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The new indentured servitude?

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Keir Graff's new book is The Price of Liberty.

In one of the rare quiet moments in Keir Graff's most recent book, the fast-paced The Price of Liberty, the protagonist, Jack McEnroe, has an interesting thought.

Jack wonders "if health insurance [is] the invisible chain of indentured servitude. Half the people he knew worked their jobs for that benefit."

As far back as the Clinton effort to reform health care, economists wondered if under-employed people clinging to spots on a payroll to keep access to health insurance was denying the nation a burst of entrepreneurial activity.

Last year, Congress passed health care reform, but if the Republicans regain control of all three branches of government in the next election, that reform could be repealed. Jack and his fellow characters could be back looking for company-paid health insurance -- if they can still find it.

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