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Thank You Jesus!!!! And You Know Why.

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God bless you.


Praise the Lord!

Thank you Jesus!

For the first time in American history, a black man, Barack Obama, has been elected

President of the United States of America!!!

As a black boy born and raised in Mississippi in the 1940s, I never thought I'd ever

participate in and see this day come to pass.

My boyhood was haunted by fears of lynching by whites if we dared try to vote or

cross the segregation lines and signs to eat, drink, sit, stand, study, buy, dress, sleep,

pray, play, work or live in places restricted "For White Only."

I was born in a house across the cotton field in Lyon, Miss., a small delta town north

of Clarksdale, 70 miles south of Memphis off highway 61. We received our mail at the

post office a half mile away. I attended school in a two-room wooden building where one

teacher taught four grades in each room.

The school had no plumbing, no gas and no electricity. Each room was heated by

a pot-bellied stove in the middle of the room and it was the job of the biggest and

strongest boys in the school to chop the wood and fuel the stoves. Our toilet was a

wooden co-ed outhouse that housed a wooden bench with a hole cut in the middle of the

seat. If the line and the wait were too long, one could relieve himself in the cotton field

that surrounded the school. But that wasn't too bad because when you would squat in the

middle of a row, you had organic toilet tissue on both sides of you in the form of plush

bolls of cotton.

I lived just 15 miles fron where Emmitt Till was lynched allegedly for giving a wolf

whistle to a white woman he saw passing by. The Ku Klux Klan ruled with violence and

fear and white men, in general, occasionally killed blacks for sport.

My mother, Sarah Lorraine Banks, helped my preaching father, Rev. A. D. Banks,

keep food on the table by washing and ironing clothes for white people. The happiest

day in my life previously was the day my father moved us from Lyon to Kansas

City, Kan., a year after my mother died. And the first time I ever went to an integrated

school was when I graduated from the racially segregated, but immensely outstanding,

Sumner High School in KCK, to attend the University of Kansas.

While living in KCK, and attending KU, I participated in many civil rights

demonstrations, including the 1963 March on Washington led by St. Dr. Martin Luther

King, Jr. I once staged a one-man picketing out front of the KU administration building

as a student protesting the racism of white fraternities and sororities. At KU, I was the

first black president of the KU-Y, the school's largest student organization and I was the

only black to help represent the U.S. YMCAs in the 1964 International Workshop

Seminar in Omuta, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

But I never thought America would progress socially and politically fast enough and

well enough for a black man to become U.S. President.

My wife, Joyce, my daughters Nicole, Noelle and Natasha, my sisters Lue Kuicious

Brown and Verynca Williams, and my brothers Rev. Jimmie Lee and Rev. Ephthallia

Banks and I all voted early to avoid the voting-day mobs.

We prayed, prayed, prayed and voted and God answered our prayers. Obama has

been elected U.S. President.

But perhaps the only thing greater than my joy of a black man being elected

President is the fact that he, by far, is the best candidate and the best chance for our

country to receive the leadership it needs to rescue us from the awful, terrible plague

of problems brought on by eight years of disastrous leadership by Republican President

George Bush.

I served as one of few black officers in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and

I integrated such previously all-white newspapers such as the Kansas City Star, the

Indianapolis News, the Indianapolis Star and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Now let's not expect too much too soon. Too much wrong has been done to our

nation by the Bush administration and their wealthy cohorts that it will take far more than

Obama to get this country and this planet back on the right track. It's going to take a

radical revision of leadership in the highest levels of government, business, religion,

education and environmental management for this country to be revived and saved.

Too many people have lost their homes, their jobs, their health insurance, their

pension, their savings, their hope and their happiness for just a new President to change

too much too soon.

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He's half white by the way!

BANKS' RESPONSE: That's the beauty of America. Isn't it? I am part white,

too. And how many whites are part black and won't dare admit it? And yet, the rabid

racists in Mississippi for a long time contended that one drop of Negro blood was

enough to make a black out of the blondest, the whitest and the bluest-eyed

caucasians. But what matters most is that he is an American coming to the rescue

of our troubled country, working to bring all Americans together to work for the

common good perhaps unlike ever before in human history.

