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Israeli consul in Chicago is off to a running start

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a-gilad-72.JPGRoey Gilad, israel's new consul general to the Midwest, thought he was finished running marathons.

But that was before he was posted to Chicago, where he arrived about two weeks ago. It's his fourth overseas mission, although he's always worked out of embassies before, rather than a consulate. His assignment includes 11 Midwest states.

Outside of his regular work, "My interest is long-distance running," he says. And over the years, Gilad has run eight marathons as well as many shorter races.

He thought he'd hung up his spikes, at least for the marathons. But here he is in a city that has "one of the five big marathons."

So, as he might say about one of the many diplomatic issues he deals with: "There has been a shift in the agenda."

Don't look for him this year out on Columbus Drive when Oct. 7 rolls around.

But next year, he expects to be there, for one more marathon.

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1 Comment

"Consul General" sounds like a "Cush" job to me.
It's good that you can run fast since Chi-Town is a very dangerous city. Those running skills may come in handy.

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