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Healing Journey Starts In The Church

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God bless you.
I started this healing journey privately, praying to God with my wife Joyce in our home as the revelations of brain cancer, end-stage congestive heart failure and prostate cancer were made in that order by doctors at Northwestern Hospital and the University of Chicago Hospital in April.
Next, I was inspired by my faith in God to audaciously make this journey a public one by inviting the world to watch God work. Before starting this blog, I accepted an invitation to preach the 82nd church anniversary revival of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, 4600 South Martin Luther King Drive, on the nights on May 5, 6 and 8. Thursday night is my last night.
Of all the people that I knew would be behind me prayerfully to the victorious end, true fellow Christians would be my most loyal supporters. So I used this preaching engagement to show that I was not going to let sickness stop me from preaching God's word as I have been doing for 55 years since God called me to preach at the age of nine. When I accepted the call, I vowed to God that I would preach His gospel until I die. So as long as I have the strength to preach, I will do so as the Spirit and my health dictate, not only to fulfill my original vow but to show the world that I am a HEALING IN PROGRESS.

When I told my wife of 39 years, Joyce, that I was going to accept the preaching invitation graciously

extended by Pastor Joseph Jackson, she cried and begged me not to do so. It was her love for me

speaking and I consoled her with hugs and kisses and assured her that God is in control. She didn't want

me to accept the engagement because she knew I'd preach hard and possibly hurt myself. At the same

time, the devil also didn't want me to accept the engagement because he knew that I would hurt him no

matter how hard I preached.

Don't get me wrong. I love my wife, our three daughters and our five grandchildren dearly. They're

the biggest earthly reasons I want to keep living so that I can enjoy being with them. But I made it clear to

my wife before I married her that I love God more than her or anybody or anything in the universe, and

that I wanted her to do the very same thing. She assures me she does even though I know it's difficult.

Sure enough, the first two nights of the revival were highly uplifting spiritually. God gave me the

power to preach about 25-30 minutes and the Holy Ghost set our hearts on fire. The two services

sandwiched around Tuesday morning's debut of this Sun-Times blog, which resulted in encouraging

comments primarily from fellow Christians who have heard me preach or who have enjoyed my

Sun-Times reporting and didn't know I am a preacher.

I take 10 different medications (15 to 17 pills total) a day, get plenty of rest and I walk at least a mile

on my treadmill, presently averaging 2.5 miles an hour. When I feel winded or tired, I stop and rest. While

I can work up a sweat preaching because the preaching of mainstream black Baptist preachers is highly

aerobic, the preaching is actually good to me and, I believe, good for me. It's part of my healing. Good

preaching not only strengthens and helps heal the parishioners who hear God's word, but the preachers

who preach it. We get the first fruits of God's anointing. Very often, I shout privately while taking heavenly

dictations to write my manuscripts.

I know that my healing will come from God either directly or through medication or surgeries. But

until He does heal me and however He chooses to do it, I'm going to do my best and trust Him for the

rest. And doing my best means making use of God-gifted doctors and my common sense.

Despite the fact, I've given my phone number to few people, I've gotten dozens of phone calls and

emails on my AOL account from fellow Christians and non-Christians from across America and from

abroad, assuring me that they are praying for me. Outside my wife and children, the families of Deacon

Jimmy Coleman, Sister Veola Boyles and Rev. Bill Thompson help head my army of prayer partners. My

sisters and brothers at Chicago's Fellowship Baptist Church, where Rev. Charles Jenkins is my pastor and

Rev. Clay Evans is founder, Homewood's Cathedral of Joy (Pastor Sam Hinkle), Chicago's Liberty Baptist

Church (Pastor Darrell Jackson), Trinity United (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), Mt. Pisgah (Pastor Joseph Jackson),

Cosmopolitan Community Church (Henry Hardy) and some 100 other congregations, to which I have

preached, stand staunchly behind me in prayer.

So far, I feel pretty good. I'm not in any real pain or discomfort and my doctors tell me they are

amazed at how well I am responding so far to treatment, which will include at least two vital surgeries in

the coming months unless God heals me all at once and cancels them.

