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Never too late when Dr. Doctor Jesus is involved

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God bless you.
For this entry, I want to use a live medical emergency in progress, one that is squarely associated with my situation.
I am asking Donna Pittman, a fellow passenger on this "trust train", being engineered by Jesus as we ride the track of faith straight to His Healingville, to welcome aboard a sick aunt of her girlfriend. Let's all say "hello" to Auntie by praying "May the good Lord bless and heal you, Auntie, in Jesus' name. Amen."

Let's let Donna explain the situation.
"Bless You Rev.,
I am happy to hear that you have been out and about. I was speaking to my girlfriend on yesterday and she was talking about her Aunt who is suffering pancreatic cancer. She is undergoing treatment but she seems to have given up hope. This woman has always played a big part in her church and is a lead singer in the choir. But she has given up. She complains all of the time. She speaks as if she is in her last days. The doctors have not given her up but sometimes when she goes for her treatment they can't administer it because she is too weak. I know it is hard to stay encouraged when you are going through but part of our healing comes through our outlook. If we don't expect the best, we won't receive the best. Who is it who said 'much faith, much power, little faith, little power'? I believe that. Anyway, I told my girlfriend that I was going to send her the link to your blog. She needs to hear you speak on your situation. Perhaps it will encourage her. I know it has encouraged me. I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. Talk to you soon!"

Well, I want to talk to her right now. But first, let me call headquarters: "Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, God Jehovah, creator of heaven and earth, please speak to this dear suffering handmaiden through me. Speak words of encouragement and enlightenment that will strength her faith and her body to receive Your healing. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Auntie, the easiest thing to do and the first thing the devil and death want us to do is to give up hope when we get a grim diagnosis like the one you got, involving pancreatic cancer, and the ones I got, involving brain cancer, end-stage congestive heart failure and prostate cancer.
As a fellow veteran soldier in the army of the Lord, you know that our hope, first and foremost, is in Jesus, the hope of all glory. In fact, we have given that testimony in song many times:
"My hope is built on nothing less,
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly lean on Jesus' name

On Christ the solid rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand

All other ground is sinking sand"

Auntie, when we trust is Jesus, it's never, ever too late. Our greatest challenges after we pray for His

healing or His deliverance is to wait on Him and watch for Him. God does not always heal us instantly. I

believe that most of the times when He heals us of sicknesses before we know how sick we are, He does

so instantly. But we can't hurry God. We just have to wait. Just as His ways are not our ways, His thoughts

are not our thoughts. In other words, He may not always heal us when we want, the way we want, where

we want and how quickly we want.

But because you and I deal in time and Jesus deals in eternity, He's never out of time to heal us.

All the time that you and I ever get to live in this world is dispensed by Jesus off His spool of eternity.

Thus, when Dr. Jesus is the head of our medical staff, it's never too late and it's never impossible for

us to get healed.

The bible is filled with recorded incidents when it looked like it was too late for somebody to get

healed or saved.

When Jairus' daughter died while Jesus was on His way to her house, it looked like it

was too late. But when Jesus arrived, He ran all of the doubting weepers and wailers away, raised the

girl from the dead and had her family to give us something to eat because she was hungry. Death

never feeds its victims.

When the dead body of the son of a widow in Nain was being carried to the cemetery to be

buried, King Jesus went up to the boy's mama and in a manner most meek, mild and merciful, He

said, "Weep not." Then Jesus reached out and touched the casket of the dead son and said, "Young

man, I say unto thee, arise."

The righteous record reads saying, "He that was dead sat up and began to speak." No, no, Dear

Auntie, it's never too late for Jesus.

Still, on another occasion, Lazarus, who is said to have been Jesus' best buddy, took sick and as

his condition deteriorated, his sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word for Jesus to rush home to be

bedside with Lazarus to either heal him or to see him die.

But Jesus took His time coming because he knew that destiny had placed Lazarus on program to

die and then to be raised from the dead for the glory of God.

Indeed, Lazarus did not only die, but they had his funeral and they buried him in a stone-enclosed

tomb. Yes, it seemed to Mary and Martha and all others that it was too late for Lazarus to be saved.

By the time, Jesus reached Mary and Martha, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Rigor mortis had

already set in. The brain had been denied oxygen for four days. It seemed too late. Decomposition had

already started occurring and worms had already started eating the dead flesh. Yes, it seemed too late.

Too late for man? Yes. But too late for Jesus? No.

