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The presidential candidate from Chicago who isn't Obama

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Jill_Stein-72.jpgBarack Obama will not be the only 2012 presidential candidate visiting Chicago for the NATO Summit this weekend.

Jill Stein, the Green Party's presumptive nominee, will be here too. Like Obama, she has strong ties to the Chicago area. She grew up in Highland Park, and her first political victory was for student council at Highland Park High School in 1968. She now lives in Massachusetts and ran against Mitt Romney for governor there in 2002.

Two of the things she will be talking about while she is here are her party's "Green New Deal" and the need to stop being spooked by the results of the 2000 vote in Florida, when Ralph Nader was seen as drawing enough votes from Al Gore to deny Gore a clearcut win in that state -- and an Electoral College win in the national race.

As for the Nader race, Stein says citizens do themselves a disservice by voting for front runners in what she calls the two "corporate-sponsored" parties instead of the one who most appeals to them.

"At the end of the day it is important to point out that this silencing of the public interest, the disappearing of our voices, has not been an effective strategy," said Stein, who earlier this month earned enough delegates to assure her nomination (the second-place candidate is Roseanne Barr). "The politics of fear has brought us everything we were afraid of."

Among the things it brought are wars, more global warming, the loss of good jobs and attacks on civil liberties, she said.

As for the "Green New Deal," it would include such things as forgiving student loans; free higher education; Medicare for everyone; a right to a job at a living wage; medical marijuana legalization; restructuring mortgages to affordable levels, and a foreign policy based on international rights, not militarism.

Stein's short-term goal is to get into the major debates with Obama and Romney, which requires gaining support of at least 15 percent in public opinion polls.

"People have hit the breaking point," she said. "We can use this election to turn the breaking point into a tipping point."

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I agree with everything she stands for, but I'll still have to vote for Obama. There's a reason progressives are still spooked by Ralph Nader. If he hadn't cost Gore the election we would have been spared the disasters of the Bush years.

So you agree with everything she stands for, but you'll still vote for the guy who believes none of what she stands for?

The Democrats have done an amazing job marginalizing Nader by playing on liberals (somewhate justified) fears that voting for an actual liberal candidate is a waste of a vote. If you're repeating the phrase "cost Gore the election", then you're proof that their efforts were effective. There has been lengthy study of this subject including this documentary The fact of the matter is, Gore cost Gore the election and no one else.
I will not vote for Obama. Obama has killed enough children to warrant a change.

What about Kathryn Harris? She purged the voter rolls of otherwise qualified voters! Gore knew this was happening and did absolutely NOTHING! NADER DID NOT COST GORE THE ELECTION! KATHRYN HARRIS DID!!!

Gore cost Gore the election. Gore didn't deserve anyone's vote. From what I saw of exit polls, Nader drew in people who might not have voted otherwise (much like myself back in 2000) or pretty much equally from people who would have voted for Gore or Bush. This idea that third party candidates "cost" Dems or Republicans a race is falsely propped up on the assumption that those candidates are entitled to office and don't have to work to earn it from the voters.

Not sure Ralph Nader lost that election. Jill Stein actually is the ONLY candidate that addresses real issues and has the intelligence to come up with solutions on her own. Notice how her solutions work for the people not the military industrial complex or the worlds banking systems, I am quiet sick and tired of the overly egotistical bipartisan system. I should not have to be forced to register under one of these highly commercialized corporately funded separatist parties. As a Green Party member registering to vote as thus should be a valid choice unencumbered by the divide and conquer tactics of the two party despots.

5 Million Votes For the Greens in 2012!

I'm so-so-so friggn sick of hearing that Nader lost the election for Gore...the people that make these statements are easily convinced/intellectually lazy feed stock...most people that voted for Nader would not have voted anyways,not to mention the voter fraud that took place in FL. and the fact that Gore just rolled over..

So right, Chris W.

Nader didn't cost Gore the election.

Even Kathryn Harris didn't cost Gore the election.

Only one person on earth could have lost that election to George W. Bush.

I know I will be voting third party this year for the first time. Can someone tell me why to support Jill Stein rather than Gary Johnson? One reason to like Gary is that he has promised to dismantle DHS, particularly TSA, and I think that is very important to do.

