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Lord, please forgive me for breaking down and crying Saturday morning

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God bless you.

Don't believe it when anybody tells you "a man ain't supposed to cry."

That's a lie. Real men do cry. Mean, inhuman and insensitive males may not. But

real men cry. Take me, for example. This morning (Saturday, Aug. 23), I broke down.

Yes, me, Rev. Lacy J. Banks, the strong preacher, great man of faith, Sun-Times

reporter, loving husband, father and grandfather, brave freedom fighter and resident

tough guy. I broke down. Sitting at the kitchen table, with my face looking out the window

at the tall trees dancing in sunny summer breezes and with my back facing a counter

top holding some 20 different medications and vitamins, I cried.

I cried because, for another crashing moment, I had gotten tired of being sick, being

in frequent pains, mounting medical bills and being cooped up in my house for most of

the day and night.

Tired of taking so many pills.

Tired of the frequent new pains in my lower back, my groin area and legs.

Tired of not being able to get on my treadmill consistently and work up a good sweat

with a workout that's also good for my weak heart.

Tired of waiting, perhaps most of all, on my healing to be complete.

And then the worst part of me dared to question my own God, my very rock, my

shepherd, my light, my salvation, my refuge, my strength and my very present help in

the time of trouble.

I dared to ask the question, "Oh Lord, how long? I know You're healing me. But

when will You be finished? What's taking so long? I want to be strong and pain-free

again. I want to go back to work for the paper covering and writing about the world's

strongest and healthiest human beings. I want to take my grandchildren to the park

and movies again. I want to go out with my wife more. I want to be better able to help

take care of my aging mother-in-law. I want to dance in the sunshine and run in the

rain and get back on the treadmill for hourlong runs. Oh, Lord, how long?"

Then when I realized what I was doing, I felt ashamed and even angry at myself.

I felt I had let God down, let you down and let myself down. When I started this blog

four months ago, after being diagnosed with brain cancer, prostate cancer and

end-stage congestive heart failure , I felt feisty and furious for the Kingdom of God. I

wanted to show the world through this blog that God not only would heal me, but that I

would be a perfect model of a faithful, patient, tough and courageous recipient of the


It was great encouragement when a Northwestern Hospital oncologist told me that

her extensive test results revealed that the cancerous tumor, discovered on my brain's

pituitary gland by some 100 MRI X-rays, is benign. That was one healing down and two

more to go.

Dr. Allen Anderson, UCMC cardiologist, added new medicines that relieved my

weak heart of the malfunctions resulting in shortness of breath and fatigue to the extent

that I no longer immediately needed a heart transplant.

Then on May 21, Dr. Brian Moran, renown radiations oncologist, performed

brachytherapy on me to help dissolve and destroy my prostate tumors.

But while the radioactive seeds were causing painful side effects in dissolving those

tumors, back and leg pains, that had been only occasional over the last two years, now

became more frequent and severe whenever I'd stand or walk for more than a few


So, Saturday morning, home alone, after my dear wife, Joyce, had gone out for her

usual Saturday morning chores and shopping, and I had refused her standing invitation

to join her, I suddenly found myself holding an unscheduled and most rare pity party that

moved me to tears of sadness and madness. But in the midst of the crying, I sobered up

with the knowledge that God is still blessing me, regardless of my frailty and fallibility.

And when that happened, those tears changed in midstream from being tears of

sadness and madness to tears of gladness.

Relieved, I then called a faithful friend and prayer partner of mine, Deacon Erwin

Dabney, who, along with Deacon Jimmy Coleman, has been a staunch supporter

helping me to excel and prevail in my latest health issues. Deacon Dabney is also a

prostate cancer survivor, who underwent his brachytherapy, radiation treatment and

chemotherapy in August of 2007.

When I shared news of my mounting discomforts with him, I was relieved to

discover that he was still dealing with the same symptoms, though his are less

severe now because he is taking some medicines that I can't yet take because they

conflict with my heart medications.

Obviously, my situation has always been more complex because of the weak heart.

If I only had to deal with the prostate cancer, that would have been easier. But to have to

deal with prostate cancer, brain cancer and end-stage congestive heart failure forces my

doctors to reconcile conflicts with medications. So some of my symptoms are having to

go untreated or treated with less intensity.

Then in my conversation with Deacon Dabney, I broke down in tears again. But this

time, they were tears or thanksgiving and praise. I am thankful to know first-hand that

some of my most severe symptoms are common to most of my colleagues, who are also

battling prostate cancer. Knowledge is power. Deacon Dabney's revelations greatly

relieved my anxiety. He has been where I am and is faring better as the results of his

treatment progresses.

I also got great cheer, consolation, encouragement and comfort from another

friend, who called just to check on me and assure me that God still loves me.

But even though this happened in the privacy of my home, I felt obligated to be

honest with you, who are being encouraged by me. And so, here are some confessions.

Yes, I'm strong. But these health issues have taught me that I'm not as strong as I

thought I was. I have limitations, too.

Yes, I have faith that God will completely heal me completely of each health

problem that I have. But I often am haunted by anxiety and impatience during my

weighty wait.

I'm going to try harder to do better. Occasional preaching engagements help me

to stay active, praise God for His goodness, encourage others with similar problems and

pick up new prayer partners. I'm looking forward to preachinf Sunday morning (Aug. 24)

at First Baptist Church of Melrose Park, where Pastor John Belser was among the first to

assure me his church was praying for me and offered me a standing invitation to come

preach about my latest evangelistic assignment of being healed by God.

I'm thankful. And here comes those tears again. I'm thankful that I'm still alive and

not in as much pain as others in similar situations.

I'm thankful for my wife, my children and grandchildren, my sisters and brothers in

flesh and Christian spirit.

I'm thankful for a decent job with good health insurance benefits.

I'm thankful to have access to good doctors who are accessible and helpful and who

also love and respect God.

Most of all, I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who suffered more

than any of us will ever suffer, shed His blood on calvary as a remission for our sins,

died on the cross one Friday to pay for our sins and then arose from the dead Easter

Sunday morning to assure our salvation of eternal life. So, just as Christ arose from

the dead, so shall we if the Rapture return of Jesus doesn't come first.

