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Yes, God is real and still healing.

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God bless you.
Thank you readers, friends, strangers, relatives and Kingdom sisters and brothers.
Your prayers and best wishes are not in vain because day after day after day, I'm feeling God's healing coming on strong.
Truly, God is real. And because He's real, there is still healing in the holy hem of His son Jesus if we dare reach out and touch it with fingers of faith. Yes, there also is still some balm in yonder's Gilead. Check out these latest reasons why I know.
Tuesday, the first time I had exercised since undergoing May 21 radiation therapy for my prostate cancer, I walked 2.5 miles nonstop on my home treadmill in 55 minutes. One day later, I walked three miles nonstop in 61 minutes.
That's great news both for my prostate cancer and especially my end-stage congestive heart failure.
Thank you, Jesus!

Nine weeks ago, when I was admitted to the University of Chicago Hospital with what had been

diagnosed by a half dozen renown cardiologists as end-stage congestive heart failure, I could not walk

from the hospital entrance to the courtesy desk, just 10 yards from the elevator, without stopping to

catch my breath.

My wife Joyce, our middle daughter Noelle and grandson Caleb accompanied me. Noelle drove us

into town. But once inside the hospital, my wife Joyce had to wheelchair me through the meandering halls

some 200 yards to the room where I was to undergo a transesophageal echo cardiography of my

weakened heart because no way could I walk that distance alone without stopping every 10 paces to rest.

After two weeks of tests, cardiac surgeon Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam and his staff concluded that my

best chance for short-term survival was the implantation of a Heartmate XVE LVAS pumping machine and

my best chance for long-term survival was a heart transplant. Otherwise, I probably could expect to live

no longer than six to 12 months.

But on my way to a heart transplant, God allowed two roadblocks, brain cancer and prostate cancer,

to pop up and keep from getting on the transplant waiting list.

Excuse me English teachers, but ain't God good?

Having now been diagnosed with three potential killers, I had to turn up the dial of my faith in God

from simple to super. Then God's Spirit moved me to not just go super on believing in Him, but

super-sensational by telling the world that He is going to heal me from these deadly diseases.

Well, so far, is God healing or is God healing? Catch my drift?

Thank God for blessing the Sun-Times to be kind enough to allow me to put God and me on public

display to allow all y'all to watch God work.

My first breakthrough was the doctors' determination that the cancerous brain tumor, discovered by

an MRI at Northwestern Hospital, is benign.

( Let's pause here for station identification: You are watching a HEALING IN PROGRESS, brought to

you by the makers of such providential products as heaven and earth, time and eternity, life and death.

This program is intended for our viewing pleasure, our glorification of God and our increase in faith.

Any other reproduction of this program without the expressed written consent of God the Father,

the Son and God the Holy Ghost is hereby forbidden.)

The second breakthrough was the determination by UCMC urologist Dr. Glenn Gerber that my

prostate cancer was early-stage, localized and could be treated with radioactive seeds. Last Wednesday,

Dr. Brian Moran implanted 87 permanent radioactive seeds into my prostate while I was under general

anesthesia at his Chicago Prostate Cancer Center in Westmont. It was an out-patient procedure that

allowed Joyce to drive sore me home within three hours after it was performed.

So far, Dr. Moran says I have been responding exceptionally well to the brachytherapy and the

medications he prescribed, raising my daily intake to 19 pills. By next week, that total drops to 17.

After my next appointment with UCMC transplant cardiologist Dr. Allen Anderson, that total may drop

even more as I am gradually being weened off of medication.

Some of my friends like Rev. Samuel Hinkle and Dec. Erwin Dabley also underwent chemotherapy or

radiation beam treatment or both in addition to brachytherapy. Dr. Gerber and Dr. Moran say my

brachytherapy alone is sufficient treatment for my prostate cancer.

"Roughly 90% of my patients received seeds alone," Dr. Moran said. "In the case that there is locally

advanced disease, we would use a combination approach which may include external beam radiation

(IMRT) with or without hormonal therapy. There are many factors to consider including your PSA,

Gleason score, clinical stage, age, comorbid conditions, etc. I am confident that the best course of

treatment for you is the seed implant alone without additional therapy and anticipate excellent results."

Side effects from the brachytherapy have been minimal even through they are expected to

increase in the coming weeks. If and when they do, you'll be among the first to know.