Mr. Fitzgerald, If you continue to vote for the Dems, you only show your support for the NDAA of 2011, HR 347, keeping Gitmo open, the current healthcare system (Universal Healthcare was not on the table during the debates), continuing the Afghanistan war, giving the banks 7.77 trillion, while giving students nothing, not regulating wall street, using drones on the American public, and show your support for the Keystone XL pipeline. If you are a Democrat and you support these things you might as well switch your party to Republican. If you are a progressive and do not support these policies, join the Greens! It is good to be a member of the Green Party, it is truly a breath of fresh air! Thank you Dr. Jill Stein!

A nation embraces many conflicting interests. The role of government is to mediate the conflicts and arrive at policies everyone can live with. That's why politics, always messy, gets messier when mediation breaks down, as at present. So you are disappointed with Obama in some ways. You think we'll all be better off if Romney wins and the Republicans gain control of the Senate?

We would be better off with Dr. Stein in office. Romney is worse than Obama, but that does not mean by voting for Jill, that I am voting for Romney. We must start a 3rd party somehow, someway. If every election is too important to vote 3rd party, how would a 3rd party ever succeed? We, the Green Party, are growing every year, and we will build upon the success of 2012 in 2014 and 2016.

The two party system is stagnant and is ruining our country. I do not want to single out anyone person of the Democratic Party, as it is the whole party that needs to get a clue. Except perhaps, Al Franken, we need more like him and Bernie Sanders! I voted for Boxer in 2010, but I will not vote for Fienisten or any Dem this year! They could speak up and weigh in on the medicinal marijuana crackdown in CA, but instead they remain silent. Most Dems approve of the job of Eric Holder is doing. That man needs to go, his interpretation of Due Process is just twisted and does not speak to the due process as penned by the founding fathers. I am disappointed with the Democratic Party,and that is not a stamp of approval for the Republican Party. It is a stamp of approval of the Green Party.

Visit, hopefully it is helpful

Gore told Nader that he did not cost him the election. And, Gore lost his home state of Tennessee! Did Nader cost him that, too?

Ignore the talking heads and the pessimists. Do your homework and vote your conscience.

We Stein supporters need to raise internet awareness a la Ron Paul. Make your profile pic a Stein poster. Create a youtube video.

If your in a state that she is not yet on the ballot, help with petitioning, or at the very least, visit your local Green Party to sign the petition yourself.

Hey, I liked Ralph Nader's ideas too. And I hope the Green Party's voices can be heard this time. But progressives who think voting for a third party can help anybody but the Republicans are kidding themselves.Q

Imagine if all those.people who invoke Nader as a scare tactic in left-leaning circles actually addressed the real problem (an outdated model of first-past-the-post plurality voting grounded, in our one national election, in an even more outdated Electoral College) rather than continuing on about the dangers of the dangers of an open electoral process and spoiling the vote. Ever since 2000 I've tried to get involved with town, state, and national democratic committees to support ranked-choice voting and proportional representation models, and ive been ignored or laughed out of the room. I now no longer have any inhibitions about voting Green or 3rd party (when the candidate matches my values) since i know now the people who constantly try to scare voters to play by the rules have no intention of changing them.

The next time you get hounded about spoiling the race with your vote, ask that person if they have any intention about lobbying their party or elected officials for more open and concensus-based electoral reforms, and when they say "no" you can be sure their concerns over your vote are as.shortsighted as they feel your 3rd party vote is.

Robert, which state do you live in? In most states, either Obama or Romney will win rather easily and you will not affect the outcome by voting for Jill Stein.

You'll never get what you want unless you stop voting for what you don't want.

Democrats do not own my vote. I am not taking it away from Obama by voting for Stein. I didn't vote for Obama the last time and will not vote for him this time. Disaffected liberals and independents have a choice. They can vote for candidate they want - or not.


NDAA -- no more trial and jury, just go to jail and never get out
Drone assassinations -- will happen in the US too eventually
Obamacare -- giveaway for the insurance industry
Guantanamo -- another broken promise, more indefinite detentions
Medical marijuana -- war on medical cannabis users through IRS and raids
Endless war in countries with oil -- $billions per day to kill people
Nukes -- started new nuke plants in the US, unprecedented in recent times
Fracking -- no objections, Keystone Pipeline is a "priority"
Renewables -- totally screwed over the solar industry with corrupt insider Obama Admin promotion of Solyndra, a boondoggle.

Jill Stein -- the opposite of all this crap.

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