Mary and Martha cried something fierce because they felt that Jesus had let them down. How

could He have turned His back on His best friend, Lazarus? How could Jesus have caused Mary and

Martha so much sorrow and shame after all the good times they had had and the good dinners they

had cooked and served Him?

But our never-too-late Jesus simply told them, "Thy brother shall rise again."

Martha said, "Yes, we know he will rise in the resurrection at the last day."

Then Jesus set the record straight when He said, "I am the resurrection, and the life; he that

believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall He live."

Jesus then had them to take Him to the grave yard and then had them to remove the stone that

sealed the tomb despite their objections about the stench that would overwhelm them. But

apparently, they did not realize that for every stinky situation, Jesus can deoderize it with a floral

fragrance because he is both the Lilly of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon.

When they had removed the stone, Jesus prayed and then He said, "Lazarus, come forth."

Instantly, Jesus' voice revitalized, renovated, resuscitated and rejuvenated the dead body of Lazarus

back into a living soul. Sure, Lazarus again would eventually die again for good, as all recipients of

Jesus' miracles did. But this was not that day.

Auntie, I know that pancreatic cancer is one of the worst kinds of cancer to have. But Jesus is

the best doctor to handle it. And if your doctors haven't given up, you should not give up. Grab

back ahold to your hope and hold on to Jesus, hold on to God's unchanging hand. Hold on through

the pain and keep hoping for your healing. Fight the good fight. I pray that God eases your pain and

increases your faith, your peace and joy.

Dr. Clay Evans, founder and pastor emeritus of Fellowship Baptist Church, where I have been a

member for years, was diagnosed with that same pancreatic cancer in March of 2000. He went to the

best doctors he could find and they told him that he had only about six months to live unless he had

surgery. But I'm glad that Pastor Evans and the rest of us serve a never-too-late God. So Pastor Evans

underwent surgery.

Well, that was more than eight years ago when they gave him six months to live.

And guess who I just got off the phone talking and praying with?

Yes, Pastor Evans.

And this is what he has to say you: " Tell her, 'Honey, don't give up. Jesus is still in the healing

business. I'm still living and I'm still preaching. Not as much as I used to do because I'm 82 years old and

I'm still recovering from a stroke I had early this year. But I'm cancer-free , my mind and my speech are

clear and I'm not paralyzed in any way, shape or form. So don't give up. I'm a living witness that Jesus

is still able to heal and bless us with life more abundantly.'"

God bless you Auntie. And, Donna. please call me at 312-810-5027 and set something up where I

can go to Auntie in person, pray and have holy communion with her. For while God is healing me, I must

continue to work the works of Him that sent me while it is day. For the night cometh when no man can


God bless you.

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The Lord will guide you always; he weill satisfy your needes in a sun-scorched land...You will be a well-watered garden, lkie a spring whise waters never fail.

In the Agape Love of God in Christ Jesus
Ms Linda Thomas

Banks' response: God bless you Linda and I pray God continues your good health. Having compassion and praying for the sick will help keep you well.

Dear Rev. Banks:

I would like to start off by saying "God has his arms around you tight and you will be "crack-a-lacking" for a long time to come. I was so happy to see you last night at our Wednesday night service. I'm glad Pastor Hinkle invited you and I'm so grateful you accepted.

The sermon you gave on "It's Never Too Late" was right on time. While you have these major challenges going on, you should be on the receiving end of all encouragement and inspiration. However, I selfishly admit I was just in awe and abundantly inspired by what you said, the energy and passion in how you said it; and you can "s-a-n-g" to boot (smile). I must also say that I took the place of your wife, Joyce, and I wanted to come up and tell you to take it easy (smile). But no need, God had you securely in his grasp and knew what you were working with.

As you continue on your healing journey, there will be many parties as there will be much to celebrate. You are already stronger because you are fighting off this dis-ease; you are wiser because God has shown you the road to travel; and you are better because the Cathedralites (and countless others) will keep you company on this trip.

I will be chatting with you again soon. In the interim, God bless you and your family with good health, joy and happiest!

Banks' response: God bless you Elizabeth for your continued prayerful support. I also thank God for Pastor Samuel Hinkle and the way is blessing his ministry with vibrant verility and his church with faithful fertility so that Cathedral of Joy is still giving birth to babes in Christ. Every element of Wednesday night's praying-praising-preaching service was heavenly anointed highly electric. What topped it off best was the new birth of a redeemed soul after she came forth to repent and submit to the Kingdom as a candidate for baptism. It was also so fitting the way the saints of Cathedral of Joy rejoiced with great jubilation as heaven commands us to do. Cathedral of Joy is on the move in a mighty God-driven, Holy Ghost-powered way.

