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Banks battles two cancers and bad heart

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God bless you.

Welcome to the story of the adventure of the healing process that I am undergoing.

My blog will take you with me as I go from serious sickness to, I hope, miraculous recovery, by the grace of God and the aid of God-gifted doctors and nurses.

First, let me describe our outbound point of origin. Last month, destiny dealt me a triple dose of trauma. Doctors at the University of Chicago and Northwestern hospitals examined me over a two-week span and diagnosed three big problems:

• • Brain cancer, which might require surgery.

• • End-stage congestive heart failure, which definitely requires a heart transplant.

• • Prostate cancer, which also definitely requires surgery.

Any one of these diagnoses is enough to drape a man with doom and gloom. But the Lord has seen fit to visit me with all three.

I am a 64-year-old black man, a Sun-Times reporter for 35 years, a Baptist preacher for 55 years.

I have a family history of congestive heart failure, which killed my oldest and youngest siblings, my father and an aunt, and of prostate cancer, which killed three uncles.

Now, it's my turn to tangle with both of those terrors, and brain cancer, too.

Each diagnosis hit me like a proverbial ton of bricks, drove me to my knees in prayer, made me tell my wife and children, to their despair, and motivated me to surf the Internet and question doctors to see what information they could share.

Many doctors prefer that their patients be simple, silent and totally surrendered to whatsoever they suggest.

But it's my life at stake. I already underwent a cardiac triple-bypass in 2001 -- when I was sawed open, had three ribs broken and had a plastic surgeon fail to stabilize my sternum, or breast bone, with experimental titanium plates. The latter required me to undergo a subsequent serious surgery three months later to have the plates replaced with the standard steel sutures.

Since then, I have been determined to make sure I communicate more closely with my doctors, ask as many questions as possible, talk to as many patients as possible and get as much published information as possible to enable me to know exactly what it is that doctors say I have, what options are available, how they compare in effecting a cure -- and how much time do I have for ME to make the decision as to what will be done.

In other words, I have promoted myself to being CEO, as best I can, of my medical dream team, where, first and foremost, God is my primary-care physician.

I invite your feedback after each posting. I am most eager to hear from people who have recovered from similar medical issues, or are still dealing with them, or are caregivers for someone else who has dealt with them.

I cordially invite you all to watch God heal me.

Right now, I actually feel good. I take 10 different pills a day, run at least a mile on my treadmill, eat responsibly, don't do anything strenuous and get plenty of prayer and rest as I also schedule the surgeries that I feel are in my best interests -- unless God postpones them with a cataclysmic healing.

It's going to be one of the strangest, most exciting and -- I hope -- enlightening tales you'll ever read.

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I am very excited about the blog. This will be groundbreaking. I love you and await for God's healing.

Good luck in your journey. I'll say a prayer for you today.

I read your news, Lacy Banks, and thought of Paul's lament for the "thorn in the flesh."

God'grace is sufficient to cover our inefficiencies. 'For when I am weak, fatigued, sore and have swollen feet and ankles and a hacking cough, still joints, cold limbs, then, I AM STRONG!' Isn't it marvelous that God is a healer of flapping heart valves and cancer spots.

I will continually pray for you and yours and believe you will be restored to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Regards--cds.

Dear Rev. Banks:

I would like to start off by saying my prayers are with you and your family, but I know everything is going to be okay because you have selected the best and only primary-care physician.

I remember you from a visit you did to my church, Cathedral of Joy in Flossmoor, not too long ago. My Pastor, Samuel Hinkle III, invited you to speak at one of our Wednesday life application classes. I enjoyed your sermon and I was drawn to your passion, energy, and wisdom in the Word. As you began to move us into the Word, you said and I quote, "If you're packing (with bible), let's get to crack-a-lacking". I've since been using that quote whenever an opportunity presents itself (smile).

When I go to service on Wednesday, I am going to request that Pastor Hinkle puts out a special prayer for you and your family.
I very much look forward to you coming back real soon to Cathedral of Joy. I would like to leave you with this scripture - "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13).

I will be following your healing process on your blog. God bless you!!

My heart goes out to you, Mr. Banks. You learned the hard way that physicians practice the "art" of medicine--while we all think it is the "science". Doctors are only human and patients must be their own advocates.
While I don't pray, in the traditional sense, I do believe that positive energy helps and I will send that to you on a daily basis.
My very best to you as you travel through this next journey in your life.