Also on Wednesday, after getting off my three-mile treadmill walk, I weighed 231 pounds. That's

the closest I've been to 230 in years. My next stop is to drop south of 230 on my way to 200-210.

Stay tuned for the next installment of God's HEALING IN PROGRESS, starring Lacy J. Banks and a

cast of praying legions.

God bless you.

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I love you my brother in Christ and will continue to pray for you. God is soooooooooooooooo good!

Banks' response: Great God from Zion! Thank you Sister Sharon.

Mr. Banks, I am praying for you and your family. I thank God for you, for your wonderful testimony, and willingness to be so open with your struggle. Indeed your gift for journalism is turning out to be an extension of your ministry from God. You have no idea how much you have inspired me and thousands, perhaps millions of others who may never write a blog entry. Please know that your living is not in vain, and God brought you here for such a time as this.

Banks' response: God bless you, Valerie, for obviously holding on to God's unchanging hand and for making sure that if you can help somebody with an encouraging word as you pass along, then you living shall not be vain. So continue being steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the ord. Then your labor also shall not be in vain.

Mr. Banks, I just love hearing about great praise reports such as yours, because it shows that once and for all, no matter how blind, how sheltered or how misconstruded society may be at times, there is a God (one God), Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who, each and every time, makes His presence known in a BIG way! So I thank God for your testimony, that it may bring hope to those reading this, (that may not believe) who are going through trials and tribulation. Thank you, Chicago Suntimes, for such a bold move and exhibiting free speech at its' finest. God bless :-)

Banks' response: Olgita, if we didn't serve such a BIG God then we wouldn't be able to testify about Him doing BIG things. I pity the fool who expects big things from little gods and end up being left high and dry and hung out to die.

Our Lord is AMAZING! I thank you again and again for sharing this journey. I am uplifted. I know that walk from the elevator to the desk. Such a short distance when you can breathe. A long, long way when you can't. I continue to pray for your strength and well being. Looking forward to hearing you preach again at Morning Star. God has given you a gift that you just keep on giving. Thank Him and thank you.

Banks' response: You're so right about King Jesus being the gift that keeps right on giving. That's why giving is the veru soul of real love and of the core of our Christian faith. Fo God so loved the world that He....not loaned, leased or sold but--- GAVE His only begotten Son..... Then when Jesus came, He spent and sacrificed His life GIVING. Therefore, here come you and I beloved passing the bucket of generosity caring for and sharing with each other with the blessed assurance that neither our giving nor our living will be in vain.

Good Morning Rev.

I woke up with you on my mind. On my way in to work as I prayed I asked God why I hadn't heard anything from you. I prayed that everything was OK. Then when I signed on this morning I found your entry. You must have posted after I signed off for the day yesterday. Anyway, just know that even when you don't post I am praying for your healing and for the strength of your family. Reading your blog and the comments is the highlight of my day! I will forever cherish this experience. I feel this way......if I can follow you in the sports section when all was well and the Bulls were winning....certainly I can follow you now when you really need faithful, praying saints to surround you. I followed you then and I will follow you now because I want to be a part of this blessing. I was especially moved last week when a brother who was not saved wrote a comment to your blog entry. Your response was to offer him Jesus and as a result of that he said that he was now a believer. Even in the midst of your trial you are still concerned with saving souls and bringing the lost to Christ. Stay strong Rev. and know that you are not going through this alone. Talk to you soon!

Banks' response: No never alone, Donna, no never alone, He (Jesus) promised never to leave me (and you and all of us), never to leave me alone. And I feel the warm presence of your fervent prayers daily. You must be sitting in the first or second row of this trust train rolling up the tracks of progress headed to the city of TRIUMPHANT HEALINGVILLE. Cleophus Robinson used to sing that beloved gospel song, "Pray for me, pray for me, oh my brother, pray for me, when you bow at the altar, please, please don't forget to pray for me." And rest assured, Donna, that as you pray for me (Hallelujah) I'm sho nuff praying for you. I don't know your needs, Donna, but Jesus knows our every weakness, so take it to the Lord in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit. Oh what needless pains we bear. All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. Yes, I am a man of faith, being a man of God. But I declare unto you that Kingdom kin like you are feeding my faith and you are creating a metaphysical monster and motivating me more and more to stir up the gifts of God stored in me and ripe to explode. Whew! I feel like having church up in here right now!!!


