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While parking meters are buried in snow, check out what's buried in the city contract

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Motorists who expect parking meter "holidays" to be part of future big snowstorms in Chicago had better read the fine print in the city's parking meter contract.

Illinois PIRG points out that the 75-year contract with Chicago Parking Meters LLC raises some questions, including whether during some future storm the company might write its own parking tickets, which it has a right to do, even if the city temporarily calls off municipal enforcement.

A motorist thinking a parking meter holiday had been declared would be pretty annoyed by an unexpected ticket from the parking company.

On Friday, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications said it was suspending ticket-writing even though motorists were still supposed to feed the payboxes if they weren't buried by snow. On Saturday, city officials said no tickets would be handed out through 9 a.m. Monday downtown and through 9 a.m. Tuesday in the neighborhoods.

Here's another possible snag: The parking meter contract has a provision saying the city must reimburse Chicago Parking Meters for lost revenue if the loss is caused by the city. Could that at some point be interpreted to mean the city has to pay for not enforcing the meters? Or because snow covering the payboxes was not removed quickly enough?

Here's what Celeste Meiffren, field director of Illinois PIRG, said: "By taking over the parking meters, Chicago Parking Meters LLC has also taken over the risks associated with the meters, including extreme weather. Though the contract has no explicit language regarding this issue, Mayor Daley should not allow taxpayers to bail out the parking meter company, and should say so publicly."

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I appreciate reporting about these critical matters because more exposure is needed about bureaucrats, shadow governments, LLCs, GSEs, hook-ups, lobbyist activities, civil servant unions, pirates heisting utilities and water resources, as well as revolving door and other clandestine policies. We need that to indicate how public trust is abused and public good is forsaken for the opportunity taken by greedy parasites because then we can take the appropriate level of action to prevent and correct those situations. Too often elected reps enable and even promote the situations without enforcement, oversight, or misappropriating the rule of law as divine right to pilfer and pillage public revenues, borrow without citizen acknowledgement much less approval, as well as transferring the burden of debt onto the present and future generations literally having them born into indentured servitude. Look at what used to be venerable and selfless social institutions like the education systems from primary to university and college systems, medicine, environmental organizations, or even other so-called non-profits that are literally sold out and obfuscate their financial conditions. The so-called health reform act is merely requiring citizens to throw their money into a troublesome system that isn't required to develop treatment standards where applicable, control much less report the costs for procedures with detailed statements, or ensure there is access to adequate treatment or when it is provided that there is a process that ensures cures or ensures remedies for any ailment, disease, or injury.
Anyway, the other matter about Chicago's and other parking meters across the nation is that the leases and profits (they would likely call it something else) go to the pensioner pirates/"non-profits"/venture capitalists/et al someway or other but don't serve the public; even Chicago's citizens parking meters serve CalPers, the California state pension fund. Just one of many dubious schemes where citizens are sold out by underhanded arrangements that use social support, public resources, and even obligate citizens without their awareness but privatize the profits ... and you can't tell me that bureaucrats, civil servant unions, and those in those above mentioned groups haven't distinguished themselves as a separate class from citizens and constituents because the austerity and sacrifice incurred or imposed before, during, and after the financial crisis has definitely not been shared on equal terms. Many are actually part of the problem by their continued involvement in the unregulated ventures so unless something else is done to change things ScAmerica will still be the most corrupt, underhanded, integrity-challenged, and sideways nation on the globe ... no political double-talk, circumstantial ethics, or abusing the rule of law will change the truth.

With BS like this coming through this city, how could the Sun-Times have endorsed Emanuel? It blows my mind... they say del Valle "isn't tough enough." Is he corrupt enough?

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