Good Morning Mr. Banks. It is my prayer that everyone who hears your story, everyone who reads your blog, everyone who has ever been touched by your preaching, your teaching, your laughter, your stories, your mere presence will say a prayer, send a thought, say a word for your healing, so much so that the heavens will be flooded with the name of Lacy J. Banks and your body will be healed. Love and Light, Rene (LBC)

Lacy, you and your family are in my prayers. I think what you are doing, writing about your experience on this road to healing, is a very brave thing. I am eager to read about your journey. The Lord has given you much to fight, but he never gives us more than we can handle.

You have been an inspiration to God's people down through the years. As a child, I watched you preach at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and on television for many, many years. Now in my adult years, you continue to bring God's people hope in the time of sorrow. God's word is true and everything is done according to our faith. God will not forsake his people. He will take care of you! I pray for your speedy recovery, and I stand in agreement with you for your healing.


I graduated from K.U. about 10 years ahead of you, had heart valve repair and prostate cancer surgery. You are fighting a much larger battle and my prayers will be with you and your family as you fight the fight.

God Bless you.

Bud Burke


It saddens me to hear this. My heart and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you for the blog on your condition so we can keep tabs on your healing process. You are a true blessing to everyone who knows you. I know in my heart you're going to beat this and will be healed. I appreciate you and your friendship. May God bless us with many more years of you!!

Winners never quit and quitters never win. YOU'RE A WINNER!

God bless you Lacy!


I read your story a couple of weeks ago, and I thought wow! how we as humans go through life everyday as if we have all the time in the world! I have no room to complain about anything! God is going to heal you! I believe that with all my heart and soul! and he is going to do it not for you but so that he gets all the glory!!!!!!! I just say a prayer for your healing and I look forward to the wonderful testimony that is going to come from this test! Praise God!!!!!!

Dear Lacy:

My heart goes out to you and your family, and I will keep you all lifted in prayer. I myself at one time faced the devastating news that I had breast cancer. I was a single parent and thought my life was over. I turned to God, had a mastecomy and went through 18 months of chemotherapy. That was 27 years ago this past April. Hang in there because we know that God answers all prayers.

God bless you.



I read with emotion your courageous outreach to the public on your life challenges. As a member of the Executive Committee of the KU Alumni Association I can assure you that all of us -- every KU graduate -- is with you all the way.

I am calling on the huge KU community in the greater Chicago area to team up with Lacy.

We send our prayers and our daily attention to your messages of hope. I have read your insightful sports columns throughout my 15 years here in the Chicago area and can attest to your strong voice and willingness to go against the status quo; that's what you're doing right now -- fighting conventional wisdom.

God Bless You Lacy.

Walt Riker

Mr. Banks,

My prayers have always been with you since you got sick and Natasha has kept our family posted on your progress. Our connection is my son Cliff, who you know.

Stay strong and not only will your endeavor help you but I see it also giving others strength and hope.

Cliff #3

Pastor Banks,I also am a member of The Cathedral Of Joy Church in Flossmore,IL,Rev Lacy Banks i will pray for you I mean really really pray, this battle is not only YOURS,You know the rest(BIG SMILE)

Dear Mr. Banks,

I have had the honor of working with your daughter Noelle, and calling her friend for the past couple of years. I can now see why she is such a wonderful Christian woman with a deep faith. It is obvious you have set the example. Please know there will be several people in California holding you in prayer. May God heal you and keep you comfortable during this journey.

With Love,

Hey Rev. Banks, I am sorry to hear about your sickness. I have not had the problems that you have, but I know God as a healer.I have been healed of a stroke that I had in 2001.

As a child I remember you on the saturday nite telecasts. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay positive, upbeat and know God is God.

Brother Banks!

To God Be the Glory for this blog! I know and love your daughter Noelle (we attended the same church for several years). The Word of the Lord tells us that by Jesus' stripes we are healed! My prayer is that the Lord be glorified and may He give you testimonies of miracles and healing! In Jesus' Name!

