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Coalition formed to fight concealed carry gun law

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pfleger-72.jpgA new coalition wants to get any debate in Illinois about "concealed carry" out in the open - where it can be shot down.

The Stop Concealed Carry Coalition was formed by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin and other community leaders to fight passage of a law during the legislative veto session that would allow the carrying of concealed guns. The coalition was scheduled to hold a press conference this morning at the Chicago Temple, 77 W. Washington St.

Illinois is the only state that does not allow the carrying of concealed guns. Suffredin said coalition members worry that with so many lame duck legislators in Springfield until the new General Assembly is seated on Jan. 9, supporters of concealed carry might be able to round up enough votes.

That's because lame ducks - who don't have to face the voters again - can be unpredictable and because supporters of major issues that will come up - such as new casinos and pension reform - might be willing to trade votes to get majorities.

"This is the time that there is wheeling and dealing," said Suffredin, who is a member of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. "Our purpose is to remind the General Assembly that concealed carry is not a good thing."

Nine Downstate Illinois counties backed advisory concealed-carry referendums in the Nov. 6 election.

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Pfleger knows what is best for the entire state apparently.

This also seems a flagrant violation of 501c3 laws regarding politics and non-profits!!
The church should lose it's tax-exempt status asap!

I hope that these efforts fail. Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow it's citizens to defend their lives or the lives of their families. It is the responsibility of every person to defend their own lives and the lives of their families, and it is the responsibility of the state to enable law abiding citizens to defend themselves. If a state allows criminals to be armed, buy does not allow citizens to be armed, then the state has failed in it's responsibilities.

Don't get me wrong, if there were no criminal shootings in Illinois today, then I might agree that their law might be understandable. But that is not the case. Good people are dying everyday because they don't have the right to their own life, their government has given that right to the criminal.

I'm so glad the honorable Rev. Michael Pfleger has our best interests at heart. After all, he knows that us simple folk of Illinois are not like the rest of the citizens of the United States of America. Though we're too ignorant to realize it, he knows that unlike the people living in the other 49 States, we the people of Illinois can't be trusted with the ability to defend ourselves from criminals.

And thank goodness we have Politicians in Illinois like the honorable Larry Suffredin who are courageous and willing to trample on those silly and misguided so-called "Rights" that those fools who founded this country intended for us.

I'm sure that just as I am, Mary Shepard, the old woman who nearly got beaten to death while working in her Church Office by a Suffredin supporter (felons prefer Democrats) is glad to be defenseless and at the mercy of barbaric (and usually armed) criminals.

Father Pfleger is a disgrace to the cloth. This man has no business calling himself "father", he is not an honorable man of god, but an egotistical demagogue, drunk on his own power and manipulating people with fear.

And it is laughable that Mr. Suffredin is talking about "wheeling and dealing", when the Cook County board is packed with corrupt machine democrats like himself and In For Life, Mike Madigan. These men lie to people, telling them they keep them "safe from guns", when there's no evidence to show that gun laws reduce violence whatsoever. The Chicago handgun ban? Crime continued to increase in the years after it was enacted, just as it had in the previous decades. Also, as Rich Whitney once said, Switzerland has a high rate of personal firearm ownership while Mexico has a very low rate. Which country has more violent crime?

Pfleger is a liar and a megalomaniac. Suffredin is a typical tax and spend Illinois democrat, just like his pals Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan. How's the budget coming along, boys?

Today, only criminals are armed and will always ignore whatever stoopid gun laws the bureaucrats and grandstanding priests try to cram down on law-abiding citizens.

The founding fathers drafted a list of INALIENABLE RIGHTS. What does that mean? It means the INDIVIDUAL does not need the permission of state bureaucrats or their busy-body nanny-state neighbors to exercise a natural right to self defense against criminals or tyranny.

Got that Pfleger? Citizens do NOT need your permission to exercise a Constitutional right. Mind your own business, or open a store and hire the gangbangers in your part of time who are threatening good people every day.

I'm in favor of rifles and shotguns for hunters, but I think many of the supporters of the excesses of the National Rifle Association subconsciously are looking for an excuse to shoot someone. They shouldn't be encouraged.

Do I think Illinois is better than other states? In some ways, yes.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, but...

Castle Rock v. Gonzales 545 U.S. 748 (2005), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled, 7–2, that a town and its police department could not be sued under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for failing to enforce a restraining order, which had led to the murder of a woman's three children by her estranged husband.

Basically it means that the Supreme Court found that Jessica Gonzales did not have a constitutional right to police protection even in the presence of a restraining order.

If the government won't protect you, then you have to take responsibility for your own self-defense and that of your family. The court's ruling is a sad decision, but one that every victim and/or potential victim of violence must note: calling the police is not enough. You must also be ready to defend yourself.

I take a strong issue to Rev. Michael Pfleger, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, Ald. Ricardo Munoz of the 22nd Ward and others that feel calling the police is enough, especially with rising crime and murders in Chicago.

The criminals in Illinois are emboldened with their victims being unarmed, they have no problem shooting at the police, and often will shoot to kill their victims to prevent them from testifying against them should they be caught.

I'm curious why Rev. Michael Pfleger, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, and Ald. Ricardo Munoz wish to protect criminals, and feel the law abiding, and tax paying citizens of Illinois don't have the right that citizens in 49 other states enjoy, and that is the right to protect themselves if they so wish.

There is nothing in conceal carry for any one individual who is not in the gun industry, particularly in Chicago where there is a problem with gun violence. There's no legitimate hunting for food, or even sport, going on with this issue. It's only about needless death and injury for gun industry dollars. So, when I see these comments attacking the people fighting conceal carry in Illinois, I can only think that the gun lobby has gotten an awful lot of people to fight for their interests. I do not understand why people think they benefit when they shill for corporate interests. There's no freedom in being a pawn for someone else.

