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A healing in the midst of holy harvest

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God bless you.
This Memorial Day weekend is memorable for me not just because I am undergoing God's healings from brain cancer, prostate cancer and a bad heart, but because I am enjoying a holy harvest in my household.
On Friday morning, following my chest pains occuring two days after radiation treatment on my prostate, my daughter Noelle helped bring me profound relief with a powerful prayer.
This morning (Sunday, May 25), her six-year-old son Caleb is being what he calls "bapatised" at Rhema Word Kingdom Ministries in Riverdale.
My daughter's fervent prayer of faith and my grandson's baptism represent holy harvest for my wife Joyce and me. We were both raised in Christian families, we raised our three daughters to become born-again Christians and now we are enjoying the fruits of our prayers and labors by seeing our children and grandchildren receive God's salvation.
Godly stuff like this is added medicine to me. While my healing comes from God and is ignited primarily by my faith in Him, my faith and your faith are also fueled by those around us. So it pays, especially in times of adversity, to be in the company of fellow Christians who will touch and agree with you in prayer to God for the desires of your heart.

Singular prayer is invaluable, for the bible says men ought always to pray and not faint. In fact, pray

without ceasing. But there is also increased power in corporate prayer because Jesus said when as few

"as two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of

my Father which is in heaven."

My wife and I are blessed because, in times of need, we can turn to either of our three daughters--

Noelle, Natasha or Nicole-- and get a powerful, fervent and doctrinally sound prayer. As we have

ministered to our children in raising them up to become Christians, now they also minister to us.

Not only am I now getting good prayerful support from our daughters, but from three of our five

grandchildren--Caleb, nine-year-old David and 11-year-old Lauren. Even before he accepted Christ as

Lord and Saviour, Caleb would request and be granted the opportunity to help close out a Rhema Word

choir practice by leading everybody in prayer.

"And he does a real fine job of it, too," Noelle said. "It amazes everybody and it makes me happy."

Yes, I've also prayed with Caleb and have had him pray for me. So as I pray for my total healing, it's

not a solo effort. It's an immediate family affair and it's also an extended Kingdom affair as our friends

and Christian sisters and brothers from around the world are touching and agreeing with us.

I am especially happy for and proud of Noelle. She is a single Christian mother whose life is

streamlined between her God, her son, her biological family, her church family and her job. You fellow

Christian parents can appreciate what I'm saying. Our greatest joy, before we die, is to see our children

receive God's salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

When my mother died of child-bearing at age 43 when I was 12, and my preaching father died some

20 years later at age 64, they had no money or significant material possessions to will to my sisters and

brothers and me. But what they helped give us while they lived is far better than anything they could

have left us after they died. And that's Jesus.

It has to be difficult and sad to live in a family where you are the only Christian and you have to go

outside the household for prayerful support. Thank God, I don't have to panhandle because my

support starts at home.

Joyce and I first raised our children to worship God inside our home through family devotions,

prayers, sermons and song as well as inside formal church buildings. And I still remember Noelle's

attentive eyes being trained on me as she sat on the family room floor while I preached. She has grown

tremendously since then. But each of our daughters first shouted with us at home before they started

shouting in the church. That's the kind of family environment we have developed and enjoyed.

Now, our kids are all grown, have moved out of the house and left poor Joyce and me home alone.

But they are always just a prayer away. And that's a priceless convenience and harmony. The doctors are

doing what they can as God's instruments in my healing process. So are our daughters.

God bless you.

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Staying in prayer for you and yours. Never intended to speak of myself but today I am so glad to say that I know exactly how you feel. WHen you raise your children introducing them to Jesus, you still never know what choices they will ultimately make as adults. But when they become adults and just wrap themselves up in His love and raise their children in Him too, it just about makes your heart burst wide open. My son (44) is a deacon in training in Texas and his last e-mail spoke of the joy he felt when he assisted his pastor in the pool, participating in someone else's life changing event. Oh, yeah.....they got it! Thank you Jesus.... If you do nothing else in this life... My faith is not as strong as yours but in my prayers every day I ask for more, but that feeling about our children I can match. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. He is still on the throne.