Your Sister in Christ,

Dear Mr Banks,
I always thought you were one of the best sportswriters. You always had a way of getting your point across without attacking the team or the athlete. You have a lot of courage and class. You have given me new perspective on my life. Good luck. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Mr. Banks,

Unfortunately, I have no great words of wisdom or comfort. I’ve been blessed with good health up until this point in my life and I pray that it continues. Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Although we don’t know each other, I feel by you sharing your story I will get to know a little bit about you.

I’ve been reading the Sun-Times since I was 8 years old. Your column has always been one of my favorites. Hopefully, you can continue writing for a long time.

Peace and prayers,


Dear Mr. Banks,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. A year and a half ago, I too battled cancer, breast cancer. I am 47 years old, am in great health and in the prime of my life, then the bad news came. Yes it was hard but with faith and love in God you can conquer this. God will walk along side of you whatever your path is. Today I am so far cancer free but I've come to realize that when I perish it will only be my physical self. My soul and the love I carry lives on forever.

Stay strong!

Rev. Banks:

Bless You With Joy & Happiness! I am a member of Cathedral of Joy Church located in Flossmoor, Illinois. Pastor Hinkle has already requested that the members keep you and your family lifted up in prayer. God is in control of everything. NOW is the time to put that mustard seed faith into action. BELIEVE IT AND RECEIVE IT! We walk by faith and not by sight. WE LIFT YOU UP and SEE THE VICTORY IN JESUS NAME! Be encouraged and continue to STAND!

Dear Rev. Banks,
I have seen your name in the sports pages for years and expect to see it for as many years as you want to write. I never knew you were a preacher, but now that I know that you have faith in God, I'm assured that you will overcome these obstacles and continue gracing the pages of the Sun-Times. I will pray for you and your family and I wish you all the best.

Mr. Banks

As an avid reader of the Sun Times it saddens me to hear about your situation. I just want to say that my prayers are with you and I look forward to reading the blog and supporting you through this trying time. May God Bless you and your family.

Psalm 34:4 (King James Version)
King James Version (KJV)

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

May he give you strength.

Dear Lacy,

May God's love keep you strong throughout your successful battle.
You are in my prayers.


Long-time reader

Hi Lacy,

I've been reading your articles in the Sun Times for many years. I enjoy your perspective and think you're one of the better sports writers that this city has ever had.

I heard about your diagnosis - brain cancer, prostate cancer and heart failure.

I don't know you personally, but after reading your article, you sound like a very strong individual.

If anyone can beat this, it appears you're the MAN.

Good luck with your fight and I hope to be reading your articles for many years to come.

Pastor Banks, I've just read your article. I will include you and your family as well as all those involved in your care in my prayers. I will also forward your article on to my prayer warriors. As you know, when prayers go up, blessing come down. I pray that God rain down blessing upon you. Psalms 103 Key vs. 3 Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. Thank Him everyday.

Your sister in Christ.

Jesus!Jesus!Jesus! That's the name to call in a time of need. I don't know you, I was on suntimes website and read your story. I want you to know I am a true believer that GOD HEALS. The situation you are facing is not too hard for God to delivery you from. My daughter was suffering from severe pain for almost 5 yrs whereas she couldn't hardly walk or do anything for herself. When I finally open my ears to hear from the Lord who told me to have faith and believe that(I AM) everything you need me to be. From that point on, I prayed and not doubt His word which says we are healed. Each day afterward I begin to see a transformation in her health. I am blessed to say my daughter is healed (no more medication, no more hospital visits, and most of all NO MORE PAIN).

I pray for your healing and your strength. Keep God above everything in your life. I pray that your testimony and everyone else's who responds, that the world will know Jesus Christ.

God Bless.

Hi Mr. Banks,

My prayers are with you and your family. I wish more of our black men would visit their doctors on regular basis especially with the growing number of prostate cancer in the black community.

God Bless!

Dear bother Lacy,
I am Rev. Tommy L. Nash, the cousin of Henry Brisco and a class behind you.I retired June 1, 2006 from public health. I am writing this message from Lima Peru where I am currently doing mission work.

First; let me share with you briefly. My prayers will be with you daily. I too had a bout with cancer in 1986. I can report to you of a miraculous healing from God.I am now fine and cancer free. God has blessed me above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

You have always been a good man in my opinion. Sometime it is hard to understand why God allows things to come our way. but; I believe that God will see you though this journey.

