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Can president who's 'run out of friends' win?

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By now, those on the left wing know some things about the president:

-- He endlessly compromises and makes concessions to those on the right.

-- He's turned on the workers who believed in him.

-- His contempt for his allies on the left is apparent.

-- He's run out of friends.

Obama-72.jpg President Barack Obama walks out of The Coffee Mill Restaurant Monday Zumbrota, Minn., with a pie during his three-day economic bus tour. (Carolyn Kaster~AP)

-- He even, in the words of a prominent left-wing critic, "seems intent on destroying [the New Deal] before he leaves office."

But the president we are talking about here is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The criticisms listed here that leftists zinged at FDR in the late 1930s are recounted in a 2009 biography by D.D. Guttenplan of I.F. Stone, the critic who said FDR seemed intent on destroying the New Deal before he left office. (The book is titled American Radical: The Life and Times of I. F. Stone.)

FDR-72.jpg Franklin Delano Roosevelt

With his approval numbers sliding, President Obama can perhaps take solace in FDR's subsequent record: He went on to win two more presidential campaigns.

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OK, Obama is a so-so negotiator, but compared to any of his prospective opponents he is a knight in shining armor.

I really like Obama.He is obviously attacked for some of his actions but I think that he manages to keep everything under control and is really good negotiator.

I think that Obama is a great president! I hope that he wins again! At least all my friends will support him for sure!

With great administration and leadership, anyone can win. I favor Obama, though!

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