Father Pfleger and the Chicago Archdiocese should take note that the IRS can and should revoke the non-profit status of churches that are used for political grandstanding and fear-mongering rather than leading their parishioners in worship.

Pfleger's "mission" seems to focus on getting his own name in the paper, not sharing the holy word of Jesus Christ Our Lord. It's shameful that at election time we see quite a few other "Reverends" using their pulpit to spew propaganda, especially when it does not even meet Constitutional standards of civil rights.

The IRS has ruled that conduct jeopardizes the non-profit status of religious institutions.

Gee, all of the other 49 states allow law abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon for self defense and have almost no problems associated with permitted citizens with many years of history. What is different about Illinois? Are we too stupid and dangerous to ourselves? Or are we just meant to be victims of the predatory criminals and the Chicago politicians and liberal elite? (Maybe those are all different labels for the same folks?)
Come on people. Try using some logic and objectivity over the same old emotion and knee-jerk liberal reaction and allow us law abiding citizens the right to carry to protect ourselves. In case you haven't noticed, the criminals are already armed.
For anybody interested, I have military training, passed an FBI background check, completed additional training, and received a non-resident permit from another state. I can carry legally and responsibly in over 30 other states. Why shouldn't I be allowed to carry in Illinois where I live, own property and a business, and vote?

"Our purpose is to remind the General Assembly that concealed carry is not a good thing."
In a country where 49 of 50 states have laws to allow civilians to carry a firearm in public among other places, how does anyone with intelligence come to the conclusion that "its not a good thing"? Clearly the math says otherwise. So 49 states call it a right to protect oneself and family outside the home and one state calls it a crime to do so? A man of the cloth wants to tell me and my family that if were confronted with the most heinous act outside the home, tuff luck? In Illinois I can watch my family being murdered but in 49 other states I can protect them. How is this a good thing. I don't know that's its even possible to reason with that kind of mind set . Clearly one must be so misguided, so far gone in their convictions that they believe we are somehow safer than the 49 other states. Isn't safety the reason 49 other states have the law.
Illinois has pretty strict gun laws. Chicago has some of the strictist. These laws have been in effect for decades in Illinois and our crime rate continues to rise. In the first quarter of 2012 Chicagos murder rate was up 60% despite increased police presence. And who is responsible? CRiMINALS!
Does Illinois think that people in the 49 other states who get their CC permit all the sudden start committing murders and crimes. I just don't understand their logic but I'm going to say the 49 others got it right. Stay safe and protect your loved ones.

One thing reporters in Illinois never report is that the "blood in the streets" predictions of our Pols and these community leaders never has happened in other states.
Our surrounding states (Indiana, Wisconsin, IA, Kentucky, Etc, etc) ALL have concealed carry laws. ALL OF THEM.

Yet instead of our reporters asking hard questions or asking if the politician is scared when he goes to Wisconsin or Indiana because they have concealed carry, they just write down whatever these anti-gun folks say and put it in the paper.

Why not ask if all these gun laws have done any good in Chicago or Illinois? Why not ask how a 125lbs woman is supposed to have a fighting chance against a 225 lbs rapist? Or the woman with the restraining order on her crazy ex?

Why not ask why the Chicago Police Sgts association support concealed carry? or ask why the Sheriffs in Illinois overwhelmingly support it? Ever ask the Illinois Sheriffs association? nope... Lazy anti-gun reporters showing their bias, and not reporting.

I am not in the gun industry, I'm not even a member of the NRA. I have a wife and 3 daughters, Often times travel for work for a week at a time. Can you give me one reason, my wife and daughters don't have the right to protect themselves? Or in your opinion should they keep themselves locked up in the house while I'm gone ?

One other question I would like to propose as food for thought. If ANY of the things that the Anti 2A people claim will happen came true, don't you think other states would repeal their carry laws? Or, at least attempt to repeal them?

Our closest neighbor to the east, Indiana has had right to carry for 70 years! I can not recall ONE solitary incodent where there was a blood bath cause by LEGAL LAW ABIDING citizens. I currently carry in states that allow it with my Utah CC permit, I get a background check ran on me every single day, there is no reason IL can't impliment the same system. Does anyone here HONESTLY think that dirtbags, will jump through the hoops, spend the money for classes and expose themselves to DAILY background checks just to be able to carry a gun legally? No! it's everyday people like my wife and myself who just want to go to work everyday, go out and do something fun and play with the kids on the weekends and don't want to get jacked at a red light, or stabbed by some punk thug over a pair of shoes or a wallet. It is us, regular hard working God fearing folks that will jump through these hoops in order to ensure that our loved ones can be protected.

“Ignorance” can be defined as an absence of knowledge of the facts. Fact: Concealed carry IS good. Fact: In every state where concealed carry is permitted, the crime rate has dropped. So, I'm sorry, Rev. Pfleger, you're incorrect.

Illinois is no different from any other state in the nation. We all have the same reference points, the same federal government, and the people of Illinois are no different from any other people in the US, except that they live in Illinois.

And the idea that people just want to shoot someone is ludicrous. Gun safety teaches you to use your gun only as a last resort, but at least it's there when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Every American citizen should have the right to protect him or herself, and I'd guess that just like every other place in the nation, bad things happen.

A simple factual show of the stats regarding concealed carry, crime, and the percentage of how many concealed carry fatalities there have been without good cause can wipe out any of Pfleger's arguments.

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