God bless you.

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God bless you, brother. Your testimony is enlightening and encouraging. Please know that there are many, many saints who are praying with and for you that your complete healing is soon manifested. You are a gift to the body of Christ.
Stay Blessed.

Banks' response: Thank you, Dorothy, for reading this blog and for extending

your prayers and encouragement. You, too, are not only a gift to the body of Christ,

but a gift of Christ to us.

Thank you for your testimony. You are such a blessing to me. God bless you as you preach tomorrow -- if I were in Chicago I would certainly be there to hear you. And remember, Tears are a language God understands!

Banks' response: Yes, Liz, there are prayers that eyes and heart can pray

better with tears than mouths can do with the spoken word and hands can do with

the written word. And I believe that God has special angels on the "tear" watch in

heaven. They patrol of tears in which they can read human agonies and needs

that can't be properly articulated any other way.

He knows how difficult this is for you. HE knows sometimes you will be weak. HE MADE YOU! YOU ARE HIS! Isn't it wonderful that when we fall and began to question if we keep at it we'll get around to the blessings and just can't stop praising HIM. Then the question becomes, LORD, you've given me so much, why on earth do I want more? Our cups are running over but sometimes we get numb and can't feel the spill. Your strength is in acknowledging your weakness. I cry with you and I pray for you. Please pray for me.

Banks' response: If I could embrace your tears, Gwen, I'd hug them fiercely

deep into the night. If I could bathe in them, Gwen, I'd soak in them first, then

wash with them and never bother rinsing. Just as prayers of the righteous

availeth much, so do the tears of the truly compassionate. I'd rather show my

strength any day than my weakness. And, of course, the joy of the Lord is our

strength. We show our muscles by being happy in serving and praising God. Few

things lacerate Lucifer more than a Christian's smile, especially one beamed in

the face of adversity. Looking forward to preaching at Morning Star Sept. 21.

You don't need to apologize for crying. I'm amazed by your courage and your faith.
I have never had cancer but my sister died in 2006 from lung cancer.
She was so loyal to God--very active in her church, with unwaivering faith. She always believed God would heal her even when doctors told her there was nothing else they could do.

She was in terrible pain near the end and although God did not heal her--He set her free. She may not have been mad at God but I was and still am at times. How could he take someone that served Him so well? Or why make her suffer so long? To be sure she could do so much more for God if He let her live.
I don't mean to be mad at God but I miss her so much.
On her grave marker my sister's favorite bible verse tells us not to trust our own understanding but to trust God. And that is what I
am trying to do. I know I'll see her again.
I'm sorry you are in such pain. I can't imagine not being able to go outside and walk my dogs or jog on the beach. I pray that God will comfort you and strengthen you. Thank-you for sharing your story. You are a true inspiration. Cindy

Banks' response: Thank God for you, Cindy. Thank God for your tenderness

of heart and your toughness of hope and for your concrete compassion. It's not

easy sitting by the bedside of a dying loved one who seems to get worse the more

you pray. Yes, that's the kind of stuff that can get us in trouble with Daddy because

it can give you the pain and frustration that move us to sass the Lord. We are not

our own, anyway. He didn't have to let your friend die before you. So often, God

is so good to us that we get greedy, get lulled into a sense of inherent entitlement

and have the odious audacity to feel that we deserve to keep on getting blessed

well and even better. Rest assured that God understands the idiocy the begets

anxiety and vice versa. Suffering and seeing loved one suffer can almost inflict

the same brand of insanity that vexed Job's wife when she suggested that his

bring his agony to closure and commit sanctified suicide by cursing God and

dying. "Yeah, baby, make God kill you and take you out of your misiery," she

said, in effect. "This don't make so sense, honey." Those words coming from

those lips that Job had kissed under many a midnight star shocked Job into

his angry rebuttal.

"Woman! You must be a fool!" Job rejoined. "Woman! You don't

sound like my wife......Though he slay me, yet will I serve Him......The Lord giveth,

the Lord taketh away.....all the days of my appointed time, I'm going to wait until

my change comes......(because) I know that my redeemer lives."

And so it is with me, Cindy. I know God lives. And, as my dear friend Andrae

Crouch once wrote, "because He lives, I can face the future and whatever it holds.

Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know who holds tomorrow. And life is

worth the living just because he lives."

Good Afternoon Rev.,

I was moved to tears today while reading your blog. So just like you asked God to forgive you for breaking down I am doing the same. I shed tears because you continue to bear your innermost thoughts with us. By doing so, I continue to be inspired. What I have endured through life is nothing compared to what you are dealing with. I am still encouraged. I still believe that you are going to be healed. I still know that we must go through the pain and suffering to get to the other side. Mark 9:21-23 says: Jesus asked the boy's father, "How long has he been like this?" "From childhood, he answered. It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us." "IF YOU CAN?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." This scripture has gotten me through many situations. When I start feeling sorry for myself and doubting that God is going to move, this scripture comes to me. We all know that he can do this. We all know that he will do this. His scripture says so. We believe the scriptures and that makes it true. Someone once said, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." Isaiah 43:18-19 says: "Do not dwell on the past. Do not take it with you into the future. Behold, I am going to do a new thing in you." Rev., God is doing a new thing in you.

Stay encouraged. I know I am.


Banks' response: The beauty of this blog is people like you. People with a

positive passion for people. People with supreme compassion. Sensitive, caring,

sharing people who are always ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand,

heart and head to help get some healing done. You are one true ambassador

of joy and happiness. You are an emissary of empathy and sympathy and I thank

God for you Donna. I thank God for your tears and cheers. This blog is truly a

Kingdom thing--the give and take, call and response, much like that of our

venerable, Spirit-filled church services where the anointed sermon, prayer or

song is greeted with sweet affirmations of "amen!" or "hallelujah?" or "thank

you Jesus!" I have preached many times about that boy, apparently hampered

by epilepsy, that Jesus' disciples encountered while Jesus and select disciples

communed with on the mountain of transfiguration. And the boy's daddy were

amazed and disappointed that Jesus' remaining disciples could do nothing for

the boy. And when Jesus came down and healed the boy, He told His disciples

that they failed because they lacked the faith to function efficiently. He added

that some feats, and the requisite faith, need fasting and prayer. For me, the

suffering is easier than the waiting. But the weight of my wait reveals shallow

faith. Perhaps it is by divine design that I show my humanity, too. I am, after

all, human. And I should never be shamed to expose this frailty and

vulnerability. For isn't it also in our weakness where Christ's strength is made

perfect. Christ shines brightest in the darkest night. Bless you, Donna. Bless

you real, real good.

