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McCain ignores 5,000 journalists

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Lately, John McCain has complained the media isn't giving him enough love.
His campaign recently released two videos showing all the loving the media gives to Barack Obama.
It is true that Obama's overseas trip this week received tremendous coverage, while McCain's recent trip to Mexico got scant notice.
But McCain is blowing off an invitation to address as many as 5,000 journalists attending the UNITY: Journalists of Color convention held in Chicago this week.
The convention organized by the four major minority journalism associations representing blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Native Americans with a mission to promote diversity in the media, has invited both of the major candidates running for president.
Both candidates were invited to speak Thursday night but Obama was in Berlin. Obama will instead speak to convention goers on Sunday morning, and it will be broadcast on CNN. McCain hasn't accepted the invitation.
When the UNITY conference was last held in 2004 in Washington, D.C., both John Kerry and President Bush spoke to the group of journalists.
There will be thousands of journalists at UNITY, most who don't normally get to cover a presidential candidate, and many of them would write about McCain's visit for their local news organizations.
It's time for McCain to stop whining about the media ignoring him, and pay attention to this large group of journalists willing to hear what he has to say.

Should minors be held at Guantanamo?

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Some disturbing video was released this week. In it, a Canadian teenager cried out for his mother and medical attention while being interrogated at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo.
Omar Khadr is now 21 and he has been held without due process since he was 15.
Human rights groups and the Sun-Times editorial board have argued that the military prison at Guantanamo should be closed down.
But it's beyond disturbing to think that a minor was held there in legal limbo for six years.
This young man should be returned to his home in Canada, where he should be given a fair trial for his alleged crimes. He is accused of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. Special Forces soldier in 2002 in Afghanistan.
The Canadian and American governments must intervene. To continue to hold him in Guantanamo is a violation of international law and basic human rights.


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It's already hard enough being a regular CTA rider.
We have to put up with smelly and slow trains. Now the CTA wants to pack us in like cattle.
They announced a plan this week to tear the seats out of some of the cars and create standing room only for as many as 140 people per car.
There's no way I'd get in one of those cars. It's hard enough riding the train as it is, but to be sandwiched in between other passengers would not only be uncomfortable but potentially unsafe.
The way some of the conductors brake, I'd be afraid of people falling on top of one another. And being packed in so close offers more opportunities for pickpockets and pervs.
They will make two of the eight cars seatless, but that'll make the it even harder to find a seat on the other cars.
This is just a temporary solution to train overcrowding. But the CTA needs capital funding so that it can purchase new train cars.
In a city like Chicago, our trains should offer us a smooth ride.

Is Amy Winehouse a racist?

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The bad girl of British soul music is in trouble again. Singer Amy Winehouse's life is an ongoing train wreck.

A London newspaper obtained a video of her singing a version of the children's song, "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes," that she reworked with her own original and completely racist and offensive lyrics.

"Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips. And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!" she sings in the video that looks like it was shot in a crack den.


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For weeks on end Barack Obama had to address the storm of media coverage surrounding controversial comments made by his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
Meanwhile anti-Catholic comments made by another pastor, Rev. John Hagee, who supported John McCain, garnered a few headlines. Namely, he had referred to the Catholic Church as "the great whore."
Now McCain said he didn't agree with those comments but at first he didn't disavow Hagee. Finally he did on Thursday and he rejected the pastor’s endorsement.
That was after anti-Semitic comments surfaced that Hagee made in the late 1990s. He suggested God sent Adolf Hitler to help Jews reached the promised land.

Myanmar Needs Relief

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A cyclone left at least 22,000 dead in Myanmar and the death toll could still climb. More than a million people are now homeless after this natural disaster, and 40,000 are still missing.

But the repressive military junta that has ruled since 1962 is limiting who it accepts aid from to "friendly" countries. President Bush offered help from the U.S. Navy but so far Myanmar isn't accepting.

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