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This blog reaches a proud milestone

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God Bless you.
A milestone was reached today when Monica Giles and Fannie Oliver co-posted the 200th comment for this blogs.

It reads as follows:

"God bless you.
Helloooooooo Rev. Banks!

Greetings from Fannie Oliver and myself.
Loving and missing you! GOD IS GOOD AND STILL IN CHARGE!
Tell Joyce we said hello, and we will be praying for you and your family.

Banks' response: Congratulations for posting the 200th comment on this blog. Also, thanks for your prayers and best wishes.

Some four weeks ago, My 100th comment came from a reader named John: It read:



My very first entry came from my youngest daughter Natasha. She submitted it as soon as she heard I was blogging and really didn't know she woud be the first. Here was her entry:

"I am very excited about the blog. This will be groundbreaking. I love you and await for God's healing."

Since I started this blog on May 5, informing readers that I had been diagnosed with brain cancer,

end-stage congestive heart failure and prostate cancer, and inviting readers to join me in watching God

heal me, I have filed 17 entries. This is the 18th.

The first 17 entries thus averaged 11.7 comments apiece, which, I am told is very, very impressive. I

am especially grately to regular repeat commenters like Natasha, Donna Pittman, Connie, Ig Murphy,

Beverly D. Rogers, Stan Ketcik, Elizabeth Lofton, Dec. Romia Woods, Dec. Erwin Dabley and Sister Carroll

Lewis-Morris. Among the churches represented by my commenting readers are Cathedral of Joy

(Homewood), Liberty Baptist Church (Chicago), Fellowship Baptist Church (Chicago), Mt. Pisgah Baptist

(Chicago), New Faith Baptist Church (Matteson), New Covenant Baptist Chuch (Chicago), Morning Star

Baptist Church (Chicago), Trinity United Church of Christ (Chicago), Cosmopolitan Community Church

(Chicago), Community Covenant Church (Chicago), True Vine of Holiness MBC (Chicago), 1st Baptist

Church (Melrose Park), Second Baptist Church (Wheaton), Strangers Rest Baptist Church (Kansas City,

Kan.), Alpha Temple Baptist Church (Chicago) and Christian Temple Baptist Church (Chicago).

An overall double-digit average exceeds the number of comments averaged by other better

established and more notable blogs associated with more popular subjects like the Bears, Bulls,

Blackhawks, Cubs, Rush and Fire.

What this means is that your readers are interested in real, live, human issues. It also means that

your compassions and your prayerful support cuts across racial lines, economic, social, political,

educational and economic lines.

And with the so-called "virtual reality" shows getting a lot of play, I am one of the real virtual reality

shows presently being played in the media. My suffering and the threats on my life are real. My pains are

real. The slew of medicines I take daily are real. The very serious, even critically sick condition I was in

seven weeks ago were real. The X-rays taken of my brain, my heart and my prostate revealed diseases

clinically documented by some of the finest doctors and most outstanding labs in the world.

We serious sick patients fighting everybody to live and to gain complete recovery, we are the real

virtual reality shows that people can be encouraged by. Especially me because I am a healing in progress.

And what about you, my dear readers?

Are there any more of your readers who have ever been healed of something or have seen

somebody else get heals, email me a comment on that. God is still in the healing business and I'm not the

ony one being healed. And the least you can do to show your gratitude to God is to testify in in public

through this blog, which is being read by thousands of readers every day.

Give God some glory and some praise and email a comment back to me telling me how the Lord

either has healed you, is healing you or will heal you.

As for my progress, so far, my brain cancer had been ruled benign, my prostate cancer is in

remission from radioactive seeds transplantation and I am scheduled to meet soon with my cardiologists

Dr. Allen Anderson of the University of Chicago Medical Center and Dr Jim Flaherty of the Northwestern

Medical Faculty Foundation to determine the next treatment or operation to address my serious

congestive heart failure condition.

God bless you.

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Good Afternoon Rev.

