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How to keep water clean? Drink beer

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Unhappy how the Clean Water Act has taken it on the chin over the years? For Earth Day, maybe it's time to drown your sorrows.

At least, that's the idea of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has teamed up with 21 craft breweries to get out the word about clean water. Six of the 21 breweries in "Brewers for Clean Water" are in the Chicago area.

The idea is the brainchild of Karen Hobbs, who used to be a Chicago deputy environment commissioner and now does a lot of water policy work for the NRDC. Beermakers rely on clean water (beer is 90 percent water), and something she saw on a craft beer social media site got the beer keg rolling, so to speak. So people will be gathering Monday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Galleria Marchetti, 825 W. Erie Street, Chicago, for an NRDC fund-raiser, tasting beer from Finch's, Flossmoor Station, Goose Island, Half Acre, Revolution, and Wild Onion. Tickets are $50. The Gemini Club will perform.

"There have been some really horrible bills [that would weaken the Clean Water Act] in the last couple of years," said the NRDC's Josh Mogerman. The Obama administration has issued a Commitment to Clean Water, but there's been little legislative progress, the NRDC says.

Could quaffing a craft beer change that? The NRDC wants you to give it a try.

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