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Cicero library story irks volunteer board members

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The volunteers who make various boards run in Chicago and the suburbs were shocked to learn Friday that library board members in Cicero in 1998 awarded themselves free health insurance for life (the benefit has was discontinued in 2010 for new board members).

But something else got under the skin of those volunteer board members, too: A comment from a former Cicero library trustee: "it was a meeting once a month. You'd just show up. It was no big deal. It was a piece of cake."

The meetings, the former trustee said, typically lasted just an hour or so.

Volunteers who take the job seriously spend a lot more time than that. They spend hours preparing for board meetings and take piles of documents home to study afterward. They get up to speed on whatever issue suddenly is engaging the citizenry. If complicated issues arise, their meetings stretch on for hours. If an administrator leaves, they devote lots of time to hiring a replacement.

That grumbling sound you hear today is from board members who suddenly feel under-appreciated.

Read the Sun-Times story here.

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