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No place like home -- Chicago -- for Obama's presidential library

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Abe Lincoln was born in Kentucky, but his presidential library is in Illinois.

Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois, but his presidential library is in California.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but his presidential library should be in Illinois.

Specifically in Chicago, on the Hyde Park campus of the University of Chicago.

Hawaii, though its legislature recently passed a resolution calling on Obama to locate his library there someday, can't even compete.

Not once you get pass our man's serious body-surfing days.

Chicago is Obama's home by choice, where he came of age. It is where he met his wife, started his family, worked as a community organizer and professor, and first ran for office.

Obama announced his candidacy for president in Springfield, not Honolulu. On the night he won, he celebrated in Chicago, not Maui.

And could there be a better fit than the University of Chicago -- next door to the Museum of Science and Industry -- for a presidential library and museum designed for tourism, scholarship and public service? The synergies with the university's graduate schools of law, economics, social work and public policy are obvious.

We envision a library as substantial as the president himself.

Snow-bound now and then, but substantial.

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This makes all the sense in the world to me. Chicago is his home, Chicago is where he began his campaign and Chicago is where his home continues to be. Besides there is no greater city than Chicago. Chicago has so many visitors from across the world the library in Chicago will be a great opportunity for Chicagoans and visitors alike. It's about time that we who live in this city learn how to capture our heritage.

I agree it should be in Chicago at the UofC. Hawaii is a great place, but it is too far. In Chicago, more people will be able to visit the museum and library.

Chicago will always be his home. So its only natural that the future Barack Obama
Presidential Library be located at the campus of University of Chicago.

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