Banks' response: God bless you for glorifying Him by raising your children the way He commanded. Thank Him for fulfilling the promise that when our children are really trained up in the way that they should go, they shall not depart from it when they grow old.

Hello Rev. Banks

During this memorial day weekend which is declaired as a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nations service. As we continue to pray for you daily individual and corporate prayer, this memorial weekend also reminded us of you staying on the battle field for the Lord.

Rather than us encouraging you through this healing journey you continue to encourage us with your strong belief and understanding that God is a healer. Our son Dr. Wylie Rogers Jr. M.D. also brought up in the admiration of the Lord continue to pray and believe for
a spiritual and physical healing. You are truly our hero in the Lord.

May God Bless you and your family as we also remember you in our prayers and thanksgiving for being a part of our lives and allowing us to be a part of yours.

Love the Rogers Family
Banks' response: Happy holiday to you Dec. and Evangelist Rogers and your entire family. So often, you have spoke glowingly about your son, Dr. Rogers, whom I have yet to meet. You have to be so proud of him and I pray that in due season he will give you and Dec. Rogers a grandchild to spoil with kisses, hugs, candy and an occasional spanking.

Good Morning Rev.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday. I soo look forward to reading your blog each day. This morning after my prayer and meditation (I called you out by name!), I said "Let me check to see what Rev Banks has to say to me today". I follow this blog not only to witness your healing but also to hear what words of encouragement you have for your people. Your words about raising up children in Christian households strikes home with me. I am a single mother and I raised a wonderful son. I kept him in the church. I kept him covered in prayer. When he was growing up he and I would get on our knees and pray together. Sometimes after he was asleep, I would enter his bedroom and kneel at his bedside and cover him with the precious blood of Jesus. Although he no longer lives at home I still keep him covered. There are times when I think that out of all the things that I have done wrong in life, raising my son is the one thing that I feel that I did right. I don't take credit for any of it. He is only what he is because of God's grace and I thank God for what he is doing in Brandon's life. He is now a college grad (go Buckeyes!!) and working in the corporate world. He is a drummer for his church and he tells me that playing the drums for the church is his ministry. I will continue to pray for you and the family. I really like Caleb's sounds soo holy. Enjoy your day and relax. Leave the praying to us ;) We've got you covered. Talk to you soon.

Banks' response: Your testimony, Donna, simply confirmed a revelation I had of the kind of strong Christian woman you are: a magnificent mother of passionate piety and positive purpose. You seeded and grew Brandon in the sacred soil of your fertile faith and, sure enough, he is now flowering forth with lush blossoms of providential promise. Christian mothers have long been the backbone of our race and remain more so today than ever before. I just wish there was more of us Christian men to complement, love, respect and exalt the lovely likes of you. God bless you.......And, yes, I, too, have gone into the bedrooms of my daughters, and grandchildren whenever they overnighted with me, laid hands on and prayed for them whilst they slept. More mothers should bathe their babies with and in prayer.

Rev. Banks
As I follow your journey of healing it is a blessing to me to know that through adversity a man of God is living what he preaches. The little problems I may be going through pale in comparison with what you are going through. Therefore, I know that the God we serve can "do accedingly abundantly above that which we think or ask." You are an inspiration to believers going through the storms of life. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family as you are going through your Job experience.

Banks' response: God bless you and your family, too, Minister Adams.

Helloooooooo Rev. Banks!

Greetings from Fannie Oliver and myself.
Loving and missing you! GOD IS GOOD AND STILL IN CHARGE!
Tell Joyce we said hello, and we will be praying for you and your family.


Banks' response: Congratulations for posting the 200th comment on this blog. Also, thanks for your continued prayers and best wishes.

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