Hi Minster. Banks,
I am at a lost for words! My heart is bursting with joy! My soul is happy! I am Carissa Davis the girlfriend that Ms. Donna Pittman spoke about with the Aunt who is going through. First I want to say I thank God for Donna who is more than my girlfriend she is my big sister. I want to thank you Minster Banks for your powerful words of encouragement. My God, My God! You have inspired me and encouraged my heart in so many ways. I know what prayer can do and I know what an awesome mighty God we serve. To here your testimony is heaven sent. You are a living testimony and I know there is NO Secret what God can Do, What he's done for others he will do the same thing for you. My Auntie is suffering so much. I keep telling her don't give up the fight. She is so dear to my heart. She holds a very special place in my heart. You should here her sing songs of zion. A couple of my favorites that Auntie sing are is HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW & ALL OF MY HELP COMES FROM THE LORD !!. Auntie has been singing for the Lord for a mighty long time at Holy Trinity MB Church. However, her faith is a little weak. But I'm going to hold on to God's unchanging hand. Minster Banks you are truly a blessing to me and I'm going to keep praying for your healing as well.

You have gone through some storms, but yet you have praise on your lips. God is using you in a mighty way. Keep holding up the blood stained banner. I tell you when the storms of life is raging I want the Lord to stand by me! God has wrapped you up in the cradle of his love! I am going to go by my Auntie's house on this evening when I get off work and I'm going to sit down and read this to her and then we are going to pray the prayer of faith and healing. My prayer is that Auntie will receive her healing and her blessing through your words of inspiration. Keep on keeping on Minster Banks. Now Pastor Evans I have always loved you and your gentle sprit.

I can't believe you are 82 years young. Yes he will give us an abundant life you are proof of that. I love you Pastor Evans and thank you for your words of encouragement. Lastly I will like to visit with you Minister Banks at a Fellowship worship service. When will you be preaching again? I don't have to wait until you preach to visit, however I would truly like to hear you speak and to meet you personally.

I Love You and I Love what you are doing and I thank God for you!
May God continue to use you and heal your Body.
Carissa Davis your sister in Christ

Banks' response: God bless you and Auntie and, of course, Donna. I assure you that I and the rest of prayer partners are touching and agreeing with you for Auntie's complete healing. Sickness distorts our thoughts, feelings and action. What Auntie is going through is only natural. The bible says the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. I commend your plan to minister more to her in prayer.
Rest assured, Carissa, that when you go, you are not going solo. Rather, you are going as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, of which Auntie is a member, to remind her that God's angels, the seraphims and the cherubims, the four and twenty elders, His prophets of old, the saints of the ages and God's worldwide priesthood of believers stand behind you, sister. So you are going in packing power in the name of Jesus.
God bless sweet Auntie. I pray not only that God's will be done but that His will be that He heals her. Heal Auntie, Lord, in the name of Jesus.

Wow!! What a blessing it is to read this blog. "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!" God bless each of you.

Banks' response: God bless you, too, Liz. Thanks for your compliment.

Dear Lacy,

Thanx for everything you've contributed to my knowlege of the Chicago sports scene.

Amen to Dr. "J"! If the Lord Jesus had not been there for my wife, Joan almost 11 years ago now, i dont know whether i & our 2 adult chilren & our 5 grandkids would be blessed by her her wonderful, cancer-free existence.

I pray that Jesus Christ will continue to be as loving toward you & your family. May you be completely healed of everything that is not of God.

Walt, for Joan, Beecher, IL

Banks' response: God bless you Walt, your lovely wife and family. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for sharing. You must continue to do that, now. There are others headed Joan's way who need to be forewarned so that if they are occasioned by similar adversity, they, too, will know how to bond together, call heaven and get sweet, complete relief. Joan, especially, will encounter others who will need to hear from her first-hand because she is THE living testimony. Your children must also feed this to their children and their children to their children about how the Lord healed. You make me feel like shouting right now. Every time I hear a testimony like that, it really hits home. And with so much evil and resultant suffering engulfing our land and our society, somebody need to cry out on behalf of hope. God is still in the blessing business, ready, willing and able to hear our feeblest cry. God bless you for giving Him the glory and the gratitude.

Praise Him, Praise Him!

Banks' response: Thank you and God bless you.

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