My parents were both raised in shacks and picked cotton as children and young adults. They attended one room schools with one teacher for all grades and neither of them graduated high school. My father proudly served in the Navy during WWII and my mother worked in the defense industry helping the war effort. They have worked hard and struggled for all they have. The life they created for themselves was because they decided they could. They faced hardships due to lack of education and financial status. My parents are white and have never been rich; however, they have never allowed themselves to be deterred by lack of education, their upbringing or lack of riches. They have lived productive lives based on their values and their determination to overcome the hand that was dealt them.

I am sorry African Americans have faced great adversity in this nation and around the world. However, many African Americans have done just as my parents and have not allowed the world around them to deter them from their mission. Those who can’t seem to get past the color barriers or their circumstances are the ones who always want someone else to give them something. I have great respect for African Americans like Thomas Sowell. He is a real hero for African Americans.

Our nation is troubled not because of George Bush. Our troubles go to the core of our values regarding family, life and spiritual issues. This country is in a financial mess because of greed in the Washington establishment, i.e., Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are just two examples. It was more important to sell an unqualified borrower a bill of goods than to teach that borrower how to live within his/her means. It was more important to give false hopes to those who want the American dream than to teach them how to work, save and earn the American dream just as my parents, and I have had to do. Blame George Bush all you want; however, look inside your own culture and tell me honestly if responsibility, living within your means, earning what you get and not expecting a handout is being lived and taught. I will tell you that whites and blacks together have gotten away from basic principles of responsibility and that is why we have a financial meltdown. But, of course, those who want to get more from the government will always blame anyone who is in charge and right now George Bush is the target.

Isn’t it time for African Americans to stop looking back and start looking forward, take responsibility for themselves and stop expecting the government or some other group to give them something?

And what happens when Barack Obama doesn’t deliver? What will African Americans do then? Who will they blame?

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks for reading my blog and for emaling a comment.

You start the comment by showing that individuals, if they apply themselves, may

excell and prevail in spite of negative circumstances. You present your parents as

exceptions and I commend them for their breakthrough. But you end the comment

generalizing about "African Americans" looking back instead of forward. I submit

that there are people in every race under the sun who are guilty of looking back

and enslaving themselves to past failures and problems. But I will not generalize

to suggest that a whole race of people is guilty of looking back, not that there's

anything wrong with looking back. We have to look back at least to get our bearings

and to measure our progress. Obama himself is an excellent example of a black

man who rose above and far beyond childhood poverty, despair and chaos. Now,

as President of all citizens of the United States of America, he will be charged with

producing for us all, not just for blacks, And if he should make the same mistakes

that Bush did, he should suffer the same consequences.

Excuse me. As a follower of Jesus, and the Christian God, we are only one race. Lots of DNA allows us many variations. For me, the bottom line, after all the other issues are weighed, is abortion, as to a testament of one's charactor and honesty. "I knew you before I knit you in your mother's womb"...says God.
Convenient killing of a baby in it's earliest forms of life, which by the way, is a creation of God, just doesn't seem to fit with the Christian God. You referenced Jesus, unless you mean another Jesus. Obama allows murder of innocent children in our throwaway civilization. Maybe if he was the Christian he claims to be, and voiced outrage at this horrible practice and backed it up with his voting record, I would have considered him an option to lead. But he is a liar and a hypocrite of the worst order. We will pray for him.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks for reading my blog and for commenting

Charley. I respect your right to your opinion and your interpretation of Christian

doctrine even though I may disagree with them. Thank goodness that we Christians

operate under the dispensation of grace rather than the dispensation of law, which

no mortal was able to obey to the letter. That's why Jesus had to come and be

the sin offering for all of us who would repent of our sins, have faith in Him and

confess Him as Lord and Savior. Let us be merciful to those of a different faith or

a different interpretation of doctrine just as we would want them to be merciful to

us for disagreeing with them. And while you're praying, please pray for all of us

who are trying our best to obey Jesus' one comprehensive commandment on

which all the laws of the prophets hang: Love the Lord with all thy heart and thy

neighbor as thyself. He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love.

Bless you Rev,

What a joy this is! I am humbled to no words. I never thought I would see this happen. I thought that America would never allow a black man to be President. God felt differently. I didn't see all of the struggles that you have but I have seen and experienced enough to know that we have not been dealt a fair hand. So now our time has arrived. Not just our time.....America's time because as President Obama said last night....."to those of you who did not vote for me, I will be your President too." I think that all people of color can stand a little taller today. I think all of us have more hope for our futures and the future of our country. And as far as him being part white.....I think if we all look back far enough in our blood line we will find some'white blood' They made the one drop rule, we were forced to follow it.
Hope you are feeling well these days. Prayers are still going up for you.

