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Enthusiasm for term limits wanes

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Proponents of term limits have long touted the idea of citizen legislators who would hold office long enough to clean up the messes but not long enough to fall under the influence of entrenched interests.

That notion has been taking a hit lately in Washington, where 87 first-term Republicans, many of who were elected last fall with Tea Party backing, have been instrumental in pushing the federal government to the brink of what many of those old-fashioned insiders think will be an economic disaster.

In some quarters, people are muttering: Bring back the pros, who know something about getting the job done.

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There is reason in the term limits , because the very idea is good - to have enough time to make all improvements needed , but and not too much in order not to have an outer influence...

It is quite true that usually legislators have the chance to clean up the messes but don't have the chance to create something new and to fall under someone's influence.Old fashioned insiders can be a real disaster indeed.

Terms should stay where they are. Yes clean up is needed at all levels, but to think one should stay long enough to fix all problems is not thinking things all the way through. Who says the elected official has all the correct answers. Even if one elected with a pure heart to do whats right will still make mistakes. Then who fixes those mistakes, the people should have the power to oust those who fail the public. In some cases the public should have the power to fire an official even before their term is up. Thus making the biggest influence in politics, the people. All laws or bills or budgets should be voted on and only pass with a majority vote by citizens

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