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Why Choose A Public Healing?

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God bless you.
As I told you in my last entry, three encouraging diagnostic updates by my doctors confirm that my healing is already underway.
First, doctors have concluded the brain tumor is benign. So Dr. Allison Hahr, Northwestern Memorial Hospital endocrinologist, has prescribed that we treat it with a pill as long as it is not growing and producing any dangerous hormones.
Second, Dr. Glenn Gerber, University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) urologist, says the two cancerous tumors on my prostate are "early-stage and localized" and can be effectively treated with a minimal-invasive procedure where radiation seeds will be implanted in the prostate by Dr. Brian Moran, a world-renown radiation oncologist.
Third, Dr. Allen Anderson, UCMC cardiologist, examined me Friday and expressed amazement that I am feeling better and have made a "dramatic response" to new medication he has added to my treatment.
Some of your may question why I am choosing to deal with these potentially deadly health issues in public. Well, it's because from the very start I prayed and had faith that God would heal me, as He obviously is already doing, and I wanted Him to get the praise, the glory and the thanksgiving so that others would be encouraged to pray and have faith in Him whenever they are afflicted with serious sickness or whatever.

Most people like to suffer sickness in solitude. In fact, that had been my policy before this trilogy of

tragedy. We do this because we want to minimize the intrusion of pestering people, who will do us more

harm than good with their doubts, questions and negative attitudes that leave us feeling worse when they

leave than we did before they call or visit us.

Suffering in private can also help patients to conserve energy and concentrate all their mental and

physical powers on whatever ails them. Genuine well-wishers mean well. But it takes energy to answer

every phone call, repeat yourself again and again to people who already knew what you are going

through, and to host visitors who often stay too long and keep you from getting valuable rest.

But when I learned of my afflictions, I decided to exercise audacious faith, trust God for the healing in

a manner where I could immediately make known His works among the people.

So I asked myself, "Why should I have God heal me in the alley of anonymity?" If I really, really have

faith in Him, why not have Him to prepare "a table before me in the presence of my enemies" and heal me

right smack out in the open where everybody can watch our almighty God do His thing?

So here we are, sisters and brothers, God and His gifted doctors on one side, me and my diseases,

faith and common sense on the other side. Most people really don't believe in healing because most

people really don't believe in God. Even many of my fellow preachers don't want to take any chances in

having anything to do with God healing because if He doesn't it might make them look bad.

But any redeemed beloved child of God goes into a requested healing agreeing that the bottom line

always is that God's kingdom come and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

There are naysayers who will doubt my healing and say, "Well, he must have not been sick in the first

place." Or they might give all the credit to my doctors and the advances in medical technology.

Well, I have real evidence of the baseline of each of my illnesses. I have scientific proof. More than

$100,000 have been charged to my health insurance for x-rays, blood chemistry and a variety of other

tests and examinations over a two-month period to determine these illnesses, which have been

confirmed by some of the world's most competent doctors.

In other words, I ain't faking. And neither is God. They took more than 100 X-ray images of my brain,

went through my blood and other body fluids extensively to determine the brain cancer. They took 12

snippets of my prostate to determine the prostate cancer. They examined my heart with a micro-camera

that had been roded through my neck into my heart, with another sensing device inserted through a tube

that threaded my esophagus, measured my blood pressure and the pressures in my lungs and heart

chambers to discover that I had a defective mitral value and a grossly enlarged ventricle that had me on a

collision course with death within a few months at the most if not treated.

Thank God that our mainstream Christian faith allows us to seek the medical attention of doctors.

And why not? We pray to God for bread and go to the baker to buy it. We pray to God for clothes and we

go to the clothing store to buy them. We pray to God for a job and we go to the various work places to

apply for employment. We pray to God for protection and we call 911 for the police to come protect

us--provided they arrive in time and don't shoot or arrest the wrong people.

By the same token, all doctors are instruments of God, whether they believe in Him or not. All our

help comes from the Lord. It may come THROUGH the baker, the banker, the cobbler, the tailor, the

police, the military, the government, the doctors or whatever. But all our help comes FROM God.

Baring more direct healing from God, which I am already claiming for my brain cancer, I have at least

one more surgical procedure to go to treat my prostate cancer and one more, instead of two, to treat my

end-stage congestive heart failure. Hopefully, we're talking about a short ride of two or three more

months before I can get to a point where we can proclaim the functional healing that returns to me a

good quality of life from a medical standpoint.

Meantime, are you enjoying the ride? Please relax, have faith and watch God work. And I hope my

experience can encourage other patients to be more successful in dealing with their illnesses.

In my next blog, I want to share with you the outrage over the high cost of health care and how the

cost of care has gone up, but the quality of care has gone down.

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Praise God!

Hello Rev. Banks

God truly answers prayer, I am praying daily for your complete healing. I had plans of attending your Thursday evening serice and ended up working late, sorry I missed the high-voltage, ecclesiastic, electric storm service. I can only imagine the announcement of the latest good medical news benign tumor, and localized prostate cancer. As we continue on this healing journey even the doctors will know that only a God can perform miracles such as your complete triple healing announcemnet. By his stripes you are healed. I feel like shouting right now.
Hallelujah!!! Thanks You Jesus!!! What a mighty God we serve!!!