Be Blessed.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Donna, you are so right. So let's all claim some of

Obama--whites, blacks, mulattos, orientals, Africans, etc. What a real American

President for a change. Amalgamation is who he is and amalgamate is what he

will try his best to do. And if America is to be saved, it will take all of all joining

Obama and working together. Rulership of the rich and powerful has only served

to divide people and play race again race, religion against religion, age against

age, pay grade against pay grade, family pedigree against family pedigree. So

why not spread the wealth, spread the health, spread the access to life, liberty and

the pursuit of happiness to as many people as possible. The problem with our bad

economy is that more and more money has become concentrated in fewer and

fewer hands, widening the chasm between the rich minority and the growing poor

majority. Therefore, you and I have less money to make it from day to day and

from paid bill to paid bill. Unfortunately, it's against human nature for the rich to

voluntarily trickle their wealth down to the common man. They tend to hold and

scold. Once again, we are in total agreement, Donna.

"Too much wrong has been done to our

nation by the Bush administration and their wealthy cohorts that it will take far more than

Obama to get this country and this planet back on the right track. It's going to take a

radical revision of leadership in the highest levels of government, business, religion,

education and environmental management for this country to be revived and saved.

Too many people have lost their homes, their jobs, their health insurance, their

pension, their savings, their hope and their happiness for just a new President to change

too much too soon." So you are saying is that Obama will create all this change, but if he somehow doesn't create change then it is still the Republicans fault? Obama promised change and if that doesn't happen it is no one's fault but his. Stop playing the blame game; trashing Bush is old. Find some solutions for America's sake.

BANKS' RESPONSE: What I'm saying Gabriel is that regardless of who

would have succeeded Bush, he would be facing with a cleanup job that will take

time, lots of time, to get the job done. All the more reason for the Democrats to

get a chance again since we've had Republican misleadership for eight years. But

it's going to take Republicans working with Democrats, whites working with blacks,

old working with young, protestants working with Catholics, atheists working with

god-fearing people.....all of us working together under new leadership. Moreover,

President-elect Barack Obama will be the President of us all and charged with

the welfare of us all. Just because he is a black President will not make him the

President of the blacks. Rather, he will be serving the best interests of ALL


I must start with a couple of caveats. First, I am a Baptist Sunday school teacher, so while I have a different perspective in some ways than you, we are first and foremost brothers in Christ. Second, I am not an African-American. I do not and cannot possible understand your or your parents/grandparents struggles. I cannot possibly imagine the struggles, persecution, unfairness and injustice that almost unamiginably has been done to African-Americans in the freest country in the history of man (and not that long ago). So with that perspective, here is why I struggle with your comments. To begin with, I really struggle with "God ordained leaders" or presidential candidates, regardless of their religious beliefs. God is not so small as to need a Christian in office to accomplish his will. At the same time, as a Christian I try to vote for the person in my heart that best embodies the ideals and beliefs I hold, the biggest part of which is from God's Word. I would not possible take you to task for voting for Obama, whatever the reasons for doing so. While I tend to vote Republican, I do not think it is somehow un-Christian to vote otherwise (and along with that, I don't think abortion is the only morality issue to be considered by a Christian attempting to discern who to vote for). But what I struggle with is your apparent implication in your article that you voted for Obama, and prayed for him to be elected, because he is an African-American, and because of the struggles of African-Americans, and for what it would do for the African-American community. With my obvious caveats above, I struggle as a Christian with that thought process. Just as I struggle with any preacher who would tell me who to vote for, or what issues are most important, I just don't understand as a Christian the mentality of praying for and voting for a candidate because of his race, however unjust the past treatment of that race undeniably is. I may very well have no right to enter into the discussion as a non-African-American (I mean that seriously, not sarcastically), and am not criticizing or judging you for doing it, I just don't understand the thought process. Your Brother in Christ.

