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Landmark case: How tour guide became an author

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As a tour guide in Chicago who points out architectural gems and movie history, Michael Corcoran sometimes cribbed from books by Arnie Bernstein, including Hollywood on Lake Michigan: 100 Years of Chicago & the Movies, which details how Chicago was an important early center of movie-making. The book also lists many of the early landmarks.

Corcoran thought the book was a "lovely history." So he jumped at the chance to update it. The result is Hollywood on Lake Michigan, Second Edition, which will be out in June from Chicago Review Press.

For this edition, Bernstein updated his original story of how Chicago "is where the film industry started," Corcoran said. But Corcoran supplied most of the new material, with interviews and stories about - and a guidebook to - movies that have been made in Chicago since the first edition was published by Lake Claremont Press in 1998.

Corcoran also re-interviewed some of the film industry figures that Bernstein had talked to for his original work.

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Lovely. Cool to see your work Michael. Is it also gonna be available online?



Great job Michael... I'm so proud of you. I know your book will soon be a hit.


Thanks, Emma and Roger. I really appreciate it (Wow my international posse is in the house!). Hopefully, it will be such a global sensation that I will be able to come and visit you both in Sweden and France on a Euro-zone book tour (I like to dream big!).

And yes, Emma, it is available for preorder even as we speak.

It will also be available in Kindle, Nook, and Apple formats.

/end shameless self promotion

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