He says in his word; "no eyes have seen no ears have heard, nor has it entered into the heart what God has in store for those who love him and is called by his his name..( one called for his purpose)...but as our prayers go out to seek that for which it is sent, it will return non void." My prayer and all the other prayers will produced the healing you are expecting.

My heart felt prayers go out to your family. If you want to call me personally anytime of the day of night, please feel free to do so. We can pray together anytime in the day or night. I will return to the United States on May 30, 2008.
My home number is 405-751-7752. My e-mail address is: TomnLind1

Tommy L. Nash

Mr. Banks,

I know God is in the healing business. My mom has been living with congestive heart failure for the last 2 1/2 years. When doctors told us she wouldn't live - I prayed harder. She has never had heart surgery due to her age, but she is still here. Never give up, trust God in the good times and the bad. You said it God is your physician - just have the faith the size of a mustard seed. You are a courageous man and I commend you for putting your story out there. But that's exactly the right thing to do. Bible says when two are in agreement God is in the midst of it. Be Encouraged.

God's grace and His magnificent peace and healing unto you my brother, friend, co-laborer and colleague. "I am so glad trouble don't last always". You know that story from the bowls of our tradition as we have looked to the Lord for salvation, security, strength, solace, sanctity and sacrifice. What an awesome opportunity to see God work His best as the God of grace and healing. At our weakess, He is strongest for us and with us. We love you much more than you know. But know that not only are we praying for you, but we look to walk with you as close as you deem fit and comfortable. Talk with you and walk with you soon!! Not only can others be a blessing to you, but you can be a blessing to others. You already have by sharing part of your story and becoming transparent to us.

You never know what to recognize as general symtoms, particularly as the body gets old and begins to make its normal adjustments to making us slower and older! What changes do you say we need to give attention?

Mr. Banks,

God does create miracles! I'm speaking from experience. In Feb of '95, I was diagnosed with cancer. It is now 2008, In God's name I remain cancer free. Keep your faith, times will get hard. Your faith will sustain you along with knowing that GOD does create miracles. Good Luck to you and your family. I will pray and continue to follow your success. I am smiling because I already know what GOD can and will do! keep the faith

Mr. Banks,

God is the "Great Healer." I will keep you and your family in my prayers. May God bless your courage and your faith. Your story has been a true blessing and inspiration to me.

mr.Banks i am not an educated woman by any means.but i do know God's voice and i am blessed to have a relationship with let me do what he has asked and onointed me to the name of Jesus i break every generational blood line curse off of your life in the name of Jesus.i bind all sickness in the name of Jesus.i break every curse,jinx,hex,spell,spoken or written against your life in the name of jesus.let angels be encamped around you night and day in the name of Jesus.i loose psalms 91 over your life in the name of Jesus.i plead the blood of Jesus over you.i speak in Jesus name!life i speak and premature death i curse.i curse cancer at the root as Jesus cursed the fig tree.and i decree in Jesus name cancer you shall not bear fruit in this man's life in Jesus name i pray.not by power or might but by your spirit father in Jesus name.i bind heart failure and i ask for miracles to be released.

First my best wishes and prayers that you beat this trifecta of disease.

Next, my comments come from my experience with friends and relatives who have had some of the same conditions. Some of it is specific to what people I know experienced. I share it because you need to be thourough on your own behalf.

First, make the internet your friend, or delegate this responsibility for keeping up on state of the art medical research/practice. This is not to confuse you but it will arm you with info to ask questions about your treatment.

Then, have someone go with you to all of your appointments and take notes. (I did this with my mother and father and it was very helpful because you will probably get to know many specialist and you will want to be able to recall what you have been told so everyone stays on the same page.)

With the brain cancer, brain imaging is a developing science. And so I don't fault the doctors who thought my mother had a glioma based on the imaging. Except, it wasn't a glioma it was lymphoma of the brain. They found out when they did the surgery which was appropriate for a glioma but not a lymphoma. Radiation is the treatment for lymphoma but once the surgery was done, the lymphoma spread. Lymphoma of the brain is uncommon and usually found in people with suppressed immune systems like HIV patients but extreme stress can wreck the immune system. And that was my mother's situation.