But I'm patient. I got time and faith and God's got eternity and grace, plus all power. We Baptists love

to sing an old favorite gospel song that declares, "You can't hurry God. Oh no, you just have to wait. You

have to trust Him and give Him time, no matter how long it takes. He's a God you can't hurry. But He'll be

there. Don't worry. Job said, 'He may not come when you want Him but He's right on time.'"

In my next blog, I'm going to introduce you to my medical dream team of a dozen doctors at three

different Chicago hospitals, their names and their original diagnoses confirming brain cancer, end-stage

congestive heart failure and prostate cancer. And as I go down the healing checklist, I will do so with

names and progress reports.

Oh what a mighty God I serve!

God bless you.

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we are praying for you! my son has spina bifida and i myself have helath issues and we are both so inspired by you! God will take care of you! you are wonderful!

I just want to said God Bless you and your family. Also I look forward to your blogg and the Good lord with see you though.

I look forward to the blogs to come. And, you are so right. Your energy at the Monday night and Tuesday night services was God sent. He is already healing your physical and spiritual. Love you, daddy!

I praise God for your courage and inspiration -I pray for you/your wife's strength

It's about time you got your own church - The Rev. Lacy J. Banks Healing Temple Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago. I would like to be a member based on my Christain faith. Where do I send my tithes??? smile You are going to be just fine - God is a healer. Imagine the number of people he can reach now - God Bless You

I pray God's healing in your life. You are a pillar of faith, trust and dependence on Him who is able to do exceeding, abundantly about all we could ever ask or think...

as christian our faith is being tried everyday we must continue to run the race with faith seek God first and he will give us the desires of our hearts.




Oh Yes, Reverend Banks, WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVIE. I am a member of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and I have been priviledged to hear you sing and preach on many occasions. God truly works in wonderous ways and I believe that his healing hands are already surrounding and holding you. Please rest in the knowledge that "GOD IS ABLE". My family and I are praying for you and your wonderful family. Stay strong and rest in his mighty arms. We Love You and We Pray For Your Continued Strength. May His Holy Power keep you encouraged. It Is Well!!!!!

Yours In Christ,
Jackie Turner Hamb

Lacy, best of luck. You have a lot of people pulling for you.

God bless you, Lacy!

I stand in agreement with you for God's healing power! It is so!


Just want to say I am praying for you and your family. God is a Good God! He has all Power and that same Power has been given to us. Continue to use your Power to speak to your mountains. Be Removed!

God Bless.

To God be the glory for all the things He has done and will continue to do!

To you,my brother in Christ, I send prayers for you to our Father who is in control and knows you by the very hairs on your head. My family and I are members of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, and oh how we have enjoyed your singing and preaching over the years we've been members. When I heard of your illnesses and read your article in the Sunday paper, it brought sadness to my heart, but then I remembered a Sunday sermon when you sang to us first and then open the word of the Lord and blessed us richly with His words. At that moment, I began to pray just for you and your healing. I lost my dad to congestive heart failure and recently lost a brother as well. I know how challenging the road can be as we watch our loved ones struggle through the valley of illness. However, I also know that God gives us just what we need to do all that we need to do.

Each day I pray your strength and courage in knowing that God's plan for you is greater than you can imagine!

Be richly blessed,

Joyce Greene

God Bless You Lacy! You are an inspiration to many including myself. I have enjoyed your columns for quite sometime now and now we get to see what a terrific human being you are. God Bless.
Philip C Welch


I have followed you for many years. In the sports section as well as at church. I have been privileged to hear you preach. My prayers are with you and your family. You are going to be a living witness to all who follow this blog that God is truly a healer. I am sure you know that we who are praying for you are going to saturate the universe on your behalf.

Stay encouraged.....Be Blessed

Hello Pastor Banks,
As I read your story of your Healing Journey I fight to hold back the tears.
The tears are not only for your Health Journey,but the love that you have for our Savior.
I have seen you preach more than once at my GodMothers church Cosmopolitan Community Church (Henry Hardy).
What a joy to see the Energy,and Life you put into your words.
Since my children have been old enough to understand (2&10) I have always taught them to Love Me and your Mother,but Love God First.
I will Pray for you and your Family.
Rick Jones - (Pastor Hardy did my Wedding).