Lacey, I'm glad you are seeking the Lord for your healing, One thing you might want to do is to cast out of your body all demonic spirits of cancer. All cancer is demonic. Just say "In the name of Jesus I command all spirtis of cancer, heart disease, and sickness to come out of my body now." Also break any and all curses of cancer,premature death and sickness and infirminty over your body. Say "In the name of Jesus I break any curse of cancer, sicknes and premature death over me back 20 generations on both sides of family according to Galatians 3:13." Finally constantly speak life and healing to your mind and boly. Everday say "I'm believe I'm healed from the top of my head to the soles of feet in the name of Jesus. And play healing tapes over and over. you can get them from ministries like Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and others like them. Do all of this and continue to take your meds and gradually you will start getting better.

Banks' response: Michael, thank you so much for taking out precious time

and energy to read my blog and email your comment. Your advice is most

generous and encouraging and I thank you for it. I am praying to God for my

healing and also speaking to my issues in the name of Jesus. And in due season,

as you say, I will be healed. Thank you for your prayerful support and stay tuned

for new developments.


I have cancer also, perhaps not as debilitating as yours. I've had cancer for 1 year now (two surgeries and cancer treatments).

I am spiritual and I do pray. I'm also fond of haiku. This is my prayer throughout the day.

Dear Lord, make me well.
Renew my strength and spirit.
Cure me, oh my God.

Today I offer up a prayer for a fellow cancer sufferer. Here's hoping you have a day that you can enjoy, despite the burdens you carry.

Best wishes and prayers for a good day,


Banks' response: I, too, have dabbled in haiku. Here is one freshly minted

from the moment.

Winter's snow clusters
clothe frozen pine tree branches
sparkling in moonlight

I, too, am subsisting on a divine diet of prayer.

Lord increase my faith
And reverse my failing health
With vim and vigor

Thank you for reading my blog, my fellow cancer survivor. And I pray that you

get your complete healing before I get mind. Please, I'd be much obliged if you'd

step before me in God's healing line.

And when healing comes
Remember to thank Jesus
For cancer conquest

God Bless for saying some of the things that all of us as cancer battlers and survivors feel sometimes. You are in my prayers.

Banks' response: Thank you, Margaret, for encouraging us cancer warriors,

who have to guts, sanity and humanity to holler "ouch" every now and then. Pride

keeps many of us quiet. But to vent one's frustrations and pain out loud helps

release the pressures and agonies of painful, slow healing.

My story is a little different then yours, I know that we cannot change certain things in our personal lives, only God knows why we need to go endure them, God is with you he is you sheperd and He will not let you walk this walk alone.
Sometimes life things no fair, but I have learned that even when people do the wrong thing I pray to God not to grow angry or in silence be my worst enemy.
Be happy, share every emotion and feelings with the people who loves the most that is your family, hug your wife,dance with her your favorite song slowly but holding each other hearts.

Have wonderful day, and enjoy the next Saturday.

God Bless You

Banks' response: We Christian cancer warriors pray, Marya, that our

suffering and our healing all take place within the diameter of God's divine

dominion. For in Him, we live, move and have our being. In Him, we find relief

from all that ails us. In Him, we find refuge and shelter in stormy times. But we

Christians pray also from non-Christians facing the same challenges as Jesus

teaches us to love everybody--enemies and friends--and our neighbors even as

we love ourselves. There is healing not only in God's grace and mercy, but in

our willingness to love and forgive those who persecute us and say all manner

of evil against us falsely for His namesake. Thank you for your kindness and for

your tenderness of heart.

The patience of Job, David and Paul. People always say that as if those great men of the bible didn't travail. Job ranted, raved and questioned his birth before he got a grip; David always begged for forgiveness for somethin' or other and he was a man after God's own heart; finally Paul questioned the thorn in his side and he's the brotha' who had a personal conversion with Jesus Himself. So why do we as Christians put so much pressure on ourselves for not being able to go through every trial with this great grin on our faces? I say cry, fall out, beg and plead. God can take it. After all, His mercies are new every morning and they endure forever. I'm praying for ya.

Banks' response: Thank you so dearly, my beloved comrade, for your

comforting words, that put the suffering of the faithful in heavenly, cosmic

context. You remind me to cry is divine. After all, Jesus wept. Yes, Jesus, a man's

Man, the Son of God and God incarnate--He cried real tears at the grave of His

departed friend Lazarus. And if King Jesus was human enough to cry, then who

am I to hide my grief. And for what cause? Pride? Hypocrisy? Courage? Social

cosmetics? Macho? Sometimes, he is toughest who is most tender and sensitive.

Few reversals are more refreshing than to take our tears to Jesus and have Him

redeem tears for cheers and perils for pearls. Great is the Lord and greatly to be

praise. Thanks, MSP, for caring and sharing in such a big, big way.

Dear Minister Banks -

I thank the Lord for using you to bring the message of Him to the forefront in a secular vehicle. Hallelujah. God works in such wonderful and miraculous ways. Wonderful and miraculous is what your testimony is thus far and, I, a saint of the Most High God stand in Total and Complete Agreement with You that every single cell of your body is free from pain and discomfort and that every single cell, artery, tissue, organ, all flesh, bones and blood comes into perfect alignment with the word of the Lord that declares that you are completely healed because of the work done on Calvary. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. Jesus Christ.

Declarations of Faith to share with you, according to the Scriptures state:
Ezra 5:5
The eyes of the Lord are always watching over you. His power and presence are with you to overcome any obstacle you may face.

Psalm 125:2
As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds you both now and forevermore.

Luke 21:19
By steadfast and patient endurance you win vitality for your soul.

Ezekiel 34:23, 27
Jesus is the Lord of your Life and He watches over you meticulously!

