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Court Clerk Dorothy Brown's strategy for 4th term

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After setting her sights on higher office - for County Board president last year, for mayor against Richard M. Daley in 2007 - Dorothy Brown is focusing on winning another term in her current job as Cook County Circuit Court clerk.

Brown is in her third term after winning the job in 2000 by defeating the Democratic organization's candidate. In a recent interview, she laid out her talking points for the upcoming campaign.

Dorothy Brown-72.JPG
Dorothy Brown (John H. White~Sun-Times)

To hear some lawyers mutter about the record-keeping abilities of her office, it's sounds as though Brown is lucky the vote won't be restricted to members of the bar. But that's exactly where Brown thinks she's strongest. She's proud of her record on computerizing the office.

When she assumed office, she said, cases in the Probate Division and the County Division still were being entered manually into docket books. Now, though, "we actually image every document and we have been doing it since, I believe, 2006," Brown said.

The next step, she said, would be to allow electronic filing, but that requires approval from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, the administrative arm of the Illinois Supreme Court, which put pilot projects on hold while the courts study the matter, she said.

Brown also said she has reduced the number of employees by about 200 since she took office and now has about 2,100.

"We have been working for a number of years making sure that our staff is properly trained in making sure that our office is effective," Brown said.

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Clerk Brown has been doing an amazing job. I am very proud all her many achievements and look forward for another term with her.

Dorothy Brown has modernized the office with state of the art technology. She has improved customer service and saved tax payers millions by eliminating waste. Dorothy Brown is a true public servant who has refused a pay raise for the past 11 years. She even took a pay cut.

I think the previous two commentors might be Jeans Day participants...

It amazes me that there still is such ignorance in people who think the 'jeans days' is really a scandal! It was a wonderful morale boosting opportunity for the employees that CHOSE to participate in it!! NO ONE was forced to participate. I am so sick of the media making something sound like a scandal that was so very far from one. And we wonder why politics is so messed up - media distortion.

Great job Dorothy we support you! Everything you have done so far has helped us improve.

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