BANKS' RESPONSE: God bless you, Mike, for the reading my blog and for

addressing me with tenderness of heart. One big beautiful part of Obama's

election is this very dialogue that it is stirring. We don't have to agree to talk to

each other about our disagreements. But we do have to love each other and be

willing to listen to and respect each other's difference of opinion. That is what

America is all about. Freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Equality

of opportunity and respect. America, in short, is the sublime, organic university of

diversity. Even we Christians can, and do, have differences. But our common

denominator should always be love--love for our God, love for each other and love

for life, peace, joy and human dignity.

Thank you Jesus? The guy is pro-abortion, and we're thanking Jesus? Wow

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank you for reading my blog and posting a comment.

Wait, Obama is pro-choice. Not necessarily pro-abortion. He feels a woman has a

right to exercise a choice in terms of her body and pregnancy and whether to follow

through or not follow through on a pregnancy for whatever reason. I'm not a woman

and I'm not going make a choice for her that applies to every situation. This is not

to say that I totally subscribe to situation ethics either. But in terms of raw morality,

nobody, I repeat, NOBODY is perfect in everything. If Obama's stand on abortion

is wrong, I'm sure it's one of many wrongs. At the same time, I firmly believe that

his pluses outnumber his minuses. His rights far outnumber his wrongs. And in the

eyes of God, no sin is bigger than any other. Sin is sin. There are no perfect

Presidents. And this includes Presidents who oppose abortion. Some people who

oppose abortion also favor racial discrimination against blacks and Jews and gays.

Or maybe they lie. Or maybe they steal. Or maybe they lust. Of maybe they

blaspheme. I believe that Obama was elected mostly because he is the best

candidate and our best chance for real change in the way the Bush

has been handling things. John McCain was 90 percent in favor of everything Bush

did. He just couldn't convince us that he had changed himself totally on the fly. Then

he made matters worse by setting up America to have Sarah Palin for President in

case something were to happen to him. All of us people with weak hearts would

find this predicament worse for our health.

Dear Reverend,
We await the realization of a dream that has been promised to us but that we still have failed to see. Barack Obama is not being praised as an extraordinary leader, he is being hailed as a black leader. We know that within Christian doctrine, skin color has no place. Galatians 3:28 is clear! I have 3 adopted brothers, 1 adopted sister and two biological brothers and we have different skin colors but we are all part of the same family. I do believe that the church has done a disservice to America when we have dared to treat anyone differently in any way on the basis of their skin color. My father was a Baptist minister who was under armed guard in Mississippi in the early 70's because of death threats he received when he preached that interracial marriage was fine and that God cursed Miriam with leprosy when she mocked it.
I voted against Barack Obama because of abortion. If he and McCain switched positions on that issue I would have absolutely voted for Obama without hesitation. Abortion has claimed more black lives in America than any other race. It is a tragedy that is not surprising given the inception of Planned Parenthood was by a eugenicist Margaret Sanger who believed that blacks were inferior. I pray that God will bring repentance on this nation before he brings judgment.
When you blame Bush for people losing their pension, can you respond specifically with an explanation? Is it a weak dollar? Do you blame Bush for CRA? Do you blame him for Fannie and Freddie? Are you aware of the role that Barney Frank played? I think it is evil and disgusting that many of my friends are more upset that Obama may raise the tax rate than they are about abortion, but that is just revealing their heart.
I think you and I both have a heart to help heal the broken and lift the impoverished to a better situation, but we probably disagree on the means. I have worked with governmental programs and private programs and I find that private programs are not just more efficient, they are more effective. I think God has given me an obligation to help my brothers and sisters in need, but I think my government has no such obligation laid out anywhere, and when we abdicate our job to the state, God is not pleased. Do you think the love of Jesus is able to be seen in a welfare check or would it be more effective if help and training and child care was given by the church?
Please understand why abortion is different from other sins of policy! If a human life is being taken then abortion is having an impact of death and destruction that annually means 3 times as many black babies are dying in America as American soldiers died during Vietnam...millions of little girls are being killed every year in China. We all have failings, but this one causes the death of innocent human beings.
I thank God for your heart, and I mourn for the lack of real dialogue regarding the issues that I believe we both care so much about. I pray for wisdom for Barack and I pray that God will show him the value of the life of the unborn. I also pray that we will reach a day very soon when someone will not be a great "black" coach or a great "black" politician, but just great. The church should lead the way in celebrating barriers falling, but we should lead the way towards an emphatic recognition that within the family of God, skin color is not a consideration for one minute.
Your brother,