Lots of Love Beverly


I am following the blog and wait for the next installment just as eagerly as I use to wait for the Sunday paper to read another installment of Dick Tracy. The only similarity here is the urge to learn what will happen next and the human tendency to want to make certain the protagonist in each story is protected and safe.

After reading and re-reading the May 9 blog which begins with the highest praise, “Hallelujah……” and recalling “10 pills”, and now being introduced to 12 doctors and 3 hospitals, coupled with numerous doctors visits, 2 pending operations and something about ‘seeds’, my carnal mind vexed me all day and night with a question. How can Lacy Banks say ‘hallelujah?’

Be mindful that I am continually praying for your medical concerns, asking and believing with certainty that God’s will shall be done to restore your health and to give you the length of days to enjoy with your wife and the family. I know that God is kind, wonderful, and just.

I‘ve witnessed the miracle of healing in my own father’s life. I just could not get past the 10, 12, 3, 2, the seeds and started to talk to myself wondering if you were taking too many pills, seeing too many doctors and reducing your daily lifestyle to a tower of Babel experience What if the drugs are incompatible?, the doctors don’t agree? What toll is this taking on his family? How does he write and read and be a husband and a father and a preacher and get well?

But, Jesus asked the man at the pool, Bethesda, “Do you want to get well?” Perhaps this man’s reply about the perceived hindrances to his healing parallels what vexes me about the 10, 12, 3, 2 and the seeds. Or is this my human frailty to want to write the end of the story and make certain the protagonist is protected and safe.

My Saturday was busy all day and this morning, Sunday, was spent preparing for and participating in worship. As soon as I returned home, I read the May 10 blog.

Oh, me of little faith. Every concern, every question I had was spoken to in your writing. “Why choose a public hearing?” It may be for this reader who recalls those who prayed for Peter when he was in prison. When Peter miraculously escaped and knocked at the door where the people were still praying, they thought Rhoda was out of her mind when she let them know the person they were praying for was released and standing outside the door.

Keep writing, my friend. Jesus bypassed all the “stuff” around the pool for thirty-eight years and told the man, “Get up, pick up your bed and walk.” I am striving for a renewed spirit to trust Him more. Regards, cd7s

I praise and thank the Lord for you and your faith, Lacy. God has been and is doing a great work in your life. You have been and are a tremendous blessing to a multitude of people, including my congregation, my family and to me personally. We are standing in agreement with you in prayer and faith for your healing. Keep believing, keep confessing and keep standing on God's word, for "God is not a man, that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?", Numbers 23:19

Peace and Love,
Your brother Andre

Dear Brother Lacy: all praises to the almighty!!! He is a healer even to those who won't believe. God is always present, all you have to do reach out! Thank God for him and thank you for your public testimony. Amen

Thanks I really needed to read this. We are going through a family medical situation and i do believe everything is in God's hands.

Good evening Rev. Banks. I am so happy that you have decided to share this publicly so that everyone can see how awesome God is to all of us. I recently included you specifically in my prayers following the homegoing of another good leader, the Hon. Eugene Pincham. It was you that brought Justice Pincham to one of Fellowships Baptist Training Union Youth events on one Saturday afternoon when I was a mere lad of about 13.

It was you along with Rev. Jasper Williams when I begin to get a full understanding and appreciation for the word of God at the age of eleven. I insisted and begged mom to take me to here you when you preached revivals at Fellowship or Haven of Rest, or when Pastor Evans shared the pulpit for you to preach at the broadcast. OH! I couldn't wait to here titled sermons such as "SUPERMAN", which talked about God Super Powers, or my all time favorite, "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor", An Easter Sermon that elequently, and emphatically reveals that Christ is still alive.

So Rev. Banks I have to concur with you as I paraphrase Pastor Jenkins interwined with your title. When SUPERMAN (GOD) takes his SUPER and adds it to the doctors Natural, then I have the Faith that there will be a Supernatural healing in your life. And if I can further take a an exerpt from your Sermon, and take a break for station identification and say: And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: I am Alpha and Omega, I am the Beginning and the End; Take my Yoke upon you and learn of me.. For my Yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

So as you may put it; as I dance in advance over this spiritual romantic love affair that you have with Jesus the Christ, I am Peacock Proud and Halleluja Happy that soon and very soon the world will see through your healing; that God is still alive.

I love you and my prayers are with you. I'll be around to see you soon.

God Bless you,

Dea. David Moore

BANKS: God bless you Deacon Moore for not just remembering me but the sermons God preached through me down through the years. I pray the God bless your whole family with continued like abundant in peace, joy and power.

God Bless You brother preacher on your healing. Remember it is by "your" faith that you are made whole. I am an assc. min. at Pastor Leroy Elliott church and heard you preaching the 7 last sayings at Henry Hardy a couple years ago. Man you can say it!!!! God Bless You on your healing we will be getting you over soon!!! I will be in touch keep the faith.

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