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Easing back into action by God's grace

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God bless you.
Last Saturday night, I covered the Rush's electrifying 52-47 comeback win over the Kansas City Brigade. It was the first game I had covered in two months since being hospitalized and diagnosed with brain cancer, end-stage congestive heart failure and prostate cancer.
The fact that I got through the coverage successfully and did not suffer a heart attack with the way the Rush rallied back to score 17 unanswered points for the win is proof that God is healing me. My health continues to improve. Rush general manager Mike Polisky and I watched the last quarter of the game on the press room television. He had confidence all along that his team would tough it out. But most people may say that it was a game the Rush did not deserve to win.
My only difficulty was a couple of incidences of incontinence. But I fortunately was able to get to a restroom in time. Incontinence, an excruciating and often uncontrolable urge to urinate, is a popular side effect from prostate surgery. Dr. Brian Moran and others have warned me that the worse may be yet to come as the radioactive seeds increase their attacks on dissolving and dislodging the cancers that invaded my prostate.
Yes, our prayers are paying off. And I can't thank you prayer partners enough for joining me in this "healing in progress."
But what also impress me are the tons of people who have shone me love whenever I have gone out in public. At the Rush game, dozens of individual fans greeted me by name out of the blue as I moved through the arena traffic to and from the press box and press room.

While I am thankful to my medical dream team for providing me the knowledge I need to do my part in

making the best decisions in terms of treatment options, I thank God first and foremost because all

healing comes FROM God. Though it may come through doctors, through nursing care, through

medicines and through therapy, all healing comes FROM Jehovah, the God of healing.

I'm just hoping that people, who don't know Jesus as Saviour and are indecisive about God, would get

in touch with God as soon as possible so that when sickness and other adversities overcome us, they

will have the power of the universe at their disposal with withstand, endure and prevail.

I may sound like a broken record. But I can't thank God enough for each day, even each moment,

that I live now without experiencing an great pain or discomfort. I thank God for the way He is healing me

and is giving me more and more hope that the healing will be comprehensive and complete.

My healing has not happened all at once the way the healings are portrayed in the bible. He is

healing me gradually, day by day, as I regain more strength and an increasing sense of well being. So

what are the real challenges to me? They are for me to have faith and the patience to wait on the Lord.

The hardest part for so many of us when blessing time comes is to wait on the Lord when the blessing

doesn't come all at once.

Few weights are heavier than waiting. The devil likes to attack us while we are waiting. He attacks us

with doubt, with frustration, with anger, with fear, depression and, if he's lucky, death. But if we trust

and never doubt, God will surely bring us out. He will make our enemies our footstools. He will make

death shut up, get somewhere and sit down and keep his icy hands to himself. He will fight our battles

when we are out-manned and out-gunned.

God bless you today. But I also want to add an extra benediction to this entry. It's an old hymn that

the Lord has been placing on my soul, my heart and my tongue of late. I sing it in the morning. I sing it

at noonday and I sing before I go to bed. And sometimes I sing it in the midnight hour. Some of you

will recognize and feel the Spirit of the living as we recite the lyrics in song:

My faith looks us to thee

Thou lamb of calvary (tears are falling from my eyes right now)

Savior divine.

Now hear me while I pray.

Take all my guilt away.

Oh let me from this day

Be wholly Thine.

May Thy rich grace impart

Strength to my fainting heart

My zeal inspire

As Thou hast died for me

Oh may my love to thee

Pure, warm and changeless be

A healing fire

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

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It's wonderful to see a Christian's testimony in a blog! Praise the Lord that you have the courage to stand up for your belief in a world such as ours. I wish others in my area, Cincinnati, would do the same thing. God Bless you and your family.

Banks' response: Thank you so much Liz for your kind words and powerful encouragement. Our Savior commanded us to encourage one another and you are doing so to me. I just broke away from watching the TV coverage of Barack Obama becoming the first black man to clinch the U.S. Presidential nomination by a major political party. Oh what an historical night for our nation and for our faith. He has sought the office in the right way, seeking to united our nation into a brotherhood of unprecedented love for one another, with special emphasis on the least of us. So in This the same year of my personal physical healing we may also be enjoying the healing of our nation. Obviously, this means that there are enough of us, God's people, who are called by His Name, humbling ourselves, praying, seeking God's face and turning from our wicked way. Consequently, He is hearing our prayers, forgiving our sins and healing our land. And I'm sure you will agree with me that the healing of our environment ecologically, socially and morally begins with the spiritual healing of enough people of America. God bless you, Liz. God bless you and your family real good.

Wow - thank you for such an encouraging blog. In the midst of so much heartbreak and tragedy in the news, it was awesome to read your inspiring note. I had just been looking for something encouraging after reading many depressing news reports, and here came your blog. Keep going, brother! You are wise to keep looking to the Lord, and an inspiration to us all. He surely provides healing and strength in the most difficult times. Thank you for your testimony. It's giving glory to God!

Banks' response: Indeed, Patty, to God be the glory and thanksgiving because the Lord has done great things for us, whereas we are glad. I welcome your kind words and fervent prayer, not just for the solo healing of me, but for the comprehensive healing of America. We need new, committed, moral, unselfish, honest, competent, prayerful leadership to heal our land, whose soil, seas, air, forests and human society are being destroyed by greed and insensitive, dishonest leadership.

Bless You Rev.,

I am happy to hear that you have been out and about. I was speaking to my girlfriend on yesterday and she was talking about her Aunt who is suffering pancreatic cancer. She is undergoing treatment but she seems to have given up hope. This woman has always played a big part in her church and is a lead singer in the choir. But she has given up. She complains all of the time. She speaks as if she is in her last days. The doctors have not given her up but sometimes when she goes for her treatment they can't administer it because she is too weak. I know it is hard to stay encouraged when you are going through but part of our healing comes through our outlook. If we don't expect the best, we won't receive the best. Who is it who said 'much faith, much power, little faith, little power'? I believe that. Anyway, I told my girlfriend that I was going to send her the link to your blog. She needs to hear you speak on your situation. Perhaps it will encourage her. I know it has encouraged me. I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. Talk to you soon!


Banks' response: The easiest thing to do and the first thing the devil wants us to do is to give up when we get a grim diagnosis like the ones I got (brain cancer, prostate cancer) and the one she got (pancreatic cancer). But Jesus' saving of the dying thief on calvary's death row and His resurrections of Lazarus and Jairus' daughter from the dead prove one thing: There's always room for hope when Jesus is summoned. In fact, allow me to lead my next entry with this very exchange.

Oh, Rev. Banks...."thou lamb of calvary", when I think of that cross, how He died for us, lowly, sinful us, oh, how blessed we are. Tears of joy, shouts of glee, oh yeah, we are witnessing Him in all His glory. And your reminders that it is never too late, never too late, to come, to be healed, to know His love. We celebrate what the Lord is doing with and to you and especially appreciate your sharing with and caring for us.

Banks' response: Praise God for your continue remembrance of Him. That is the very theme of The Lord's Supper: "This do in remembrance of me" our Saviour Jesus commanded us. But your remembrance of Him dying on the cross and shedding His blood as a remission for our sin, His dying and arising from the grave on Easter Sunday morning is especially notable because you remind us that we don't have to take the Lord's Supper to remember Him.
God bless you

Best food out there for general health improvement,Google this > "Mangosteen" a thimble cup of this daily and bottle of water.

Banks' response: Thanks, Skeets, for reading my blog and for sharing your herbal remedy suggestion.

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