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thank you Clayton for reading my blog and emailing

your eloquent comment. Something tells me that Obama is neither the first nor the

last Presidential candidate who is pro-choice. And while that was the one reason

you did not vote for him, the one reason for others was that he is black, is

Democrat, is not anti-gay, is not pro-war, wants to spread America's wealth to

help rescue those who have been financially devastated by evil in high places. As

for Bush, he get credit and blame for the things that happened on his watch,

especially things he personally triggered, such as the war against Iraq for false

reasons. The Great Depression, the savings and loans scandal and the collapse

of Wall Street all happened under Republican rule. More people lost their homes

to foreclosure under Bush than under any other Prez. The same for the great

volume of jobs that wealthy American businessmen shipped overseas to take

advantage of cheap labor. The same for the epidemic of corruption among

corporate CEOs. Dare we think he was utterly paralyzed to do anything to prevent

these great crimes against innocent American workers and investors?

Rev Banks,I loved reading your blog. I am an Indian from Delhi and am overjoyed at the victory of Obama. You have paid sufficient attention in the blog to note that Obama was elected for his character and not for his color. I appreciate this very much. A couple of decades ago, an African-American with character would have been shunted and tortured which is not the case now. You have driven this point home beautifully with your personal sharing. Thank you.
Yes, abortion is not the only issue on which a presidential candidate has to be assessed. I have often felt, if and if only, our Christian efforts were geared towards eliminating poverty, injustice and discrimination, the world today would have been a far better place to live for millions of human beings in the US and around the world. For decades, nay centuries, Christian teachings and doctrines have overemphasized sexual and moral ethics at the cost of economic and social ethics. Some balancing act is long overdue.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Melville, how marvelously our minds mend. Thanks for

reading my blog and emaling your comment. We Christians have not always done

things the right way. Some of history's worst crimes have been committed in the

name of Christianity. And many greedy, corrupt, evil governments have used

Christianity to set up people for slavery, exploitation and even death. That's why

not everybody who cries "Lord! Lord!" shall enter into the kingdom of God. And

you are right to focus on the evils of poverty, ignorance and immorality that give

ruse to unwanted and irresponsible pregnancies.

Dear Reverend Banks,

I am a white, non-practising Jewish guy in the UK. I avidly follow politics here and across the pond. Eight years ago I steamed and simmered with rage at the blatant theft of an election, telling all who would listen that the world had taken a terrible change for the worse. So it seems to have proved.
Obama, when he exploded onto the wider political scene, promised change on a scale I could barely dare to believe would ever come to pass. It delights me that the citizens of the USA have been able to transcend the divisions of old and might permit us all to one day soon "...join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"
To the white folks whose narrow views, whose fears and prejudices and intolerance never cease to shock and embarass me - as a human being - know that all of us, wherever we may be now, whatever the pigmentation of our skin are descended from Black Africans. To the Christians that worship a white - Jewish - God, know that he was as semitic as the Arabs you loathe. The degree of stupidity, shared by bigots anywhere, at any time, is testament only to their ignorance.
The most poignant programme I saw, highlighting these truths, was on British TV some time back. British scientists took four men from the streets of their University town - a white man, a black man, a Pakistani man and a Korean man. The scientists tested their DNA to determine how closely related they were and, when the results were in, sat them down together in that order from left to right.
To the white man they said, "This black man, to your left, and yourself share a common ancestor." Both men were shocked. Smiling a little uncomfortably, they listened as the scienttists went on, "Four hundred years ago, you share a common ancestor."
Turning to the Pakistani man, they said, "You sir, share with these two men a common ancestor who lived a thousand years ago." The three men looked at each other and then to the Korean man, to whom the scientists said, "And sir, five thousand years ago, someone walked this earth from whom all four of you are descended."
We are all, as can be proved with DNA analysis, descended from one woman - known as "Mitochondrial Eve" - who lived somewhere in East Africa many thousands of years ago. To the racists who cannot see the truth of this, I suspect the notion of insulting their family would impinge greatly upon their "value" system, and yet with every foul utterance of hatred and discrimination so they do.
We are all brothers and sisters. We face, together, opportunity and disaster in near equal measure. It is upon this generation to secure the future of humanity and of all the life upon this planet. As time slips away, will we stand and permit the narrow-minded squabbling of family members to distract us from ensuring that there is a world for our children's children to inherit?
The election of Barak Obama is a step towards a union of ideals and an aversion of catastrophe, towards reconciliation and dialogue between nations and neighbours. I salute the voters who gave of their time to effect the seismic shift that - all being well - will engender an enlightenment for all humanity at a time when it is sorely needed.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks, Austin, for reading my blog and emailing a