You are redeemed from the curse and rescued from the hand of bondage. The curse is lifted from all of your ground and from every area of your life. Because of Jesus you can expect nothing but good things from God both now and forevermore.

Psalm 139:5
The Spirit of your Father the Lord, hems you in on all sides. His hand goes before you and guards your back as well. You live within His hedge of protection and the devil cannot get to you no matter how hard he tries.

Psalm 106:10

Psalm 91:
Read Entire Psalm (any version). You do dwell in the Secret Place of Most High and you do abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He gives his angels charge over you to keep you in all of your ways of obedience and service. With Long Life does the Lord satisfy you and show you His Salvation!

Continue to speak the Word of God over your situation and continue to let the Word work for You.

I also thank the Lord that his protective covering is not only aligning all that concerns you with his Holy blessings and healing power through the blood shed on Calvary, but all of those that tune in to your article and have stood with you.


Evangelist Edwina Holley
Amazing International Grace Ministries

Banks' response: God bless you, Reverend, and thank you so very much for

such thorough words of comfort and prayers for our healing. God is ever faithful

usward, who call upon His blessed name in faith, nothing wavering. Thank you,

woman of God, for touching and agreeing with the desires of our hearts for

complete healing. And when our healings come, we will be most careful and

certain to come back to the House of Prayer, raise holy hands toward Heaven

and give God the glory, the thanksgiving and the praise. For in those days, when

we shall once again be bathed with the lush, latter rains of biblical yore, we shall

come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves of rich harvest, with which He has so

bountifully blessed us anew. Hallelujah! And thank you, Jesus!

Please do not think I only appreciate hearing the Word from you. My soul feeds on well delivered messages and so often they seem to be delivered to me only. As if the Lord said, "this is what she needs to hear, NOW!" I am so excited that you will be at the Star next month. Hopefully, I'll be there with extra oxygen that day for sure! Feel free to invite our fellow travelers, they are all welcome. HE is still on the throne.

Banks' response: I've already gotten promises from fellow passengers

promising they will convene at Morning Star on King Drive, 11 a.m., Sept. 21, for

my vocal and more dramatic version of the blog. I'm finding more and more of our

blog readers and fellow cancer and heart patients coming up to shake my hand

after I preach. Those preaching engagements also give me a chance to promote

the blog and add more readers. You are one of several supporters at Morning

Star. But you are No. 1, Gwen, in more ways than one. God bless you for your

continued support. Deacon Posey said the men of Morning Star are very excited

about having me return as their Men's Day speaker. So many church members

have known me only for my job as a Sun-Times reporter these last 36 years and

become pleasantly surprised to find that I can also preach God's word as well as

report man's word.

Dear Brother,

Continue to walk in the "wholeness of Christ and his healing of you".
You are indeed a "MAN" and even beyond that - you are a "called and favored man of God". I continue to pray and intercede on your behalf against the spirits of heaviness, bondage, weakness and discouragement. I pray to paralyze them right now and plead the blood of Jesus that they will not be able to take residence in your mind, body or spirit in the name of Jesus I declare it. In Jesus name I pray and circumcize the thoughts of restlessness, impatience and for God's healing. I pray that God will further cover your body with increased comfort and strength as restoration and wholeness takes place. Further, I pray that your lips will continuously praise and bless God as well as your dripping journalistic skills do the same as you chronicle. Testify.......

Banks' response: Oh bless the wonderful thunderful name of Jesus, the rock

of our salvation, the author and finisher of our faith anf the bishop of our soul. Your

comment amounted to a divine bolt of lightning applied to my infirmity. I am being

bombarded and transfused with power from on high day by day by the mighty

likes of you. This networking with the Household of Faith is working wonders in my

life and I pray God is passing it on and on and on to my fellow passengers on this

healing training. With prayer partners like you, there has never been a better time

for me to be sick than now because I am coming out of these things. The Lord is

truly blessing me right now with healing released from His wings and stripes under

the inducement of supplicant saints. Yes, prayers of the righteous indeed do avail

much. I am serving eviction notices on my tempestuous tenants one by one,

ordering each to pack up his furnitures and whateverother belongings and to get

to stepping. Weeping has overstayed its welcome in me and must take flight for

joy cometh to ring forth my morning. I thank God for you and your growing faith

and fervor in God's anointing. We were both spat from the same sanctified womb,

raised in the milk of honey of a holy household headed by holy parents surrounded

by holy congregations. So we got connected early so that we would have the

righteous resources for such a time as this. We're on display here in this new

communicational frontier of the internet. We're Kingdom wired and inspired for God

to do a new things for all the world to see and consequently know that God is still

in the healing business and that he that dwelleth in he secret place of the most

High (and that's my hideout), shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I feel

like shouting right now. Satan and sickness, get behind me and out of the way

because the Spirit of God is upon me to get healed completely for His glory

because I have covenant with Him to give him the credit, the thanksgiving and


Dear Rev. Banks,

I'm not a churchgoer, but my experience with cancer a few years ago really helped me open up my heart. I was between full-time jobs and uninsured when I was diagnosed at age 35, and as I quickly found out, too young or too wealthy (on a part-time bookkeeper's salary - I was making 13K/year!!) to qualify for any help. I can't even tell you how many times I broke down crying - at home, in public, everywhere. I remember one entire night I spent walking the length of my apartment, weeping so copiously that my very pregnant downstairs neighbor came up at 3AM because she heard my footsteps.

I found the help I needed to get treatment eventually, just like I knew that I would, and now two years out, I still cry much more easily than I did before, but it feels good. When I cry, I know I am just letting go of the negativity and the fear that is a natural part of any cancer journey. It's okay and even necessary to let yourself have that release once in a while, so I hope that you are able to let go and let yourself experience ALL the emotions (good & bad) that come with this.

I can't say that I am ready to say that cancer has been entirely a blessing for me, though it did introduce me to myself as a woman of fierce strength, but at this stage of the process, I am able to look back and see clearly that it has not all been a burden. I hope that you will eventually be able to get to that point as well,kyfsdm and remember that God never gives us more than we can really handle.

Much love to you!

