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Quinn discusses Springfield's concealed carry bills

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QUINN.JPGGov. Pat Quinn talks with the news media after an address to the City Club of Chicago at Maggiano's Banquets, Monday. l John H. White~Chicago Sun-Times.

Could there be a version of the concealed carry bill so bad Gov. Pat Quinn just won't sign it?

Quinn ducked that question Monday in a meeting with the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board, saying, "I would much rather see both houses [of the Legislature] debate the issue."

But the question won't go away, now that an effort led by state Sen. Kwame Raoul came up short of the needed 30 votes Friday (it wasn't even called). The House speaker's staff is drawing up an alternative said to be much closer to the NRA's position, which would allow concealed carry around the state with no provision for limits set by local governments.

Quinn said he made calls Friday on behalf of Raoul's "well-crafted" bill, but it came up one vote short. He said Senate President John Cullerton "is very strongly in favor" of the concepts in the bill.

The U.S. 7th Circuit appeals court has ruled Illinois' ban on concealed carry unconstitutional and set a June 9 deadline for the Legislature to pass a law permitting it.

But some opponents of gun violence are starting to suggest that it would be better to let the deadline go by than to go along with an NRA-favored bill that would have very few limits on concealed carry.

In that case, the issue would be remanded to the district federal court, and home-rule governments such as Chicago and Cook County could pass their own laws limiting where concealed guns could be taken. That could lead to different rules in Illinois' more than 200 home-rule jurisdictions.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan could appeal the 7th Circuit decision, but according to one person involved in the negotiations, that wouldn't stop the clock unless the U.S. Supreme Court took the case. And that court already has declined to take a similar case out of New York.

Meanwhile, the Senate is holding a hearing on a separate bill that would ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, limiting them to 10 rounds. Families of Newtown victims spent last night in the governor's mansion and were scheduled to testify today in committee.

Pointing out that some Newtown children escaped while the shooter paused to reload, Quinn said of the bill, "We are really going to try to get that done. ... We think that is imperative."

"The first job as governor is public safety," Quinn said. "I am certainly not enthused at all about a bad [concealed carry] bill. Some of the people who are advocating concealed carry, it is concealed weapons on your person in a public place. When you recite that to people in Illinois, the voters who aren't members of this or that group, they are against this big time."

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Quinn the Pinhead, is a communist, plain and simple. Commies don't like guns, except if they are all in their hands. The clock is ticking Quinn, for you and your buds Emmanuel, Madigan(s) and your shill Raoul.
Constitutional carry, come June 9, suits us pro-gunners just fine.

Newtown families staying in the governors mansion? That's just sad and pathetic to use those families for political b.s.

If it comes down to Constitutional carry, home rule authority could further restrict where guns could be carried. However, since only the state can create felony crimes, the penalties for concealed carry in the restricted places would be misdemeanor charges. I'm not sure that the courts woudln't throw this right our the window.

Governor Quinn has already made it very difficult to Pass a good Conceal Carry bill. Rep. Phelps Bill HB997 had enough votes to Pass but not enough to have Super-Majority and over ride Governor Quinn's Veto... so why not have some TRUTH in journalism and reveal the real facts of the matter?

this state sucks so bad if it werent for mcydes and state jobs no one would live here.the demoncrats will only have there illegals to govern over.i was born here i love the land hate the goverment.

"The first job as governor is public safety," Quinn said.....You're right Mr. Quinn. And for that reason alone you should be relieved of your duties. You see how Concealed Carry has lowered violent crime rates around the nation, yet you ignore the results because they don't fit into your small-minded ideology. I hold you personally responsible each time someone gets gunned down or stabbed or beaten to death or raped without any means of self-protection. Democratic financial dealing do not double down. Democratic crime prevention does not double down on the same ideas. Expecting different results doing the same thing over and over...pure brilliance Mr. Quinn. Maybe the bodies of the slain should be laid at your doorstep. That's where I lay them.

Gov Quenn, you ignored the question! do you think it will go away? I had faith in you at one time, are you afraid you will go to Jail like many of the other Goveners? you can still be a Good Govener if you do what is Right by the Courts, and not try to Skate around the Law.

The Newtown families no longer have my sympathy. They have now excepted money and housing from people with an agenda. They are no longer innocent victims but political pawns of there own choosing. I despise people like them and there attempt to remove my rights because THEY could not keep there children safe in there State they feel the need to tell us how to keep mine safe. Go home you socialist agenda pushing liberal victims. Go send your other remaining kids into gun free zones and see how soon a copycat can take them too. WAKE UP!

"Some of the people who are advocating concealed carry, it is concealed weapons on your person in a public place."

What? Does this sentence make sense? And...

"When you recite that to people in Illinois, the voters who aren't members of this or that group, they are against this big time."

Really? They're not members of a group, and yet... They hate the idea of concealed carry? I think not. What groups? Oh, so non-NRA people are against cc? This is a vague and misleading statement. Shame on you governor Quinn.

The Chicago culture is crime is business plan and simple. I have had to deal with this crap all of my life and quite frankly I'm tied of it. The Chicago way is to tell people that they are not qualified to think or act for themselves so they push laws that take choice away then give you hallow promises that this is for the greater good. This type of system favors criminals who see the opportunity these laws create. Chicago gun control doesn't work but if that is what the people of Chicago want let them keep it contained to their boarders, but please stop forcing the rest of people in the state to bend to will of a single city. Let it go and stop treating people as if they don't know what they are doing, good or evil.

All the issues regarding concealed carry can be classified as emotional based on absolutely no facts to support the right of law bidding citizens. The government can pass all the restrictive laws in seems fit but it will not have stopped one single event that involves shooting of innocent men,women or children. Criminals will continue to inflict pain and suffering upon unarmed individuals and politicians can continue to make feeble attempts to make everyone safe through restrictive and unreasonable gun control laws. I would think that some of these political nit wits that restrictive gun control does not work because all you have to do is look at the facts that more guns in the hands of honest citizens means less crimes. One only has to look at those countries that bought back all the guns from their honest citizens caused an explosion in crime against their unarmed citizenry. Let's set all the emotions aside and quit listening to politicians like Mayor of New York who has armed body guards before,during and no doubt after leaving office. It' time to do the right thing in not only Illinois and the other states that have passed extremely restrictive guns laws none of which will or have stopped any of these recent horrific shootings of innocent people.

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