comment. Many others joined you and me in foreseeing the damage when Bush,

with the aid of Floridian thieves, stole the 2000 Presidential election. Now, on his

way out of office, Bush and his boys have robbed the U.S. treasury of $700

billion to give to wealthy bankers as a reward for their gross mismanagement of

their businesses. Major corporations are lining up to receive subsidies that would

be better served if they were given to the millions of Americans who have lost their

homes to foreclosures, lost their jobs to layoffs, lost their health insurance and also

deservedly lost hope in the system they had served so loyally. I agree with you

about the evils of racism and that America's election of Barack Obama as its first

black President proves there is still a lot of basic good left in our nation. For the sake

of our world, more than for the sake of our nation, people of all races and walks of

life must work to live and love together better than ever before if our planet is to be

saved. Let us all be up and about our heavenly Father's business.

I'm not sure where to begin here. I'd like to point out that many nationalities have been oppressed and killed by the "white man". My ancestors, the Irish, were hated more than those of color at one time, the Native American, were enslaved and were near being eliminated through genocide and loss of land and means of survival. My parents and their parents, being from the south, have gone to school in a one room school house, chopped and picked cotton, and while there may not have been lynch mobs, they were often looked down upon and discriminated against. But, instead of looking back on how hard we've had it, I'd like to point out that our new president was elected by voters of all colors, which to me demonstrates not the progress of African Americans, but, the progress of Americans. God Bless America.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Brenda, I am so thankful for the way so many

Americans of divers races, religions and political persuasions let the Lord use them

to cast prejudice aside and elect Obama. In these looming times of great turmoil

and terror, this may turn out to be America's finest hour if we team together behind

Obama for our country's common good.

How are you today? Getting along fabulously, I hope! In my 63 years I have seen some wonders, i.e., man on the moon, color tvs, and the like. Never did I ever think I would experience the election of an African-American to the highest office in the land. I think it is time for those who are so concerned about his color to pay closer attention to what is happening in this world. We have recently experienced leadership from one who is limited misled the nation as he was misled and we may never know if he knew it or not. Sen. McCain lost the election because the American people see what a lack of intelligence causes and he (who brags of his low school performance) and his running partner (more of the same) offered a deeper hole. Their daily insults of President Elect Obama were insults to the American people and they knew it. They counted on the public agreeing with them. Many did, but not enough. Surely some voted for Obama because he was black, but I am sure most voted for him because he does not represent himself as a clown, is intellectually curious, is a thinker, and wants to do what is right. He will be everyone's president, who happens to be black.

BANKS' RESPONSE: All we have to do is remember that a so-called,

culturally rich nation like Germany once allowed itself to be led by a mad man like

Adolf Hitler to realize how America could also allow its least intelligent people to

to become its top leaders. To have elected the far less qualified tandem of John

McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama and Joe Biden would have been

extremely devastating to our nation.

I am thankful for the things President Bush did for us on his watch. Since 9/11 there have been other attempts to attack America.He went into Iraq with the same information we were all gien. I do not believe he lied. Only history will credit him for the vigilance he demonstrated to keep us safe. He signed in the law to outlaw the heanous act of partial birth abortion, something President Clinton vetoed twice. He instituted the No Child Left Behind that only now is raising the scores of children who were being passed by. He has been disrespected in a way that no president should have been and still shown grace and humility. He is a servant in many respects.

I will not go into details about the mortgage crisis. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae contributed heavily to campaigns on both sides for their benefit. That our economy held on so long after 9/11 is amazing. As a realtor I watched the market inflate and enlarge since 1998, knowing this was going to happen. We all did. I think we just closed our eyes and hoped it wouldn't.

There are things President Bush did that I disagreed with. But I will not disrespect him in my disagreement, nor will I with the things I may disagree with when President-elect Obama takes office. I will campaign, write and pray that infantacide will not be allowed, that my tax dollars will not pay for abortions, or that doctors will not be forced to do them or anything else against their personal religous beliefs.

I pray for my president and our leaders every day. I will continue to do so. You couldn't pay me enough for that job.