Banks' response: Oooh wee, Kate! What a testimony. You don't have to do to

church to have church. Your prayer meeting of tears got picked up on Heaven's

radar and the angels on patrol telegraphed your suffering straight to the throne of

God and healing started being dispensed to you. Thank you for sharing your

humility and, most of all, for including God in the mix. He is the quintessential

Secret Ingredient who makes the difference between life and death, strength

and weakness, joy and sorrow, victory and defeat. He alone is the one who will

heal us and roll our burdens alone. God loves you Kate and is pleased that you

are willing to focus on Him the process of our suffering. Yes, He knows, and I'm

so glad God knows, just how much we can bear. The song says, "Thought the

load gets heavy, you're never left alone to bear it all. Just ask for strength and

keep on toiling, though the tear drops fall. You have the joy of this assurance:

Our Heavenly Father will always answer prayer. And when you healing comes,

Kate. When your healing is complete and done, don't forget to give God the

glory, the thanksgiving and the praise.

that makes

God is!

Banks' response: Yes, God is, Denise. And that's all we have to acknowledge

to get Him to take a shine to us. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. For

he, or she or they, that cometh to God, must believe that He is and that He is a

rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. God is. And because God is, you are, I

am, we are, they are, he is, she is and it is. Our existence and the totality of

reality owe their origins to the fact that God is.

This blog has really helped this morning. I am at Northwestern right now waiting to see a cardiac surgeon. I have 2 appointments spread over 6 hours, then I have to drive 3-4 hours back to my downstate home.
I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in Dec 2006 and had my right kidney removed 2 days after Christmas. I went into a coma from which I did not awake until Jan 2. During the coma, I had several small strokes, partially paralyzing my left leg. The surgeon had also nicked a nerve, the result of which has been chronic pain in my left leg for the past year and a half. I am restricted to a recliner most of the day.
Two months ago, I went to the hospital for cellulitis in my leg, while in the ER, I had a heart attack. One life flight and several thousands of dollars worth of tests later, I discovered that I have 2 completely blocked arteries and a leaky valve. My heart is only pumping one-third of the amount it should. The surgeons downstate said I fell below their acceptable risk threshold and refused to operate, that is why I am here in Chicago. I have told everyone that I want the doctor to swing for the fences. I am counting on God to finish healing me, and my wife is too stubborn to allow me to leave until our girls are grown. She says heaven will just have to wait.
I still get really depressed sometimes, and I have made my final arrangements in the event that the doctor strikes out. Your blog entry did really help.

Banks' response: God bless you, Jack, for reading this blog and making public

your tremendous health struggles with God, your wonderful, loving wife and

common sense determination helping you survive. My fellow prayer partners and I

touch and agree with you and your wife on the desires of your hearts for your


It seems that you and I are suffering twins with our multiple miseries and

mutual support systems.

What impressed me most about your testimony is how you have positioned

God out front, first and foremost, your wife by your side and the doctors, God's

blessed instruments, as your tools. God has placed doctors at our disposal and

wise men don't cast these pearls to the swine of rejection and neglect.

Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who postpone seeking vital medical

care because they have lost, and some never had, basic medical insurance.

God bless your wife, Jack. She is so much like my own. She loves you dearly

and doesn't want to see her husband and the father of her daughters leave any

too soon, even if she has to sass so high a power as Heaven, for goodness sake.

What a woman! What a love she has for you! What a love you have for her! What a

mighty couple your kids have for parents! And let me tell you something, Jack: God

loves couples like you, fighting adversity together, armed with the raw, but

awesome armaments of your love for each other, your loves for Him and your faith

and determination to excel and prevail with His help against whatever challenges

come you way.

Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Jack and his wife together in love and loyalty

and preserving them for such struggles as theirs, for such a time as now and for

such an audience as us to see and be inspired by their love and faith. Please, Lord,

in the perfect name of Jesus, move in a mighty way and heal Jack either

straightaway or through the skills of his doctors. If the latter is Your Will, then lead

him to the best of your doctors. Bless those doctors and other medical personnel

that they will be at the top of their skills when treating him. Increase Jack's faith,

too, Lord, to defend him against the satanic assassins of doubt, fear. hopelessness

and impatience. Ease his pains, perk up his spirits and calm his troubled mind.

Speak peace to his heart, mind and soul and assure him that all is well because he

is in the hands of You, Lord, the Almighty God. Dispatch secret service angels from

heaven's sanctified security force to stand vigil around his bed, guarding him from

danger and fanning him with their wings. Please, Lord, do these things, we pray in

the name of Jesus. This is Your servant's prayer, in Jesus' name, amen.

Dear Man of God,
First and foremost as you know, Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. We have to address healing from God's perspective. Please know that God already "Healed" you, took your sickness, sorrow and disease in his body over 2,000 years ago when his son received those stripes and shed his blood. See Isaiah 53:3-6, Mat 8:17, 1 Pet2:24. We have to confess God's promises and speak to the sickness, disease and problems. Say "By Jesus stripes I'm Healed of all manner of sickness and disease." Speak to the cancer say " Cancer, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea." Jesus said, "Whosoever shall say unto this mountain (could be sickness, disease, problems) be thou removed and be thou cast into sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, shall whatsoever he say, he also said "What things soever that you desire, believe that you receive them "Now" and you shall have them based on Mark 11:23-24. Remember, you have to speak to the problem. God Bless you.

Banks' response: God bless you, Carolyn. I believe God is pleased with this

intra-ministering going on in this blog between me and prayer partners like you.

This is no one-way ministry. As I minister to you, you minister to me . So I am

getting as good as I am giving. That's the way God likes it because this is the way

of true family with its members caring for and sharing with each other. That's how

Daddy wants us to roll, as the young folks say. We are to bear one another's

burdens. And you are so right in your counsel. We, the redeemed of the Lord, do

have the power to command our adversaries by faith in the name of Jesus and

they must obey. So, in the name of Jesus, I publicly curse my curses right now

and command my sicknesses to abate their torment and to vacate the premises

of my flesh and spirit. In the name of Jesus, I accept His healing through His

grace and through my faith in Him to be empowered to tread on serpents and

any other such would-be threat. I thank and praise God for His faithfulness to

answer our prayers and to see us through our struggles triumphantly. He is truly

worthy and deserving of all praise.