If you go into the hospital make sure someone goes with you (relative/friend to watch over you and take notes). My three experiences with people in ICU's has been that if you are helpful to the patient and make life easier for the (nursing) staff they often will let people stay longer than official hours. (Make sure your friends/relatives are kind and patient with the nursing staff. I bought cookies, etc for all the different shifts whenever my parents were in the hospital)

Diet is very important. Go as organic as possible. And leave sugar, dairy and red meat in your past. Drink filtered water. If your doctors don't address find a nutritionist/dietician who will. Eat as healthfully as possible.

Prescriptions, make sure someone is delegated to keep on top of what you are prescribed and that they check the web to find out about the drugs. Its times like this that the old fashioned independent pharmacy with a pharmacist you know can be really helpful in making sure the meds interface properly.

And lastly for today, because I've taken up so much space. Laugh. Watch funny movies. All the time! Some classics that I love include: The Gods Must Be Crazy; A Fish Called Wanda; Golden Girls episodes, Fraser episodes. But sense of humor is personal so just make sure you laugh, belly hard , every day. It shakes the stress out of one's innards!

Dear Lacy maybe you don't remember me but I remember you, because you were a very nice man and I am sure you still am. I read about your promblems today in the paper and had to let you know I will pray for you. I was your pharmacist at OAK DRUGS for over 30 years. Times have changed and corner drug stores are gone, but the memories of good men never leave me, and you were one of the best persons I have ever know. Even through it has been at least ten years since I saw you last I feel bad for you. God bless you and know there are people out here who are praying and cheering for you to get your health back. Rich Kasper pharmacist

Rev. Lacy,

My prayers are with you as you begin your journey of healing and restoration of health. Diet and exercise are in important, as well as reduction of stress Communication and trust with doctors is important, especially doctors that the Hippocratic Oath is integrated in their practice. Lastly nurses are there to care and be advocates for their patients, if too many visitors, for too long period of time, not in the best interest of the patients, cookies will change our mind.
I applaud you for having this blog; not only does it give us a channel to stay in touch with you but also educate the public on the importance of knowing your family history for health care maintenance.

God be with you


Blessings to you and your family Rev. Banks,

I want to say that you know like I know that he's a Healer, a Doctor, a miracle worker. I know first hand Rev. Banks personally about all three. When my Sister in law was hit by a 18wheeler in 1987 the doctors said she would be nothing but a vegatable and never come out of her coma, today she is teaching mentally challenged adults. In 1997 a day before graduation at Florida A&M as an innocent bystander, my brother in law was shot in the head with a 45 calliber gun. They pronounced him dead at the scene. After 6 months of touch and go, he was released from the hospital and came back to Chicago, he volunteered at the university of Chicago hospital in outpatient surgery for 3 years he drives now but the doctors (MAN) said he would not be able to do anything, I could go on about all that he is doing in spite of what man said he would not be able to do. In 2003 my mother in law diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, according to man she should be dead, but 4 years later she is still here. Rev. Banks I say all of this to say that God is still in control and not man. I have had the joy of meeting you and hearing you preach and oh my God lets not talk about the awesome voice you have. You have blessed Community Covenant Church with your messages and I want you to know that you have prayers going forth and you know when the saints go to worship the enemy is at rest. God was there in the beginning and he will be there in the end. He is all seeing and all knowing almighty ever showing for he is God. Right now he is carrying you through the transition of healing, for by his stripes WE ARE HEALED. The Lord has his hand on you and your family.

Be Blessed and we as a church family will be praying for you and your family.

I am touching and agreeing with you in prayer

As a cured prostate cancer survivor (3 years thus far), I suggest you look into the laproscopic procedure as done at Northwesten Memorial. I was back to work in 2 weeks. Properly done, with a dedicated follow up on your part, this will be the least of your problems. I can only hope for your successful treatment and look forward to reading your excellent reporting, especially on the NBA, in the future.

Hi Lacy
I pray your medical treatments are all successful.

Lacy, Good luck in your triple play here. In this one, you will not be able to "take two and hit to right" because either of the first two will knock you back to the bench and there would be no waiting for the third. So, take them one pitch at a time, hit each one into the seats and we will all be in the grandstand cheering and praying for you.
Bob Keeley.

HE is still on the throne. These are times when we want God to acknowledge our selfishness. We want you well and we want you here. He knows the desires of our hearts. He will direct your path as you take this journey and He'll always be at your side. We pray mightily for your recovery. Stay strong.