BANKS' RESPONSE: I have yet to hear anybody say that President Bush

did nothing but evil. Sure, there are some good things that happened under his

leadership. But his negatives far outnumber his positives.


Your articles are an inspiration to all us healthy people that are not living and loving life to your level. We get caught up in the stress and minor issues of the day. My prayers are with you and your positive attitude gives me a boost everytime I read your articles. You were the first "Barack" of black sports journalism.

All the best,

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks, George, for reading my blog and emailing your

kind comment. I pray that all is well with your family and you.

I will some day hope to see the black community finally come to their senses and vote for a politician who does not treat them as if they were stupid. The democrats have long led this community by the nose taking every vote and every bit of support for granted. Why would they do this? The black community lets them do it. Has the South side of Chicago become any safer since Trinity moved in some 25 years ago? Has teenage pregnancy decreased? Have the drug dealers moved out? Have they stopped killing children? The answer is no. Barack Obama used the black community just as all the Democrats in the past have done. He stepped on the backs of the community members on his way up the ladder. Trust me, the black community will be just a sight in the rearview mirror when he puts his cabinet together and pays off the Chicago Democrats for getting out the vote. But will the lives of the black community be better? Well, has it gotten better in the last 2 years since he went to Washington? Think for yourself and vote your intellect not your heart.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks, Diane, for reading my blog and for emailing

your comment. While there have been many disappointments by politicians who

abused and betrayed the trust of people who voted them into office, I have not lost

faith in the system. That's why I have continued to vote along with millions of

others. That's also how and why Obama has been elected as our next President.

No President has ever been perfect and I don't expect Obama to be perfect. What

I do expect is for Obama to be much, much better despite the tremendous problems

he is inheriting and must strive to solve. It is sad that his early energy and efforts

will be training on righting the gross wrongs of his predecessor--wrongs that have

our economy, among other things, in the worst shape it's been in decades. More

than 200,000 Americans are said to have lost their jobs in October, millions of

homeowners have lost their homes, more than 40 million are without health

insurance and Obama won't actually take office until next year. I do not welcome

your pessimism about Obama at all. It's like you're declaring him guilty until he

is proven innocent. Please don't curse him with distrust that Bush had earned.

Judge Obama on what he does. And the first thing he will have to do is try to

correct a lot of wrongs that occured under Bush, if they indeed can be corrected.
still won't take office until next year.

I am truly troubled by the view of Mr Obama as a savior to America. He is a man, not a deity, and I fear that many expect too much from him. What will happen when he fails to deliver? He can not raise people from the dead, nor can he make the government able to solve all people's problems, social or otherwise. Just as he could not fix the problems of the neighborhoods he "organized", he will not be able to materially address all or even most of the problems of this nation. I only hope that he will face the Presidency on his knees with reverence to the only one who can fix this nation (God), like many of his predecessors, who doubtlessly came to the conclusion that they too could not "fix" the nation.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Kathryn, you are so, so right. Thank you for reading my

blog and for offering such an outstanding comment based on an obviously thorough

analysis of the situation. Yes, I agree that there are many of us who may be

expecting too much too soon from one man. Much of the reason for this is dire

desperation by a nation starving for new leadership with integrity, vision, genuine

passion for people and positive purpose. The fact that Obama came up from the

people qualifies him beautifully for these challenges. He came out of a single-parent

household from a woman who had to go on welfare and solicit food stamps to keep

food on the table. So he knew hunger. He knew shame. He worked with common

people thrown out of work and into the streets, poor, hungry, angry and desperate.

i don't know if there has been any other President to come from root so common,

so threadbare and hardscrabble. But, you are right. As gifted as he is, he still is

able to only do so much, He can not change water into wine or feed 5,000 with

two fish and five barley biscuits. Even as we speak, hardships continue to be

heaped on countless Americans. More than 200,000 Americans lost their jobs in

October. More than 2.1 million have lost their jobs so far this year. And Obama

still won't take office until next year. So the bad leadership of Bush and his boys

continue to cause more and more damage, much of it irreparable, to countless

Americans. Yes, in the beginning, the in-between and the end, he will need to be on

lose intimate, speaking terms with Jesus. He must have his hands in God's hand.

He's going to need heavenly help from the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to get

these problems solved. But most of all, we will need to have faith in the same God

to get the relief we seek and sorely need.

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