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JOB! JOBS! JOBS! America's heart is weak for lack of JOBS!

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God bless you.

One thing I have gotten from my seven-month fight against brain cancer, prostate

cancer and end-stage congestive heart failure is a weakened and much more sensitive


It pains me deeply to see others suffer.

It hurts me horribly to see greed in the highest places destroying our nation's

economy and wreaking untold havoc and suffering on the masses robbing them at the

gas pumps and stealing from their retirement and pensions funds and setting in motion a

lethal chain of events costing people their jobs, their homes, their savings, their medical

insurance, their hope and their peace of mind.

When I was younger and healthier, I was just as sensitive. I would hurt when I saw

other get hurt. But my heart was stronger then. I could endure it then and the tears I'd

be moved to shed were more affordable to the rest of my young nervous system.

But the deadly state of affairs reflected in our nation's critically sick economy

really tears me up. Then there are also individual tragedies like the firing of people I meet

and find to be good people to work with. My latest pain came Thursday when I was at

the Bears training camp doing interviews and I learned that the Blackhawks, a team a

co-cover, fired Hall of Fame coach and favorite-son alumnus Denis Savard for a

1-2-1 start. Perhaps, it may prove to be a good decision later if he successor does

a better job quickly. But Savy still got a raw deal.

Would a 4-0 or a 3-0-1 start or a 3-1 start have saved him? Was the die cast long

before hand? Were there powers upstairs hoping he'd get off to a slow start so that they

could fire him quickly before he got a chance to really show what he could do? I simply

think that, on the basis of his overall progress and promise, and on the basics of the

loyalty he had shown to the organization and the honors he had brought it in the past,

he deserved and had earned a better chance of at least 10 or 20 games before

chopping off his head.

I called Denis and thanked him for being himself--a good coach and a

kind human being. You see, I've worked with some mighty mean people in my

36-career of covering sports for the Sun-Times. I have worked with some of the most

evil blessed people on the face of the earth. I'm talking about athletes, coaches and

general managers who have been blessed with good health, great talent and super

opportunities to enjoy tremendous fame and fortune. And yet many of these people

turned out to be the most hateful, ungrateful, disrespectful, mean and arrogant people

for no good reason whatsoever.

When I first started covering the Bulls for the Sun-Times in 1972, Dick Motta had

his security guard to kick me out of the locker room because I asked him for a response

to fans who feel his penchant for technical fouls was hurting the team. I remember at

that time when Bob Greene and Tom Fitzpatrick, two superstar Sun-Times writers, came

to my defense. Later Motta would coach elsewhere and we were able to enjoy a better

working relationshp.

Since then, I've had other coaches to curse me, lie to me and lie about me simply

because they disagreed with what I wrote and could not intimidate and manipulate me.

But the roll call of good coaches who, in my opinion, got raw deals grows longer and

longer, sadder and sadder. Some were able to rebound elsewhere and do well. These

include the NBA likes of Jerry Sloan, Doug Collins, Phil Jackson, Lenny Wilkens, Rick

Carlisle, Mike Fratello and Byron Scott. Other good coaches like Ray Scott, Quinn

Buckner, Dick Versace, Dave Sarachan (soccer) and Willy Roy (soccer) have not been

allowed to rebound.

Now, bad firings and trades in pro sports are not all that tragic because of the

exorbitant salaries those players, coaches and GMs earn. But the real tragedy is what

had happened to America's job market as a whole. Wall Street has greedily and criminally

mismanaged much of our country's economy into massive financial ruin and the

fallout and collateral damages are catastrophic and pestilential.

Our nation's biggest financial institutions, headed supposedly by America's

finest financial minds, have behaved wantonly and destructively to the misfortune of

millions and millions of Americans. Not only has our government allowed and helped

wealthy businesses to outsource millions of previously American jobs to cheap foreign

labor. The crooked CEOs of those businesses have pockets tax breaks and stolen the

401K and other retirement and pension savings of the employees they're thrown out of


Now, we are witnessing the planet's biggest bank robbery ever in the $700

billion bailout that is designed to help the rich first and the poor possibly and probabaly

never. The agony and anguish from this magnitude of evil is too much for even an

healthy heart to bear. And, trust me, because things are being handled this way, things

are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

It is seldom the nature of greedy people at the top to willingly and voluntarily allow

their wealth to trickle down to the middle class and to the poor at the bottom except by

force from law or labor unions. That history has repeated itself again and again, often

resulting in bloody revolutions where the suffering masses become so enraged they

retaliate with tumultuous violence.

What America needs is not the bailing out of the rich and greedy, but the return of

jobs to the poor and the needy. Give the people jobs, not handouts, and they will be able

to make the money they need to spend on food, clothes, houses, cars, other merchandise

as well as health insurance, health care and commercial services. What we have now is

a growing population of unemployed, uninsured American consumers buying foreign

products on credit while they are already deep, deep in debt.

