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Hallelujah! My Healing's Already Underway!

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My healing has already started.
First, I've learned that the tumor on the pituitary gland in my brain is benign.
Second, I've made a "dramatic response" to new medications I'm taking to help treat my end-stage congestive heart failure, which, Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam, the University of Chicago Medical Center's world renown cardiac surgeon, had first felt signaled the need for me to get a heart transplant as soon as possible.
Third, my prostate cancer has been diagnosed as "localized" and "early-stage" by Dr. Glenn Gerber, UCMC urologist, and can be cured by a minimum invasive radiation-seeds-implant procedure called brachytherapy.
All this means that my healing indeed is in progress.
When I shared this news with the members of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Thursday night, where I was preaching their 83rd church anniversary revival, the Pastor Joseph Jackson and his saints there greeted the good news with a rousing standing ovation, spiced with shouts of "Hallalujah!" and "Thank you Jesus!"
"When I invited Rev. Banks to be our guest minister again this year, I knew we would get some good preaching because he is one of the best preachers in the world," Pastor Joseph Jackson said. "But this week, we not only got good preaching, we got some good healing, too."
In reference to my brain cancer, I have learned after talking with Dr. Allison Hahr, an endocrinologist at Northwestern Medial Faculty Facility, that, for all practical purposes, the tumor is benign.
"It's something that we will continue to watch to make sure it does not grow and get worse," she said. "In that case, you could need surgery. But in the interim, it's doing no harm. Right now, it's not secreting anything. I'll have a better idea after you have another MRI and urine analysis."
Second, yesterday (May 8), Dr. Allen Anderson, University of Chicago Medical Center cardiologist, told me "You are making a dramatic response to the new medicine and you doing much better than we expected."
"It's Jesus," I said. "Do you believe in miracles?"
"Yes, I do," he said.
"Well, I am a healing in progress," I said.
Dr. Anderson had examined me for the first time since my April 4 release from a five-day stay in UCMC, where they sent me through a battery of tests to clear me for a heart transplant.

There were at least a dozen people in Thursday's congregation who came up and told me they either

had been through at least one of my three medical issues (brain cancer, prostate cancer and end-stage

congestive heart failure) or are presently going through it.

These include Deacon W.C. Washington, who just underwent a cardiac triple-bypass just about a

month ago and is recovering very well. Then there is also Eugene McKinney, the grandfather of Michael

(Juice) Thompson, who was Northwestern's starting point guard as a freshman this past basketball


"I had prostate cancer, too," McKinney said "But rather than have my entire prostate removed, as a lot

of doctors recommended, I had the radiation seeds implanted in the prostate. I was back to work in a day

or two and the radiation seeds killed the cancer."

The Rev. Samuel Hinkle, a former school teacher and the current pastor of the Cathedral of Joy Baptist

Church in Homewood, had a fight with prostate cancer in 2002. He likewise took the matter to the

Lord in prayer and fasting, acquired as much information as he could on the subject and sought the

assistance of doctors.

"Two or three doctors suggested radical surgical removal of the prostate," Rev. Hinkle said. "But a

former student of mine, Dr. Ansel Johnson, who is now an optometrist, had his prostate cancer

treated with the radiation seeds and he enjoyed a great recovery. So on Oct. 14, 2002, I went to

Northwest University Hospital where I had my seeds implant done by Dr. John Kalaturakal and De. John


"Within a day, I was out of the hospital feeling good. Then two weeks later, my cousin Clarence Jones

and I drove some 700 miles to Washington, D. C., where I preached a revival. With the help of

Dr. Johnson and those doctors, the Lord brought me through that cancer battle victoriously and gave

me a testimony that I continue to preach and share wherever I go. Today, I'm cancer-free."

Unless, the Lord heals me directly before then, I am scheduled to have the radiation seeds

implantation ( called brachytherapy) performed by Dr. Brian Moran, world-renown radiation

oncologist and head of his own Chicago Prostate Cancer Center in Westmont May 21. It's the only

free-standing facility in the world dedicated solely to that procedure.

"I've personally performed thousands of these procedures now, more than anybody else in the world,

and I stand behind out work because our success rate has been extremely high," Dr. Moran said. "For

years, doctors felt that the prostetectomy (complete removal of the prostate) was the best way to

treat prostate cancer. It may had been many years ago. But with the tremendous progress that we have

made in brachytherapy, we feel we're now just as good, if not better.

"Compared to radical prostatectomy, brachytherapy is quicker, easier, less painful, cheapy, less side

effects, quicker recovery time and fewer post-procedure complications. And since that's all we do here

at our facility, we feel we do it better than anybody else."