Greetings Rev Lacy, I know how you feel, I am 45 years old living with Breast Cancer and sometimes it gets over whelming and I cry. I believe in the power of prayer and healing. Every now and then I need a good cry. My 16 year old daughter is a good helper while attending Walter Payton High School she is now in her junior year maintaining 3.5 on a 4.0 scale God is still good. Keep me in your prayers as I will do the same for you.

Banks' response: God bless you, Patricia, and your faithful, loving daughter,

too. Feed her with your faith and with your fight. My maternal grandmother, Mother

Minerva Sanders, lost a breast to cancer some 20 years before her death from

pneumonia complications at age 71. So I know the agony of breast cancer. But her

toughness, discipline and love helped influence my makeup. I thought she was the

meanest woman in the world when I was a little boy and she whipped me for the

least thing. I remember one time she even rapped my full-grown mama, Sarah

Loraine Banks and made her cry. But as I later realize how much of a jungle society

is, I concluded that she didn't whip me enough. Her whippings were programmed

to toughen me. So you fight against your health challenge will be one of the most

precious monuments you'll leave to help her remember you and be inspired

accordingly. I pray that you get your healing before I do. And you victory also will be

one mighty inspiration to all the world.

God bless you, Man of God!
I often visit your blog albeit this is the first time I've posted a comment. My thoughts and prayers are continually with you. I offer just a few words of encouragement to you. I am astounded by your strength. I appreciate your candor. I love you for your commitment to God. Please try to remember Job 3:25-26 - For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

Jesus spake Matthew 27:46 - And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

God is our friend as well as our creator. He understands us because He made us. Our Savior has been exactly where we each find ourselves during troubled times. God testified about Job's character just as Heaven is testifying about you. God had confidence in His Son, just as He is confident that your faith won't fail you. It doesn't mean you don't get tired and/or discouraged, feel alone--which are human emotions. It means that even when you are in the midst of the firy trials, your faith stands strong--your faith in God and His ability to supply all your need is unwavering. We have the Great I Am on our side--He is always there. A very present help in trouble.

There is no shame for 2 Corinthians 12:9 reads: And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me...

Again, Man of God, be encouraged because Heaven is testifying about you...


Banks' response: Great God from Zion, Edie! What a most wondrous and

profound comment, deeply rich in wisdom and chockful of God's word. I love it

when you and my other prayer partners talk bible to me. I love it when your words

are spiced with God's word. They show that you are ministering me right smack

dab in the heart of center of God's mind and his mighty mission for us all. I feel the

deep heatbeat of God in your comment. And your application hits the bulls eye of


So, yes, Edie, here I am: I'm called to glory in my infirmities for the majesty of

God, so that His grace may avail not just for me, but for all helpless, hurting

people throughout the world. I've never known God to be sweeter than He is right

now in these situations that seem so sour and dire. He shines brightest in the

darkest nights of negativism. He alone will carry you, me, all of us through, come

what may. Thank you, Edie. Thank you for your salvation and sanctification.

You are healed! This is the message I bring unto you.

You have already run the race and fought the good fight. You are now on encores. I'm fighting a terminal illness, but I'm way past my sell by and even my use by dates because I believe that my desire to help elect Barack Obama President right before we celebrate Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday is being affirmed by a higher authority. I don't think God takes sides but he helps us decide what side to take.

I was fortunate to have my wife get elected a Judge on February 5. I asked an eminent Episcopal priest in Philadelphia if a 'dying wish' were granted and I were still alive would it be inappropriate to ask for a new dying wish. He said that wishes are prayers, and if the motivation of the wish is pure and right it can be asked for and may well be granted.

I do not hate John McCain, but Blessed are the Peacemakers and I believe that Barack will be a peacemaker, and a strong one.

Thank you for making me think how blessed we both are. May you continue to live a righteous and just life enriching others, free of pain.

Banks' response: Dear Philip, thank you for reading my blog and posting such

a soul-stirring comment. I am proud to be a fellow cancer warrior with you. I admire

your fervent faith and how, in our time of suffering, you find relief in the promise of

progress being projected by the Democratic Party's current convention and the

unprecedented election of Barack Obama as its Presidential candidate. The bag

men on Capitol Hill have sold themselves and our government so much to

special interest lobbyists that they have fallen out of touch with the common

American. And the economic, social, environmental, physical, mental, emotional

and spiritual health of our great nation has become so savaged and flawed that the

rank and file are now ready to elect the best proponent of change, even if he is a

black man. But I feel that any other man with the same qualities of Obama,

regardless of race, would have been equally successful. Corrupt leadership in the

highest levels of the most vital areas of our nation is a sickening contaminent of

you, me and so many other ailing people. So our individual predicaments are

mere microcosms of our nation's macro chaos. Speaker after speaker is mounting

the lectern serving notice that our dear nation is in dire straights and in desperate

need of new leadership with the integrity, wit and grit to heal our land.

But, less we forget, all healing comes from God. In fact, He offers a failsafe,

foolproof formula that must be activated by a privileged priesthood: you and me.

Our Lord declares in the Old Book that "If my people, which are called by my name,

will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then

will I hear from heaven. I will hear their prayers, forgive their sins and heal their

land." The nomination of Obama is a collective act of our Household humbling

itself and praying actively through our God-blessed gift of suffrage. It's our

Christian duty to be responsible trustees of our votes, which we must use to be

competent custodians of our nation's government. Yes, we are a nation that is the

world's greatest university of diversity. But the spiritual common denominator of

our nation is that, I believe, we are still a God-fearing and God-cheering nation.

Yes, we respect and welcome people of all faiths and political persuasions, insofar

as all people respect the rights of others. But I believe that at the core we are still

an in-God-we-trust nation. So I welcome the way you see our healing, Phillip, in

the context of our nation's broader healing. Restoring competence, compassion and

character to government leadership is a medicine you won't find of pharmaceutical

shelves of our drugstore. But it will do a lot to trigger comprehensive healing.