Anybody with a heart, a real human, caring, sharing heart, has to hurt at the sight

of such blight. And as I continue to undergo the healing of my physical heart, I pray

more desperately for the healing of America's spiritual and economic heart. But the

disease is so advanced and pervasive that what America really needs is a heart

transplant of new leadership, fresh, honest leadership, whose competence is surpassed

only by it compassion.

God bless you.

not been so lucky.

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God bless you Mr. Banks, and thank God for the internet so I can read your articles in St. Louis.
May I suggest drinking Artimisinin tea with D-ribose sugar in it several times a day, as well as eating several Delicious apples every day with the skins for the amazing pectin? My father-in-law beat the big C several times since 1982, and he's still going strong up there in Chicago. His big cure came from interferon injections a couple of times a week for over a year.
I don't want to get your blood pressure up, but Americans should demand an open book on every default in the bailout, using the Freedom of Information Act. In particular, I remember reading last spring that the RNC was defaulting on a $22.9 million dollar loan at Wachovia. I wonder how many other banks they took down? That's how they can afford all of the negative commercials.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Apples! Apples! Apples! I love apples, Mary. I eat Fuji,

Washington Delicious, Johnegold, honeycrisp, McIntosh, Gala and so many, many

more. Apple pie and apple cobbler are also my favorites. And apple cider?

Hmmmm, good. I agree with you about the accountability of every penny given

to the robber barons who are responsible for this mess in the first place. That $700

billion was given to the wrong people. It was a way of rewarding the filthy rich

for their greed, their averice and gross mismanagement. That $700 billion should

have been given to the American working men and women to help them buy their

houses out of foreclosure, to held off new foreclosures and to just enabled

Americans to buy merchandise and stimulate the economy. Spread that money

around. Don't concentrate it in the hands of a greedy, stingy few.

that message was lucid and authentic. i agree heavily and believe we need a severe turnaround. a revolution is greatly needed. if we were to revolt there are more poor people than rich...

BANKS' RESPONSE: In days of yore, these conditions gave rise to

revolutions with the poor people storming the mansions and estates of the rich.

Trickle-down economics is is tricky-slicky pickpocketing. It has never been the habit

of the wealthy to willingly share wealth. Once they get it, they not only keep it, but

they want more and more and more and appreciate what they have less and less

and less.

lacy thank you for all the years. i have been reading you since high school ( early 80s). i think you are so right i myself for years have wondered how some people sleep at night knowing what their actions are doing to other people. thank you for your insight.

BANKS' RESPONSE: My wife, Joyce, is still in shock over the layoffs that

occured on her job last week. Fourteen fellow workers out of a staff of 100 were

released. Sure, on one hand, Joyce was happy that she still kept her job. But she is

a sensitive person like most decent human beings. She hurts for the others who

are being hurt. She is a mother and a wife and she sympathizes with the mothers

and fathers who lose their jobs and now must have help to support their children or


bless your heart, etal. drink h20 and rest. take vitamins. get some acupuncture. call alan uretz.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Thanks for reading my blog and offering your encouraging


It is absurd to label all corporate executives as crooked because they purchase items from outside the country. It's very easy for people who have never run a real business to criticize those who have.

Globalization has been going on since before the first camel caravan crossed the Sahara. People have ALWAYS traded for items that were less expensive elsewhere.

Too, outsourced jobs account for only a fraction of the jobs that disappear each year. There phenomenon of job destruction is quite natural - and inevitable. We are innovating ourselves out of jobs. The things that used to take 10 - or 100 - people to do can now be done by one person, because of automation, computers, technology, etc..

This type of thinking would the local blacksmith making the nails we pound into our house frames with hammers instead of having them made by machine and installed by nail guns. Yes, innovation put a lot of blacksmiths out of work.

Also, markets change. For example, lot of RV manufacturing workers have lost their jobs, but that's because of fuel prices, not because their jobs were outsourced to India.

The same is true in many other industries. Look at how chain restaurants have thrived over the last 20-30 years, supplanting the mom/pop diner as the primary type of restaurant. That has nothing to do with China, it has to do with changing markets.

We are in a global economy, and no amount of whining and trying to wind back the hands of the clock is going to fix that.

What IS required, however, are innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit, and business investment. Just creating "make-work" jobs does NOTHING to fix any underlying y.problems.

