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New gun laws piling up in Legislature's in-box

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GUN_POSTER.JPGJasmine Maymi leaves Chicago's Roberto Clemente High school carrying a poster which is a tribute to her friend and classmate, eighteen-year-old Frances Colon, on Feb. 18. Colon, who was shot and killed on Friday, was the third student from Clemente High School, a West Side school with less than 800 students, to be murdered in the past three months. Colon was the 51st person murdered in Chicago in 2013. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Illinois House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Friday in Chicago as it works on legislation on guns that will move through the House. The state Senate has had no hearings so far.

But that hasn't stopped some legislators from introducing their own legislation. Here are some of the bills already in the General Assembly's hopper:

- House Bills 1296 and 2248 would require state pension funds in certain circumstances to divest their holdings from firearm manufacturers.

- House Bill 2265 and Senate Bill 2267 would stiffen some penalties and require anyone convicted of certain gun crimes could get no more than 4.5 days of sentence credit for each month of sentence.

- Senate Bill 1284 would create a concealed-carry law for Illinois.

- Senate Bill 1286 would drop the age for getting a gun card from 21 to 18.

- Senate Bill 1428 and 2269 would prohibit the enforcement of federal gun regulations.

- Senate Bill 2360 would eliminate the waiting period for firearms that are being exchanged.

- Senate Bills 2277 and 2384 also would create a concealed-carry law for Illinois.

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