I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27.It was detected through my blood.It was pre stage.I will be 51 on 09/08/57 and cancer free and never been in remission.At the age of 34 I was diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease which could have crippled me at any time of my life.I also had sinus and asthma and nerve damage,I was on so much medication I couldn't think.I stayed in and out the hospital.I had seen over 20 doctors ,15 therapist from 1991-2003.I used to cry alot and ask why me? Today I know why I was chosen to carry these diseases and illnesses in the past.God was using me as his vessel so I can tell you and everyone who has something today, God is a healer.His word does not return to him void but to accomplish what it is sent out to do.I was a sheep who strayed away.But I came back to him. In 11/2004 I reconnected back to God.I started going to Living Word Christian Center. I confess my sins,got baptised and filled with the Spirit of God.I stop speaking and claiming those negative diseases over my body.Below is a healing prayer given to us from our church if you had any kind of sickness or disease. I said this prayer day and night until it manifested in my life.In 02/2005 I went to the doctor and they told me they could not find anything wrong with my body.I didn't believe it at first so I went to the doctor again in 03/2005.Doctor said we can't find nothing wrong with your body.I went home and all the medicines I had been taken for 12 years i threw every thing in the garbage.It has been 3 years now I don't even take a tylenol.So From one Christian to another If you Believe it you can Achieve it.I stand in agreement with you and all saints YOU ARE HEALED ,IN Jesus Name.The prayer below that worked for me will work for you too.Praise Yahweh Shammah.(the Lord is there)

Confession taken from pages 113-115 of Prayers that Avail Much Commemorative Gift Edition, © 1997 by Word Ministries, Inc.

Health and Healing

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I confess Your Word concerning healing. As I do this, I believe and say that Your Word will not return to You void, but will accomplish what it says it will. Therefore, I believe in the Name of Jesus that I am healed, according to 1 Peter 2:24. It is written in Your word that Jesus himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. Therefore, with great boldness and confidence I say on the authority of that written Word that I am redeemed from the curse of sickness, and I refuse to tolerate its symptoms.

Satan, I speak to you in the Name of Jesus and say that your principalities, powers, your spirits who rule the present darkness, and your spiritual wickedness in heavenly places are bound from operating against me in any way. I am the property of Almighty God, and I give you no place in me. I dwell in the secret place of the Most High God. I abide, remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no foe can withstand.

Now, Father, because I reverence and worship You, I have the assurance of Your word that the angel of the Lord encamps around about me and delivers me from every evil work. No evil shall befall me, no plague or calamity shall come near my dwelling. I confess the Word of God abides in me and delivers to me perfect soundness of mind and wholeness in body and spirit from the deepest parts of my nature in my immortal spirit even to the joints and marrow of my bones. That Word is medication and life to my flesh for the law of the Spirit of life operates in me and makes me free from the law of sin and death.

I have on the whole armor of God, and the shield of faith protects me from all the fiery darts of the wicked. Jesus is the High Priest of my confession, and I hold fast to my confession of faith in Your Word. I stand immovable and fixed in full assurance that I have health and healing now in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Once this has been prayed, thank the Father that Satan is bound and continue to confess this healing and thank God for it.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 55:11
1 Peter 2:24
Matthew 8:17
Galatians 3:13
James 4:7
Ephesians 6:12
2 Corinthians 10:4
Psalm 91:1
Psalm 91:10
Psalm 34:7
2 Timothy 1:7
Hebrews 4:12,14
Proverbs 4:22
Romans 8:2
Ephesians 6:11,16
Psalm 112:7

Banks' response: Sheila, (excuse me English teachers) ain't God good? In our

defense against the doubters and the pouters who say God isn't healing, you are

our Exhibit A to the affirmative. Christ lives and Christ heals. I thank you for reading

this blog and for joining my growing line of prayer partners, who have a passionate

burden for God's healing in me. I, and so many others, have to be immensely

impressed the way this blog has tapped into the soul of a most sensitive America.

I believe that the ills and evils of our day have driven more and more of us to

realize that, yes, we are our brother's keeper. My pain is your pain. My gain is your

gain. And if we obey our Savior, King Jesus, and love our neighbors as we love

ourselves, then we will all prayerfully and faithfully network for the common good.

In the vein, the healing of all America starts with the healing of each ailing

individual and we, as a nation, are the hope of civilization.

I thank you for your testimony and for your continued faith in Jesus, the rock of

our salvation. Our land desperately needs healing. Our air is sick, water and soil

are increasingly polluted. Our economy is critically ill. Our educational system is

severely crippled. Our corporate and government leaderships are afflicted with the

malignant cancers of greed, deceit and theft. Our weather has turned woefully

wicked with killer heat waves in the summer, killer cold waves in the winter and

killer storms in between. Our social welfare systems have been starved by

government leaders driven by sinister insensitivity and selfishness. The lengthy

laundry list of sufferings you itemized for yourself, Sheila, pretty much sizes up the

overall critical condition of our nation and world. I sternly believe that, on a massive

scale, there is a direct relationship between social and moral ills and physical ills.

Unemployment makes me sick. Millions of people not having medical insurance

makes me sick. The high price of gasoline at the pump for the last year makes me

sick. Record home foreclosures and business bankruptcies make me sick. A war

ignited by lies make me sick. The ever-widening chasm between the rich and the

poor make me sick. The eradication of the middle class makes me sick. The AIDS

epidemic makes me sick. So I see America's healing somewhat embodied in that

of each of us. So herein should be every man's plea: Let the healing begin and let

it begin with me.

Mr. Banks, i miss your writing in the paper (reading the newspaper is an activity i greatly enjoy)...I'm looking forward to reading your byline again.

Banks' response: Thanks for your best wishes and prayers, Bob. I'm anxious to

return to work as soon as I'm well enough and get medical clearance. I feel that date

drawing nearer and nearer.

Dear Lacy,

Many thanks for starting up this blog. I have a few things to say;
one of which is Jesus said;"It is finished!" and the second thing I'd like to say is that; "my children perish because of lack of knowledge" and the 3rd;" I am the lord your healer!"

I believe the paradox of these statements is the foundation of a real breakthrough!

Let me elaborate on the first; it is finished!, That means an end to all the devil had access to in our lives. That includes sickness, poverty, cancer etc

By claiming it is finshed it is finished period. Hence all cancer, sickness and death is finished!