You are in my prayers constantly. I pray that the Lord above will show mercy and grace to you and yours. Miracles happen everyday and I know there is one in store for you.

We Kansans stick together and pull for each other. I know there are others who might not seen a message, but are still praying for your recovery.

Yours in Christ,

Carroll Lewis Morris '62

Hi Lacy,

Having being diagonsed with breast cancer 16 years ago, the power of prayer, friends and family got me through my experience. Also it is important to be knowledge about the disease. Thanks for adding those places people can go to for information. Just to let you know, you are in my prayers and I know in the prayers of all friends and grads of Sumner High School (Kansas City, Kan.).

Lacy God knows just how much we can bear and he will never leave you alone. I am praying for your recovery and strength for you and your family.

In His Name
J.M. Walker, Denver

Dear Mr. Banks:

I just read your blog. Wow! On behalf of the American Brain Tumor Association and the thousands of people we serve, I send our collective best wishes for your healing journey.

Your courage and spirit are an inspiration to others. Our mantra is Sharing Hope and you personify hope. If we can provide any educational information or resource information to you or your family, please contact us.

Kindest regards,

Naomi Berkowitz
Executive Director
American Brain Tumor Association

I have been a reader of your column for many years and hope to continue for a long time. I always get inspired hearing a story like yours that puts things back into perspective and makes most problems seem insignificant. I have experienced some of your ailments through my parents and have some knowledge through my experiences. You mention point of origin which is coincidently what I named my business 15 years ago and has some added relevance to me when you use that term. My mother was diagnosis with brain cancer that turned out to be metastatic which is secondary and the primary was lung cancer. That is easier to deal with but they don't know what it really is until they take a biopsy or actually operate. You are obviously high risk for any surgery due to you heart condition so it may not be a good option. My mom did have succesful surgery but eventually had more lesions and in addition to surgery she had a Gamma Knife procedure at Columbus hospital with a Dr. Helenowski. To be con't

To continue, The Gamma Knife was done back in 1992 and is probably better now but is not surgical and can be used when surgery is not feasible as is conventional radiation. I'm not a doctor but have learned enough that I can probably give you some practical advise and would love the opportunity. You should have my e-mail and my phone number is 847-652-6040. I also had experience with a clinic run by Dr. Block in Evanston that combines homeopathic and conventional therapy that has done wonders for people I know. I am Jewish and will being praying as well for successful treatment and recovery and strength to endure the process which it sounds like you have already. I look for ward to helping any way I can. David Homer

The Book Ecclesiastes reports that where the word of a king is there is power! Keep the Word of the King of Kings with you always because you know that God is a healer.

Bless you my Brother,
Deacon Larry Hutcherson

Our hearts are extremely heavy to hear of your diagnosis but we rejoice with you in your faith and hope in God. Our family loves you and is praying daily for your strength and healing. We pray that God will provide the right medicine,through the best doctors, at the right time. That God will be glorified through you during this time. Continue to look to the hills which cometh your help and remember you are from a family of conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Love ya,
Rosie Marie on behalf
of the Starks Family

i just wanted to say you are in the best hands the lord. he will make the best decision for you. i see you are in the news paper business and maybe you can help other as you go on your journey i just lost my dad they fix his heart but everything else when wrong. the hosptial kick him out and made us put him in a nursing home where he be for 2 or 3 days then they rush him back to the hosptial for a couple of days where he would get better and then they would put him back to the nursing home and in a couple of days he would be back in the hosptial and back and for between both places they eat up his insurance and in the end of heartful sorrow he past away. i was execpting a miracle but maybe i can still get one thru you by helping change the way healthcare is given thank you for reading this and may god bless you and your family with your mircle.

Hey, Lacy--
Notwithstanding the circumstances, I am excited to hear from you. My prayers and thoughts are with you as I embark upon this odyssey with you. As we journey, tell me about your family: your wife, your children, your grandchildren(?). Take me through the valleys, up to the mountain tops, through the tunnels. I don't know what it's like, your particular struggles, but I know I can appreciate them. Nate, our five children, and our 5 grandchildren are fine. My Thierry siblings would like for Jimmy to participate in our dad's 100th birthday party in October, God smilin' and willin'. Love you, Rose Thierry Sims

I would just like to say that it is very encouraging to hear about someone who in the face of tremendous adversity, can still trust God;someone who is able to share with the world about his faith in God during a time where some have pushed God aside and are even trying to remove Him from EVERYTHING. Continue to do the work of the Master, and remember, whether God grants physical or spritual healing, no matter what the outcome, You are Healed. May God continue to Richly bless you and your family, I will keep you all in my prayers.