BANKS' RESPONSE: I agree with most of your comments, Spank. The

Industrial Revolution and the resulting mass production of labor devices put more

people out of work. And as good the Roosevelt's New Deal was in rescuing

America from the Great Depression, the real thing that stimulated our economy

and erased the depression was World War II. It created vast new markets for the

production of cars, trucks, jeeps, boats, ships, weapons, panes, ammonition,

military clothes, food and various other supplies. We had American laborers

working over-time around the rock making products to support the war and forge


I know what you mean. My family has one breadwinner, and he is unemployed right now. HE has an MBA for a top school and can't find a job. We were transferred to Houston, then let go after 3 months of transferring here. The climate in Houston is awful. Whites HATE black people in the work force and we are black. It seems they don't like black men who have pride and are smarter than they are. We have no job. We have children and a mortgage with hardly any money. This is the second job he was laid off in the past 4 years. The other company let him go because the officers were stealing and they "reorganized," and now this.

This time it was very different. It was because of the hate in their hearts. This time I'm afraid. We are stuck in HOuston. We are running out of money and Barrack Obama may win. We will vote for him and want him to win, but do you realize how much hatred we will go through here in the south? I'm afraid.

YOu probably have no clue who I am, but Iremember you from my days at FOX. You were kind enough to help with with a project years ago. You are one of the good guys. You deserve the best and I hope you recover well and find your happiness. Just as I hope we do to.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Our streets will be filled increasingly with people

drunk with rage and looking for a scategoat. That's what happens when people

play by the rules and are loyal, productive workers, who played by the rules,

trusted the system, kept their noses cleaned, went to school to get an education

only to graduate and find those degrees as worthless as Confederate money. They

then are rightfully angry for being PLAYED by a system that now seems sinister.

But those most to blame are the rich who hoarded more money than they needed

to live comfortably.

My prayers go out to you and your family. My husband was recently diagnosed with Pancretic Cancer after a similiar situation of needing a liver transplant and in the process of evaluations they discovered the cancer - 6-12 months to live. He's only 58 - this has been so hard on us as we love each other so much. I, too, am very sad about what is happening to America but for right now I just care about today - that my husband will be given more days. God Bless you.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Dear Lord, bless Lauren and her husband according to

their needs for Your grace is sufficient to supply all of our needs according to Your

riches in glory. Please, Lord, heal her husband. Smear his cancers with the

bleeding stripes of Christ Jesus that he may be healed speedily and completely,

in Jesus' name I pray. We're waiting and depending of You, Lord. We know You

are able.

The lack of compassion for people and pain is what the american people has gradually gotten away from. I ask how did we get to this point? I am a diabetic who really struggles with the disease. This disease runs in my family and i have had it for five years now. the thing is I grew up in chicago, the henry horner projects and it was ruff. The people there was poor but they still had compassion and was happy. There are people with nothing and never had a dime but at least they didnt treat others like dirt. I think that we all need to experience something that will bring people close together aging. The only time we come together is when there is a tragic situation. I am a newly humble person i have lost two grat paying jobs,my beautiful house, and wife. Loosing those things has humbled me,because now i care and i can feel now iam not numb to alot of things and people feelings now. The lost of some things has opened me up to other feelings. I still struggle but i do understand.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Anthony, you will be shocked at how greatly our

population of the working poor is increasing more and more. It is uncalled for

and it is unfair. Yet, jobs are still the best cure for our nation's economic ills. To feed

the poor for a day is one thing. To enable them to work, earn money and feed

themselves indefinitely is abundantly better.

Very well said I must say.

BANKS' RESPONSE: God bless you for reading this blog and posting a


I'm working a new article Called Working In America! And How To Deal With it!
JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Not in America!

Now, There are a Some of Company Big or Small Using CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL
Tackies to get out of paying unemployment and getting away with it.

Company Employers try to force people to quit by mistreating people in any number of little or big ways

Now, There are a Some of Company Big or Small Using CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL
Tackies to get out of paying unemployment and get away with it.

So, Many Good Hard Working People have to pay the price of going without because of the company's greed.

The lack of compassion for people is just so common in the work place and in America ! What it all boils down to is who has the most money and how they are going get more of it

Many People Are Getting Fed UP!

What Can The Working People Do? Working People Do Have to Become Smarter about what they do when they work for a Company!

BANKS' RESPONSE: Great, Michelle. I always like to see people champion the cause of the common man. He is the real America. Indeed, he is us forever. Too many livers of the high life mutate into crude dudes with rude attitudes. They like to see other suffer because it sets them more apart and makes them look like they're doing much better than they really are. But in due season, the common man shall rise again and rule this country. And I pray that it won't take a violent way or revolution for this to happen. Obama is a true champion of the little man because he is a man truly up from the people. He came from common stock and his passion for our nation's common good is incredibly profound. The rich, ruthless racist Republicans attack him at every turn and it seems that nothing he's trying to do is any good as far as they are concerned. Their contempt is obscene and inhuman and totally un-American. They want humanity's majority to be at the mercy of their malicious minority. God save our nation and our world from such a predicament. Rich people tend to be the world's least compassionate. They start, fuel and finance great wars and send the poorest children to fight them and spill innocent blood to help their kids retain privilege and unfair favor.

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