Hello,Man of God,I am writing to say that all is well, I read your article in the paper the other day,and I have followed your career down through the years, I myself am a pancreatic cancer survivor .I am coming up on 2 years since my surgery on 5.16.2006,and I was only 46 years old at the time,thank god even though I endured a 15 hour surgery ,I came out not needing chemotherapy,radiation,nor am I a diabetic because they had taken part of my pancreas. May god continue to shine on you and your family man of god,you will continually to be in my prayers,cause I know god will do it,god can do it, and it is already done,in the name of jesus.

Rev Banks mighty man of GOD To GOD be the glory for the things he has done and is doing right now. GOD is allowing you to show the world through this form of communication that he is still GOD and he is still on the throne. GOD is not only going to heal you but this will allow others to come to GOD and except GOD.Also I will place your name on Heritiage International Christian Church prayer list.Also we are neighbors call me if need me anytime.GOD BLESS.

Rev.Banks one of may favorite sermons you preached was on 2-26-95. the title was just having a little talk with the Lord. Its special to me because my oldest daughter was born on that day and you gave me examples on how to pray. Now I will use the format that was given to me to pray for you and your family always. Dea Dabney and I have prayer every morning and we call your name every morning.

I was so surprised to hear that you're a preacher! And I was surprised to hear about your current health condition. But I'm with you--God can turn any situation around. With your faith, it is a given. I pray that He will allow you to live longer and preach deeper. I pray that all areas of your body will be healed in the name of Jesus! Nobody can do it but Jesus. He's a healer; He's a doctor. He's the Saver of my soul and yours. I pray that one day, in heaven, we'll get a chance to meet. In the mean time, you're already blessed; no point in wishing you that. I just want you to be healed in Jesus name because the Lord has given you this public outlet to lift up His name. Because of that, I'm even more convinced that He'll heal you for the glory of His great name!

My prayers and good thoughts go out to you talented writer, preacher, husband, father, role model, man of God. I was fortunate to hear you preach years ago, when you were embroiled in a legal battle with the Sunt times. You are a proven fighter and winner. You know that you are more than a conqueror and that you can do all things through the one that strenthens you.
Nancy Ellis

I'm praying for God's healing in your life. May God bless you as He chose to bless Job. Keep standing in faith and trusting that God will give you His best. You are a living witness and a great example for others to see and be drawn to Jesus. God has your back...... and everything else too!!

Dear Man of God.2 thoughts. God didn't promise Christians life sans storms. Storms like the 'past'; 'present'; and 'future' tenses are constantly in our lives. It's not if you'll go through them, its how you go through leaning on God. Our God is able!! (2) If decent and in order is appropriate, then so must be prioritizing,i.e., Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.
God bless you Lacy Banks
Deacon Posey

Rev. Bank

I gone throught the fire & I been throught the flood.I been broken into pieces,seem ligthing flashing from above,but he never put more on u that u can't beared. I pray for family(wife,kids & grandchildren)strenght during time,because they need it also. God is healer,deliver & provider.Stay strong & let God do what he do best.

Dea. Crossley.

Rev.Banks I am remainded of the sermon you preached on 12-31-95 {I'm just a rubber band being stretched in God's hands}. The same God that heard Hezekiah prayer and added 15yrs to his life is doing the same for you.Through your faith in Jesus Christ many people are now looking unto the hills from whence cometh their help. God is doing a great work through your sickness and your life. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen

Banks reponse: Deacon Jones, I am amazed and honored at your vivid recall of some of my favorite sermons at the 'ship. Your strong Christian family remains a pillar in the church and an inspiration to all sent preachers.
Lacy J. Banks


I am encouraged to learn how the Lord keeps blessing you as you journey thru your healing. Keep the faith and continue in your beliefs. Everything will be alright.

Carroll Lewis Morris

Banks' response: Yes, Carroll. Isn't God just wonderful? And don't we really like Him like that when He cuts loose with those really exceptional blessings? The kinds that make us shake heads and sway high-fives? Nobody like Jehovah Yahweh. Right?

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