By the way, my dream team of physicians treating my various ailments are:

Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam, UCMC, a medical Mozart who says he has performed some

1,000 heart transpants alone plus multiple-organ transplants

Dr. Jim Flaherty, Northwestern Hospital cardiologist

Dr. Allen Anderson, UCMC cardiologist

Dr. Mark Ricciardi, University of New Mexico Hospital cardiologist

Dr. Robert Bobow, Northwestern Memorial Hospital's chief of Cardiology

Dr. Jeffrey Trunsky, NMH, primary care physician

Dr. Kenneth Cline, Ingalls Hospital, primary care physician

Dr. Glenn Gerber, UCMC urologist

Dr. Brian Moran, radiation oncologist and head of Chicago Prostate Cencer Center

Dr. Donald M. Jensen, UCMC directer of Center for Liver Disease

Dr. Ted Feldman, Evanston Hospital cardiologist

Dr. Kevin T. Mcvary, NMFFurologist

Dr. Norm D. Smith, NMFF urologist

Dr. Allison Harh, NMFF endocrinologist

My first encouraging news came regarding brain cancer. An office visit to Dr. Mcvary on Feb. 4

resulted in a blood draw that revealed a PSA of 5.7 and a prolactin level of 17.2. The high PSA

suggested a problem with my prostate. A high prolactin level suggested a problem with the pituitary

gland in my brain. A repeat blood draw on Feb. 11 revealed both levels still too high. An MRI taken at

Northwestern on Feb. 22 (at least a dozen large negatives) revealed a tumor on my pituritary. I asked

Dr. Mcvary if the tumor was possibly malignant and connected with my prostate problem, he then

referred me to Dr. Hahr, who examined the X-ray negatives, and had me collect a day's worth of urine, for

which she soughh for a hormone called cortisol, a possible sign of cancer.

The urine sample came back clean and moved Dr. Hahr to say Friday, "It's not cancer. At least,

I hope it's not. It's a tumor. But it's not doing anything. I really don't know what it is. We'll just keep

I really don't know what it is. We'll look at it ievery three months and we'll what happens."


Hey, I'm accepting that brain cancer healed right now. I'm still taking a pill called Cabergoline .5 mg

that she prescribed for me. But I'm claiming victory over that brain cancer for now.

One down and two to go.

Now, let me make something clear. I don't expect any of my doctors to claim that I'm healed each

time they determine that I no longer have a prostate cancer problem or that I no longer really need a

heart transplant to stay alive. These men are scientists, for goodness sake. These men make decisions

based on what they see and what they're learned in med school. Many of them believe in divine miracles

but few will say so for public attribution.

They believe in healing, but primarily in terms of medical healing, resulting from medicine and

medical procedures like surgery. So I don't expect them to join us beloved of the Lord, scream

"Hallelujah! God has healed Banks!" and jump for joy and publicly declare "Banks is healed!!!" each time I

recover from some ailment. Doctors don't do that and I'm not asking of doctors treating me. I just want

them to be honest and tell me the facts and when those facts says I'm cured or recovered, then you and I

will scream that God has healed me and give Him the thanksgiving and glory.

God bless you.

God is healing me.

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To God be the glory for the manifestation of His word and His promises!! I love you, Dad, and will continue to believe the report of the Lord!

Jeremiah 30:17a - "For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord"

Thank you Jesus, for Minister Lacy Banks healing already coming to pass!! Brian Black

I (and I am sure so many others) stand in agreement with you as you believe and receive your healing in progress. As you travel this journey, may God be glorified in your testimony and others who read your blog be strengthened and encouraged to also walk by faith and not by sight.

(Former Shiloh Member)

Oh Bless the Name of Jesus! Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow! What a way to start my day. I was feeling a little down this morning......I don't have a mother and Mother's Day always takes me back to grieving. But just for a moment. When I signed on to e-mail and read your message I had to stop and give glory to God. He is good. I love him. He never fails. Yes, Rev. Banks, your healing is on the way. I am glad that you are allowing us to go along for the ride to witness this miracle.

Love and Blessings,


God is so good. His hands are on us when we don't even realize it. I'm so glad to hear your health is improving. I'm a Chicagoan living in Oklahoma and wanted you to know that prayers from the plains are blowing your way!

To God Be the Glory! Nobody but Jesus could do it! Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Praise God for your healing.

How WONDERFUL. God is indeed good.

Clearly the job isn't complete just yet, and prayers still ascend for you, now and for a while to come. The peace and glory and blessing of the Almighty and Eternal be with you, and may the Ancient of Days hold you in His hand at all hours.

Banks' response: May the perfect peace of God pervade every iota or your essence.

Bro. Banks,
Greetings and may God continue to bless you exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all you can ask or think. I am so encouraged and blessed by your story. I do not usually do blogs and stuff, but when I first read of your illnesses, I wanted to reach out asn I have read you and respected what you wrote for at least 30 years as I am a Chicagoian and a life long sports fan. Enough about me and Glory to God. Thank you for sharing your miricle with us.

Banks' response: God bless you Carl, and thank you for your Kingdom kindness.

Like Carl, I also do not often respond to blogs. But like you, I too am a brain tumor survivor. I want to say thank you for sharing your journey and acknowledging the struggle. That is a blessing to us all.

Banks' response: Thank you, GQ. Surly, God is able to heal us both and all

others with sicknesses who call upon His name in faith for healing. My brain cancer

is presently benign. But my prostate cancer is being treated with radiation and my

end-stage congestive heart failure is being treated by pills.

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