Mr. Banks:

God does NOT promise us everlasting life on earth, just everlasting love. Sometimes we have to accept His plan for us. That doesn’t mean not fighting hardship, but accepting that which what we can not change. In some cases, immortality. That being said, I will pray for your recovery and your family as they take this journey with you. God Bless.

Banks' response: As WE take this journey. Not just me. Because prayer is the ticket you need to board this train, you are now a fellow passenger. Surely, you need healing from something. And as for immortality, you are right that it is not an earthly reward. It is the heavenly gift of salvation to be enjoyed in heaven. Man born of a woman is still of few days and those days are full of trouble. It is appointed unto every man once to die and after that the judgement. And since the wages of sin is death, then all of us qualify for death for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But thank God that for us His redeemed, our death will not stop at the grave. For us, death is simply a bridge we must cross into the land of perfect day where God shall wipe all tears away. Yes, Heaven. So we can take wherever is dished to us here on earth because we know that trouble won't last always. And when this earthly tabernacle shall dissolve, we have another building, a building not made with hands eternal in glory. Praise the Lord!

I haven't been able to follow your blog as much as I'd like to but, when I saw this headline, I just had to click on it! God IS a healing God and I'm believing in HIM for your healing. I'm in my late 20s and have recently been faced with my own health (cardiac) issues. As a matter of fact, we share the same cardiac surgeon at U of C. I believe that Dr. Jeevanandam has been sent by God to provide us with wonderful care, but I believe that HE is the ultimate healer and will bring both of us through these difficult times. Keep praying and keep believing! God bless...

Banks' response: Aahhhhh. Valluvan Jeevanandam. Obviously, he is a living legend. A medical Mozart. So young and yet so talented and accomplished. He says he has performed more than 800 heart transplantations and directed or participated in at least 200 more. He is the crown jewel of the University of Chicago Medical Center's cardiac surgery department. He did a fine job on the grafting part of my bypass even though the plastic surgeon afterward failed to secure my sternum and forced me to have followup surgery to stabilize my sternum. TI am told that those grafts remain open and Dr. VJ is making himself available for whatever else is needed in my new heart issues. I shook his right hand and took special care not to squeeze it too tight because those are the hands of a surgical maestro. Would one dare squeeze the hand of Leonardo da Vinci, Paderewski, Heifetz, Cliburn, Watts, Rubinstein or Ashkanazy too tightly? Yet, as good as VJ is, he is no more than a instrument of the divine hands of God. I know not the faith of Dr. VJ. But his fate as perhaps the world's premier cardiac surgeon was predestined in the stars before the foundation of the world.

I'm wondering which of your doctors is this "God" fellow you keep talking about. It seems to me that they and you are the ones doing all the work.

Banks' response: Pardon. This "God" fellow? I dare not equal any individual doctor or all the world's doctors to God. God envelopes and extends far beyond the totality of all realities. He is so big as infinity and yet He can condense some of His essence down into in individual and in one vital moment make His presence felt. God works in mysterious ways through us, around us, with us, for us and in spite of us. This "God' phenomenon is so high you can't get over Him, so low you can't get under Him and so wide you can't get around Him. So you mush come in at the door. And Jesus says, "I am the door. By me shall men enter in and find pasture." And I'm glad to say tonight (only because I'm writing this at night, but this also applies by day ) that in shady green pastures besides deep, still waters, Jesus, me Lord, leads me. God bless you Devon.

Dear Lacy Banks,

I have a new book titled: God is Real. The main subject is a documented healing that was reenacted on the Family Channel. Please visit my web site at I know my testimony will bless you, and perhaps you can sugest how I may get some publicity for it in Chicago.

Roy Davidson
Author - God is Real

Banks response: Thank you, Roy, for your kind invitation to find

encouragement in your book. I'm happy that the Family Channel promoted the

work. We appreciate your continued prayer. God bless you, brother.

wow am in tears. i was healed from heart failure / cardiomyapathy at age 34.

BANKS' RESPONSE: Praise the Lord! I celebrate your healing blessing. Thank

you for giving God the glory and thanksgiving. He is pleased when we do that. And

other need to hear from you and know that God is still healing. Right now at this very

moment He is healing somebody else.

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