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Why your Illinois legislator is grumpy

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Be nice to your Illinois state legislator this week.

Bills are due out of committee on Friday, which makes this one of the busiest weeks of the session. Lawmakers are rushing around to committee meetings, presenting bills, sitting through sessions on the floor and wishing they'd gone into more uneventful lines of work.

One harried representative on Monday morning called the schedule this week "ridiculous." (At least they're not in the Cook County Building today, where the heat has been turned off for Casimir Pulaski Day.)

The Illinois state capitol

State representatives have introduced about 6,000 bills and state senators have put about 4,000 into the hopper, which raises the question: Are there really 10,000 things wrong with Illinois?

Oh, sorry. We're supposed to be nice this week.

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I once heard the late Rep. Eugenia Chapman say that the legislature was better than the voters deserved. Bad as the lege can be, the legislators have to contend with a public that wants services but resists taxes to pay for them.

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