As a former co-worker who enjoyed working with you immensely, I wish you only the best. Your faith and optimism is an inspiration for all of us.


First of all youare a good writer and I've always enjoyed your point of view.

Since I have a chronic illness I've studied nutrition and alternative medicine and here is what I can share.

Currently being studied is a non toxic way to destroy tumors with radio waves. It involves injecting nano metallic particles into a tumor and than bombarding them with radio waves. Apparently the particles heat up and destroy the tumor but the radio waves pass harmlessly through tissue without the mettalic particles. I can't remember which network aired the report but it is under legitmate study. Considering the seriousness of your situation you should look into it.

Doctors know a lot but very little about supplements and nutrition. Fish oil they all approve of and I would be hitting that hard. Other supplements to look into are nattokinase, coenzyme q10 and resveratrol.

Doctors must wait till their is absolute proof before they can recommend a therapy. You get to fight the good fight as you please.

The doctors work for you. Take charge and best of luck. The support you have is immense and powerful. Stay positive.

hello cuz! how are you? fine i hope. my mother gloria called my Yesterday and told me to buy a newspaper. We were in shock to hear the news about you. My father is still in mourning over grandma rosie. she had the conjestive heart failure also. then grand dad died 4 months to the date. Grandma and dad told us to pray and always trust in God. You know lorenzo had prostate cancer and survived it. we will be praying for you. and keep in touch love. Lorenzo Sr, Lorenzo Jr, Starks- Gloria and Tasha.

Lacey. It's been a good many years since you started your Bulls coverage and we worked together. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May your faith sustain you and our Lord heal you. All the best. Mike McClure

Lacy, I am praying for you and your family daily. I believe in miracles and know that "God Is".Having grown up and attended school and church with you and your family and marched on Washington with you, I know that you have the faith needed to over come obstacles. Continue to let joy and laughter stay in your mind, body and soul. I pray that all of your Kansas City, Kansas fiends and KU Alumni will hold you up in prayer. Keep the faith.

lacy,i am a 65 white male with s a story very similar to you.when i was 29 yrs old had my 1st bout with hodgkins diseasea a year later it returned.both times i had chemotherapy.,1972 1989 i had a heart attack at the age of 45.6 weeks later they discovered hodgkins had returned again.this time i had 6 weeks of radiation and returned to a "normal life".in 1999 i got prostate cancer and had seed implants and 2001 i had 2 squomas cell cancers removed from my upper 2004 ,i had 4 by pass heart 2005 they found 3 aneurisms .the repair work was done in 2007.last month i had a c.t scan to check on the repairs that was fine BUT they found a tumor on my spine and that had metassised from my left lung .i started radiation for my spine 2 weeks ago and had my 1st chemo this past thursday.god has worked many miracles on me and i pray he has more of them HE is willing to do for both of us.i will pray for you and maybe you could do the same for me.i would love an e:mail from you.i never lost my hair with the other treatments but they guarantee i will this time.i believe our stories are close and hope they have happy endings .cancer buddie ed novick

Dear Rev. Bank I am a recoving prostate cancer patient.Knowing that you are a man and servant of the most high God. You been preaching to the world that God is a healer. You have seen God in action. I know you believe in what you preach..What he has done for others he can and will do the same for you. Just have the patient of JOB and the faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He will heal you.I lift you up to God every day. Believe me you are my dear friend.



Dear Rev. Banks,
Thanks for sharing this journey with your readers.As a breast cancer survivor, I know how important prayers, family and freinds are because everyone is affected. Knowing that there is "Divine Order" in charge of this journey makes it more bearable. Also, knowing that God does not put us through what He will not bring us through is a comfort. If you are up to it, please read my account of my struggle with two different types of breast cancer, in the same breast. The book is called It's Time to Sing My Song: Overcoming Circumustances with Faith, on Amazon.Com or Border.Com.
Your "primary-care physician" is in control. Knowing that all you have to do is ask and it shall be granted should give you that certain peace that only He can give. Abundant blessings and health to you and your family.
May the Grace of God guide the doctors, nurses and hospital teams as you move toward your healing.