Secondly, my children perish through lack of knowledge. Please forgive me reverend. I am not trying to judge or anything.. But have you broken all ancestorical curses & generational curses from both sides of your family and any other curse you may have spoke over yourself without realising?

Please pray that God will forgive you or anyone who has exercised witchcraft/curses over you ("EVEN WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG!").

In addition, have you any abominations in your home such as; occultic items? The devil thinks he's smart, But the Holy Spirit is great in wisdom! any little thing/foothold could spark off a riot in your health!

You are healed by Jesus' wounds and stripes. Everything you feel is a replicating sickness of the devil. God has healed you instantaneously. The devil got in straight afterwards (say 1 second later) to convince you that you ain't been healed!

I will pray that God enpowers you to know the truth about your illness even more.

However, there is one last thing. Perhaps in all God's wisdom, you maybe enduring something for someone who has the same sickness as you. That person may come into your life and you may have to lay hands on him. He wil be healed instantaneously and then God will see your healing through.

God bless you reverand!- amen

Banks' response: Thank you, Danny, for reading my blog and for giving your

informative comment. There are many ways one can interpret Jesus' sixth saying

on calvary. My understanding is that He was referring to His mission that had been

accomplished for the redemption of doomed sinners up to that time. But if one

dares stretch His declaration beyond that to include victory over all that ails

mankind, that is worth considering, too, in terms of "big picture" reality. At the end

of the day, all sin and sickness is conquered by Jesus' redeeming blood and

stripes. But as it pertains to individual healings, it does not mean that each

healing is necessarily instantaneous in terms of earth time. Yet, if a healing takes

takes years to be complete in terms of earth time, that's instantaneous in terms

of heavenly time. Likewise, a day in the Lord is as a thousand years on earth.

Therefore, I don't worry because 10, 20, 30, even 100 years of suffering on earth

will be swallowed up in the eternity of joy that awaits us in heaven.

blessings to you,
i cant imagine what you going thru i encourage you my brother in christ God did not bring you this far for nothing he is with you the whole way thru the pain and painful thoughts that come up thru ups and down Jesus is with you he will never leave you nor forsake you remember My brother those who suffer for the name of Christ shall be rewarded and i believe this the enemy tried and tried but but God grace & mercy said no you are on you way to the next demention (level God wants to bring you remember Job God on gave the enemy but so much room in his life the enemy knows Gods hand is on you and the Blood covers you and your family Just dont lose focus on the purpose to bring him Glory and that is what you doing the enemy hates that he sees the annointing on you spirit and life we could have be gone lone ago but God mercy said no rejoice be encourged my brother God is bring you to another level may the love of God bring you Joy in your times of pain and when he brings you out remember we all must get on our knees and praise him whorship him and share his testamony he gave you you are a blessing to us all

love in Christ,
your Spiritual sister Lissette

BANKS' RESPONSE: God bless you, Lissette for droping in on me and

emailing your kindness and encouragement. You are the stuff of heaven and an

example of the marvelous extending hand of God. Thanks for caring and sharing.

To God be the glory, the praise and the thanksgiving.

Reverend Banks,

You are a courageous and kind man. After reading your story and replies I am amazed that even in your darkest hour when all you can do is weep you still have the strength to encourage and impart kind words to your readers. I too was so inspired by your honesty and humbleness! I am noticing how tender the Lord has changed my heart to pray and weep for his children on the spot as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:26. Your compassion is something that we, who walk and personally know the Lord, can relate to because it is the heart of the Lord! It is HE who has made us more each day in his image. It doesn't matter what the situation or challenge may be we each can identify and relate to pain, suffering and brokenness. BE BRAVE but don't feel like you have to have it all together because the Lord understands and knows you better than anyone else. For me, sometimes all I can do is cry and sing a song. I hope the words to Stand will bring you encouragement and grace. God bless you and will continue to pray for you as we should pray for one another.

What do you do when you've done all you can
And it seems like it's never enough?
And what do you say when your friends turn away and you're all alone?
Tell me, what do you give
When you've given your all,
and it seems like you can't make it through?

Well you just stand
when there's nothing left to do
You just stand
Watch the lord see you through
Yes after you done all you can,
You just stand

Tell me, how do you handle the guilt of your past?
Tell me, how do you deal with the shame?
And how can you smile while your heart has been broken
and filled with pain?
Tell me what do you give
when you've given your all
Seems like you can't make it through?

Child you just stand,
When there's nothing left to do
You just stand
Watch the Lord see you through
Yes, after you've done all you can
You just stand.

Stand and be sure
Be not entangled in that bondage again
You just stand, and endure.
God has a purpose.
Yes, God has a plan.

Tell me what do you do
when you've done all you can
And it seems like you can't make it through
Child you just stand
You just stand
Stand (2x's)
Don't you dare give up (You Just)
Through the storm (Stand), Stand through the rain (Stand)
Through the hurt (Stand), jet through the pain (You just)
Don't you bow (stand), and don't bend (Stand)
Don't give up (Stand), no, don't give in (You just)
Hold on, (Stand) just be strong (Stand)
God will step in (Stand), and it won't be long (You just)

After you done all you can (After you done all you can)
After you done all you can (After you done all you can)
After you gone through the hurt (After you done all you can)
After you gone through the pain (After the you done all you can)
After you gone through the storm (After you done all you can)
After you gone through the rain (After you done all you can)

Prayed and cried (2x's) (After you done all you can) Prayed and you've cry (After you done all you can) Prayed and cry

After you done all you can you just stand

BANKS' REPONSE: Yes, behold, here I'm standing on the promises of God.

He promised never to leave me alone. He promised that if I asked, it would be

given. If I sought, I would find. And if I knocked the door would be opened unto me.

He promised that if I came unto him, laboring and heavy ladened, then He would

give me rest. He promised me that if I took His yoke upon me, that His yoke would

be easy and His burden light. He promised me that if I asked anything in His name

that the Father would grant it unto me. He promised me that His grace is sufficient

to supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory. He has promised me

that no good thing would He withhold from me. He has promised me that all things

would work for good for me. So now the challenge to me is to have faith in all this,

do my best and trust God for the rest. Then, I must stand and wait on the Lord

and be of good courage so that my strength will be renewed, and that I will be

able to mount up on wings of eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

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