I missed checking the blog for a couple of days finishing up some school work. I was hoping to be #200!!!!! But that's OK. It doesn't matter what number I am as long as I can continue to read your blog and travel towards your complete healing with you and the rest of the readers. Speaking of you remember I e-mailed you on Monday about Auntie Crystal being in the hospital. Well when I spoke to Carissa on Monday evening this is what she told me. She had spent most of the day at the hospital with Auntie. She told me that while they had Auntie in intensive care they gave her two blood transfusions. Then the Dr. said that while she was there in intensive care they wanted to re-run a couple of tests on her. Apparently, these were the same tests they had run when they discovered the cancer in November 07. Rev. when the results came back they were NEGATIVE. The Dr. said they they found NO cancer. The Dr said that the reason why Auntie is doing so poorly is because they are giving her medications to treat something that she does not have. She was taking 11 medications daily. They took her off 8 of them and sent her home. I and Carissa are praising God for the healing. In fact we feel that because we had included you and your blog in this that we had even more prayers going up. But guess what Auntie Crystal is saying? She doesn't want to tell anyone yet just in case the Dr.'s made a mistake in reading the test results. I asked her what about this she didn't believe. She couldn't answer me. Maybe once some of the affects of the medication wear off she will be back to her old self. I'm claiming this as a healing. I'm claiming you as a healing in progress. I continue to pray for you and your family. You are such a blessing to all of us.


Banks' response: Donna, I rejoice with you, Carissa and and the rest of our praying passengers for the healing of auntie Crystal Ryles. I already accept my healing from brain cancer, my healing-in-progress from prostate cancer and my healing-in-progress from end-stage congestive heart failure. The healing of Auntie Ryles, the, may be the second healing to be claim by a passenger on our healing train.
Her reluctance to accept and proclaim the healing is a popular natural reaction for a lot of people. We pray for a healing from something we have suffered so much for so long that when the healing comes, the relief seems too good to be true. It takes time for the body and the mind to get used to the absence of great suffering. She also may have trouble trusting anything her doctors tell her now since she apparently believed in them so much that this new revelation, though longed for and greatly welcomed, obviously brings their credibility into question.
If they could have been wrong about her being sick, even going to the extent of giving her undeserved medicine that made her feel worse, could they likewise now be wrong about her being well?
But the sooner she claims her healing, the better. Sometimes we help make ourselves sick by believing a false report. Scientists call this a "psycho-somatic' reaction where you can believe so hard that you are sick that you actually can make yourself sick. Part of the miracle of doctors and medicine is for the patient to meet them halfway and respond positively by believing that that they will do him good. Many patients even die for failure to respond to treatment in a sufficiently positive way.
So what we must now do is join together, right here and now on this blog, and pray this prayer:
"Lord God Jehovah, we thank you for answering our prayers to heal Auntie Ryles. We thank and praise thee for the report that even the doctors say she may have been treated for something she did not have. We believe that the reason she does not have that cancer now is because you healed her according to our faith. Now, Lord, in Jesus' name, increase Auntie Crystal Ryles' faith to accept this healing which thou hast granted unto her. Increase her faith so that she will believe it, receive it and proclaim to everyone everywhere, which is the least she can do. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus' sweet and holy name we pray. Amen."
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!
By the way, Donna and Carissa, Sunday morning, I will be preaching the annual Men's Day sermon at True Vine of Holiness Baptist Church at 400 East 111th street, where Rev. Henderson Hill is Pastor. Check out their website at Brother Willie Norris is one of the chairmen of the special service.

Dear Rev. Banks,
I thank God for you,for your strenght,your courage,your love for the Lord,your willingness to share this entire experince with all of us,and most importantly you sharing your ability to teach us God's word. I am a member of Alpha Temple M.B. Church,where Rev. De Ville is our Pastor,he is also my father. I so understand the power of prayer and the belief of God's word and his healing.I have truly enjoyed you coming to our church for our annual Usher and Nurses Anniversary being our guest speaker. I get so excited because you love doing your father's work and it shows.I always look forward to you singing "Get right church and let's go home".You're in my prayers.God Bless Marcia

Banks' response: God bless you, Marcia. I think I've been the guest minister for that service for, maybe, 12 straight years now. We have a sweet time in the Lord each time I come there and Pastor Leonard DeVille has been one of the city's premier pastors and one of the city's outstanding aldermen for years. I hope he returns to the city council because we need more men of his integrity, competence, confidence and compassion. I know you speak for him and all of Alpha Temple, one of the many churches throughout Chicago where I have a standing invitation to come preach whenever I want. Thank you for supporting this blog, for encouraging me and for praying for my healing.