Our prayers are with you and your family. We as you know all things are possible to those who believe. You have so many family members and friends who are praying for you.

Chester Owens, Jr.

Rev. Lacy Banks,

I know a little about what you are going through. Eight years ago, I found a lump in my breast. Went though chemo, and radiation. Then they found two tumors on my left kidney. They removed them. God worked throught all of this for me. Then found a tumor in my left kidney, removed it and a thrid of my kidney. God still in control. We here at Greystone are praying for you, and your recovery. So I know God is working it out for you and me.
Stay strong, hope to see or hear from you soon.
Sister Stuart

Dear Rev. Banks:

I am so happy to hear about your very encouraging prognosis. Not that we needed it, but this is divine (iron-clad) proof that God can do anything and does do everything. Even though this is just the beginning of your journey, God has selected the mode of travel and gased up, and with gas at $100 per gallon (smile), this is no easy feat.

I and my other Cathedralites will continue to keep you in our prayers. Know that we are along with you in spirit on this journey. God has blessed you and will continue to bless you.

Rev Banks,
You have Preached over the years how Wonderful God is. I was introduced to you several years ago at Bethlehem Temple MBC, Harvey, IL. There, some of your words still encourage my life's journey.

Truly God has not forgotten you, and all you have done for him. This trail you have been assigned, has promoted you to a higher level in the Ministry. Your task will allow you to bring to life all that God has implanted within you. Stand, and never doubt, for he will, surly will, see you through.

Sincerely Praying for you and your family.

Dear Reverend Banks:

Nothing is impossible with God. My prayers go out for your complete healing and for the strength and courage of your family. I am placing you on my daily prayer list and look forward to the Praise Report of what God has done for you.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your prayers.

Praise Be Unto God Who gives us the VICTORY! Rev. Banks or Lacy as we called you when you preached to us at Lyon's Elementary School. You have been a Man of God for a long time and God will not Fail you in your time of need. ou and yours' are in my prayers dailyn You Pray for me and I will pray for you and as the songwriter say watch GOD change things.


Emma Miller

Banks' response: I thank you for your prayers, Emma. God is continuing to bless me with renewed strength and faith. Without God, we are nothing and we can do nothing. With Him, we can do all things through Christ Jesus, who strengthens us.

Dear Mr. Banks,
My name is Barb. I had breast cancer and a mastectomy on my left breast. I had chemo for 9 months. It caused conjestive heart failure. My ejection fraction was at 5. I'm sure you know what that means. I have been in the hospital 4 times in 2 years. I am 48 with an 11 year old son. after taking about 20 pills a day my EF is now at 53. There is hope. I will pray for you. Keep the faith.

Thinking of you,


BANKS' RESPONSE: God bless you, Barb. By the grace of Almighty God, we

have come a long, long way. Haven't we? Didn't He bring us this far? Surely He

has done great things for us, whereof we are glad. And the redeemed of the God

ought to say so. he hath brought us out of the darkness, Barb, into His

marvelous light. He has worked a great change in us, Barb. We are His holy

handiwork. He hath tried us in the furnace of affliction. But in the process, we are

coming forth as pure gold. We thank Him for healing us in the past, for healing us

now and for His healings in store for us in the future. Great is the Lord and greatly

to be praised. Yes, Barb, we've come a long, log way already. God bless you and

your baby. But we have not come this far by accident. We have not come this far

by the power of the rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, wish bone, black cat bone,

goofy dust, John-the conquerer root or love potion No. 9, 19 or 99 1/2. No, Barb.

We've come this far by faith, as the song says, leaning on the Lord and trusting in

His holy word because He's never failed us yet. By faith, we have survived

sickness in the past. By faith, we have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb

of God, slain from the foundation of the world. By faith, we have survived the

flood, the tornado, the hurricane and the earthquake. By faith, we have been

delivered from our enemies when they had us outnumbered and hemmed in. By

faith, we have the victory. And believe me, Barb, God has not brought us this far to

leave us. It was in divine order for you to e-mail me. It was in divine order for you

to share your testimony with the world. Many besides myself are being inspired

by your testimony. Keep it up. Continue to make known His works among the

people. Let them know that God is STILL in the healing business.

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