theirs just as you are

entitled to yours. Also, watch your mouth, young man. This is a family newspaper.

Hi Rev. Banks,
Just wanted to check on you and see how you are feeling since you haven't written on the blog in a few weeks. It's been quite cold so I pray you have been keeping yourself wrapped up.Daddy and the Alpha Temple family are keeping you in their prayers.And we can't wait for you to come visit.Take care.God Bless.

BANKS' RESPONSE: God bless you, Marcia. Tell Pastor Leonard DeVille and

the rest of the Alpha Temple family that it is my intention to return and pay my

preaching debt real soon, God willing. Only sickness or the Return of King Jesus

will prevent me from doing that. Alpha Temple did something for me no other church

has ever done in my 56 years of preaching. When sickness kept me from

fulfilling my preaching engagement with you, you still sent me the love offering you

would have given me if I had come. So, being old-school, I am very, very, very

grateful and most mindful that I still owe you my part of the work convenant. And

I will pay my debt unless the Lord rewards us all with the rapture. By the way, I

have not been feeling so well of late. But I will post today. Thank you for your

continued prayers.

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