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A plot twist that's hard to swallow

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To some Chicago purists, the opening sentences of Chapter 10 in David J. Walker's new novel could be quite controversial.

The latest of Walker's 10 mystery/suspense novels, Too Many Clients, has Kirsten, a former Chicago police investigator, getting up and leaving just as she was about to start a Sunday brunch at Lou Mitchell's.

Of course, she was going to meet someone she "despised - and, yes, feared." and the meeting was important to the plot, but, still - leave Lou Mitchell's without finishing brunch? The place where doughnut holes and Milk Duds are served while you wait in line, the omelets come in skillets and the orange marmalade is homemade?

There are many who would argue no one in Chicago has that kind of self-control.

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1 Comment

That's why they call people like Kirsten "heroes." They do what ordinary people like you and me would never be capable of.

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