Dear Reverend Banks,
I am so happy for you to hear of your positive ongoing healing process. I too am battling cancer, but my results are not anywhere near your health improvements. I am terminally ill and I will be gone in a few months. The reason I am writing this is I want all the people who are in recovery to realize how blessed they are. We know with the latest medicines and procedures, the cancer survival rate is much better than it was even 5 years ago. But we also know we lose alot of fine people just the same. So to those that read this, please realize I am not bitter, I am totally ready to accept my fate. I will fight to the end. I just wanted to remind the healed and healing how fortunate they are.Blessing everyone that takes the time to read my entry

Banks' response:: May the the Good Lord bless and keep you real, real good my brother Jim Walters. We thank you for seeking safe haven among us with in doctrinally sound congragations that are trying to lead our troubled young to make something positive out of their lives.
Our task is simple. We want to transform some dying people into some living paients help dying. I admire the stance you are taking patients being committed to accepting your fate and will fite to the end.Of course, we all know that the bottom line is that's kingdom come and that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
So I beg and command you to don't give upon your cancer. Fight that cancer as viciously, as bravely and as efficiently as we can. You cancer ain't over unto God says its over. If you would simply dig deepeer and deeper into God's will, His word and His way.Smile because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Smile because thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.
im. I welcome your efforts to encourage. But start first with yourself. Don't let anybody or anything kill your will to get healed. Fall down on your knees and get in touch with Jesus and have him to take control, save your soul and make you whole. It's ain't over. The darkest hour is just before dawn, And although weeping endures for a night, joy cometh in the moring time,.

My Friend,

I’ve repeatedly read the response from your reader who has been diagnosed as terminal and who realistically accepts their fate without bitterness. I appreciate their boldness to share with us.

This person has been given a definite time-line for end-of-life preparation. I wonder what we would do if given the same “opportunity.” Many treat their life and their relationship with God as if they will live forever

To your respondent from me: May the Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and give you peace! Thank you.


Banks' response: Indeed, I, too, pray the perfect peace of God upon our fellow passenger. That is the perfect peace that passes all understanding. It is the peace, which, like God's grace, in favor that is unmerited and can not be purchased by man but received by man and given by God. Obviously, to make the peace perfect, there is healing involved. Healing is a primary ingredient of the perfect peace of God. Otherwise, how can one be at peace when he is enduring painful suffering? I pray that the stripes of Jesus be smeared across our friend's cancerous lesions and that complete recovery be made manifest in his body. I long to hear him soon sing a new song unto the Lord. May God bless him, heal and keep you 'til we meet.

Dear Rev. Banks
I too am happy about your healing, your positive outlook, your strength and your love for the Lord. Rev. Banks, I am Rev. DeVille's Secretary at Alpha Temple and worked as one of his assistant when he was the Alderman of the 21st Ward. I have talked with you often and have always enjoyed the conversation. Rev. Banks, you see I know about healing for I am a four year Breast Cancer survivor and I know God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. I will continue to pray for your healing and mine along with others that are going thru. Having Doctors that believe in God,caring about their patients (as mine do), your family, your church family and your pastor along with a positive attitude, and a whole lot of prayers, what more can I say. May God continue to bless you and give you continued strength. Love, Romille

Banks' response: Your testimony is heaven's holy honey to the human ear. It is so refreshing and invigorating to now be on the receiving end of encouragement from the many church congregations I have encouraged through preaching God's word down through the years. Alpha Temple is an awesome asset to its community because Pastor Leonard Deville is an anointed apostle of God's love and the abundant life He offers us through Christ Jesus. I thank God for my current physical challenges because they force me now to put my faith in God to work. By faith, God works for us, on us and through us. There were times in the New Testament when Jesus shut down His healing machine because the people's faith that fueled it was absent. Jesus never healed anybody against his will. He was always a user-friendly redeemer and healer, who operated according to our faith. He even gave credit for His healing not to His kindness but to our faith. God bless you, Romille. Go 'head on and keep giving God deserved glory and thanksgiving with yo' bad self. The likes of you are, as our Saviour said, the salt of the earth and the light of the world and I love you for your love for Him.

praise and blessings

keep the faith

Banks' response: Indeed, if I keep the faith, it will keep me.

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