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Lacy Banks on Comcast SportsNet

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God bless you.
By now, many of you have seen the beautiful special that Chicago's Comcast Cable aired of my "Healing In Progress" during its May 16 SportsNite hourlong program.
My wife Joyce and I were happy and honored to have former Bear great Dan Jiggetts, producer Willie Parker and cameraman Todd Williams in our humble home. In later shoots, cameramen Eric Fogle and Brett Fisher did the honors.
These gentlemen were quintessential professionals. My only regret is that my granddaughter Lauren Chapman was disappointed that I didn't get Dan's autograph. But hopefully I won't forget it in a followup.
Fogle came to Chicago's Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church while I was preaching the second night of its 82nd church anniversary revival. Pastor Joseph Jackson, his members and I were very grateful that Eric stayed for the whole service, heard the entire sermon, did not appear frightened by the shouting saints and, I believe, tossed me a couple of "amen reverend" when I needed extra fuel for fire.
I want to thank Comcast for helping us to invite the rest of America into our home and to join my wife and me on this healing journey. We're picking up prayerful passengers now from around the world, really. Wherever people can log in on the Sun-Times, they can enjoy seeing my wife and me in the accompanying video, which is presented in High-Definition living color and surround-sound stereo.
Look Ma! We're TV stars now!
Station executive producer Lissa Druss Christman has already expressed interest in doing a followup later during this joyful victorious journey. And by that time, I hope to present a lighter and definitely healthier image. Yes, let's be honest. I'm ashamed of myself. I am about 40 pounds overweight. That's not being responsible on my part. I can't be lazy and expect God to do everything. I must put my faith to work by pushing away from that dinner table, where my wife is a queen of gourmet cuisine, and add more exercising and fasting to my regimen.
God bless you.

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Dear Lacy,

How wonderful that your healing has begun and that you are on the right track to recovery!
Congratulations to you for sharing your health situation with the world so that others will have the benefit of learning about your treatment, emotional, psychological and physical responses, family interaction and how you are helped by your abiding, strong faith. I have long believed that "One is healed as one believes." You are showing how you integrate professional help with the Spiritual, which has been a part of your life for so long.
Your family history of heart and prostate problems, can be a wake up call for early investigation, monitoring and prevention techniques to millions of others, but especially for Black Americans who fail to link hereditary health problems with the extra need for personal health vigilance, maintenance and weight regulation. (It was great to see you at work trying to lose those extra 40 pounds!)
Good Luck on your procedure on Wednesday! My neighbor, Rudy Guiliani, after much research for the best treatment options for prostate cancer, chose the same one. The world knows how pleased he's been with the results. I hope that you will feel the same way afterwards.
Love to Joyce and your family for helping to keep you on the right path,


Banks' response: Thank you so much Carol, my cherished Sumner H.S. (KCK) classmate, for your prayerful support and for sharing the encouraging experience of your neighbor. Welcome aboard this trust train, where I pray our growing list of passengers will enjoy my healing journey and spread the word that where there is a seed of genuine hope, there is an harvest of healing in due season.

Known for years that the Lord uses whomever He pleases to make His will known, to show how He promises, protects and delivers.
He is using you in a mighty way and I am uplifted each day I check your blog. I share it with some who do not have access and in reading one the other day it was such a powerful message I was moved to tears reading to a friend. What a mighty God we serve! You and family are in my prayers.

Banks' response: What a might God we serve? Indubitable. But what better complement for a mighty God than a mighty server? My compliments to you.

Hello Rev. Banks

I must continue to let you know that our prayers are with you daily as we watch our Lord and Saviour bless and heal you in a mighty way. As I watched the video interview I was reminded of the seeds that you planted in my life that increased my faith in God through you. Your strength, courage and love for your wife radiate what our family believe and trust in. May God Bless and keep you and your family in perfect peace as you continue to keep your mind stayed on him. Love Beverly and Wylie Rogers

Banks' response: Dec. Wylie and Evan. Beverly Rogers, I thank God for your continue prayers, love and support. Spread the word about this and watch God work.
Rev. Banks

Our dear brother in Christ, Rev. Lacy Banks, thank you first of all for sharing your healing testimony with Chicago and the world. It is enlightening, educational and yes healing to others.
Keep up the fight. God is with you and so are many of your prayer intercessors. God provides His Holy Spirit to help and guide us through all truth. The example of this is - you're finding the knowledge, doctors, treatments and passing it on to us- your readers and enabling us as yourself to become proactive in our healing process. Yes, prayer and more prayer is the key ingredient. We at New Faith Baptist Church Int'l of Matteson, Il. have not forgotten you, you're always in our prayers.
Love & prayers.
Geri Patterson, Chgo.

Banks' response: God bless you Geri. I will always cherish the kindness New Faith showed me in honoring me to help minister you through the period of transition. Now, under Dr. Felder, New Faith appears to be enjoying unprecedented providential prosperity. Thank you Jesus! Oh what a mighty God we serve!

God bless you and your family.My prayers are with during this time in your lives.

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Lacy J. Banks

Lacy J. Banks, 67, has been a Sun-Times sportswriter/columnist for 38 years and a Baptist preacher for 58 years. He has preached at more than 100 different churches in the Chicago area. A native of Lyon, Miss., Banks graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in French and he served three years in the Vietnam War as a U.S. Naval officer. Lacy and wife, Joyce, have been married 42 years and have three daughters and five grandchildren. Among beats Banks has covered for the Sun-Times are the Bulls, Fire, defunct Sting, Blackhawks, Wolves, Cubs, defunct Hussle, Rush, Sky, college football and basketball and pro boxing.



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